The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 146

“Mr . Gray, I didn’t expect you to be invited too . I originally thought that you wouldn’t have to show up given your status,” Aston Brooke said with a graceful smile as he sat down beside Lucas .

Lucas assented and leaned back against his chair . “I didn’t expect someone from another city like you to receive an invitation from the Hales too . It seems that you’re on close terms with them, huh?”

Aston smiled . “No, no, thanks to you, the Brookes have just now established a firm foothold in Orange County . The Hales are one of the four major families in Orange County, so we naturally have to form a good relationship with them as well . I’m not going to lie to you . I’ve become close friends with Connor Hale lately . ”

Aston seemed to be modest, but in reality, he was just putting his social skills to use and also deliberately trying to show off the power of the Brookes to Lucas . He was trying to make it clear to Lucas that they had now become acquainted with the Hales, so even if Lucas wanted others to boycott them in Orange County later on, it probably wouldn’t be that easy .

Although the Brookes had previously pretended to pledge allegiance to Lucas, they actually despised him . In their opinion, Lucas was bonkers for thinking of going against the Huttons instead of making full use of his identity as a Hutton .

Of course, on the surface, Aston wouldn’t actively express such emotions, and he was still polite and respectful to Lucas .

Unfortunately, his acting skills were poor, and Lucas had long been aware of the Brookes’ plans .

Lucas looked at Aston with a strange expression . If Aston knew his purpose for coming to the Hales’ banquet tonight, would he still sit beside him so proudly and show off the friendship between the Brookes and the Hales in front of him?

At that time, Aston would probably regret it and even wish that he could pretend not to know Lucas!

“If you don’t want to regret it later, you’d better stay away from me . Otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning you,” Lucas said nonchalantly .

“What?” Aston frowned, not realizing what Lucas meant .

At this moment, Bryce walked over and glared at Lucas resentfully before forcing a smile and saying to Aston, “Mr . Brooke, how have you been lately? That cousin of mine is young and ignorant, so she ended up provoking you . I shall apologize to you on her behalf . Regardless of whether your relationship with Scarlet works out or not, we can still work with each other harmoniously, don’t you agree?”

Bryce lifted the wine glass in his hand and toasted to Aston to atone for Scarlet’s mistakes .

Aston frowned .

Previously, he had come to Orange County to look for a business partner . The Carters were extremely eager and took the initiative to contact him on several occasions . They even made a lot of concessions on the contract . At that time, the Brookes faced some trouble because they couldn’t find any company willing to cooperate with them, so Aston chose to let the Carters work with them .

After that, Dominic even took the initiative to let his granddaughter Scarlet accompany Aston on a tour around Orange County, but Aston could tell at a glance what they were planning .

Of course, he also didn’t refuse since Scarlet gave herself to him out of her own accord, and it would be a waste if he didn’t take the chance . But the silly Scarlet thought that she would be able to marry him and even offended Lucas several times, almost causing him to offend Lucas as well . He naturally kicked such a brainless, statusless woman to the curb .

Then Scarlet cried, threw tantrums, and called him continuously . Aston blocked her on every communication channel and refused to see her . Only then did he finally get to a day of peace .

Now, Bryce came to him and mentioned Scarlet again, making Aston feel extremely annoyed .

Now, the Brookes no longer faced a boycott, and ever since they ‘pledged allegiance’ to Lucas, he let them off . The Brookes could now easily find some brilliant business partners in Orange County, and it was very likely for them to cooperate with the Hales . Aston naturally didn’t value the Carters anymore .

Moreover, Aston had also asked around and found out about the disagreements between the Carters and Lucas . He knew that Bryce, whom he disliked long ago, had repeatedly provoked Lucas .

Seeing Bryce bend down to toast him, Aston snorted and stayed still .

Extremely embarrassed, Bryce stood rooted on the spot . Fortunately, he was rather thick-skinned, so he smiled awkwardly and said, “I’ll toast . ”

Then he downed that glass of wine and showed his empty glass to Aston, as if Aston had agreed to drink with him .

After watching Bryce’s one-man show, Aston said with contempt, “How can some people be so thick-skinned? You’re not welcome here . If I were you, I would have long left . ”

Aston’s voice was quite loud, so the people around them looked over .

When Bryce saw all the gazes on him, his face stiffened and became burning hot . He felt embarrassed because of Aston .

But when Bryce saw Lucas beside Aston, a thought flashed in his mind!

He thought that Aston definitely wasn’t referring to him but the good-for-nothing Lucas!

Thinking of this, Bryce suddenly felt much better and pointed at Lucas . “Lucas Gray, did you hear that? You’re just a loser who got kicked out by the Carters . Trust you to have the cheek to saunter your way to the Hales’ banquet . Mr . Brooke is right . You’re too thick-skinned . What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get out!”

Bryce’s voice was loud and thus attracted the attention of the guests around the table .

Many began to discuss among themselves .

“That young man who spoke is a Carter, right?”

“Yes, he is Dominic Carter’s only grandson, and I heard that the Carters’ businesses will be handed over to him in the future . The young man sitting in front of him that he just scolded is apparently a live-in son-in-law . Indeed, he’s dressed very shabbily . ”

“Haha, I’ve heard of this too . This live-in son-in-law is a good-for-nothing . He even disappeared for around six years and returned recently . Then he did something to provoke Dominic Carter, who then decided to kick him and his wife’s family out of the Carters!”

“Tsk, there must be a problem with his character! I heard that he’s the same man who was embroiled in a scandal with Cheyenne Carter back then, right?”

“Yes, it’s him! I didn’t think he would dare to come to the Hales’ banquet . He’s really too thick-skinned!”

Lucas sneered in response to Bryce’s words and the gossip around him instead of answering .

Meanwhile, Aston’s face turned sullen . He had directed that insult at Bryce, yet that fool shifted the focus onto Lucas instead . Now, it was hard to explain .