The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 219

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“Dad! What… what are you talking about?!” When Cheyenne heard her father actually use her as collateral for a million dollars worth of chips, her eyes widened, and she looked at William in disbelief.

Standing beside Cheyenne, Lena also widened her eyes in shock and exclaimed in astonishment, “William, Cheyenne is your biological daughter! How can you put her up as collateral and use her as a gambling stake?”

Lucas’s face, hidden beneath the mask, had become completely gloomy and sullen. He glared at William coldly. “Are you sure you’re going to put your daughter up as collateral to me? If I win, she will be mine. I will take her away, and regardless of what happens to her in the future, you will have no right to ask any questions!

“In that case, do you still agree to use her as collateral?”

Lucas’s voice was extremely cold, and it even contained some murderous intent that he was unable to hide!

“Dad, stop… stop gambling. Come home with me, okay?” Cheyenne asked while looking at William with tears and a pleading gaze in her beautiful eyes.

The eye contact he made with his daughter made his heart tremble. But when he thought of the million dollars he would obtain soon, he decided to bite the bullet and go all out.

“Yes! I agree to pledge my daughter to you as collateral. As long as you win, you can take her away!” William declared through gritted teeth.


The glimmer of hope in Cheyenne’s eyes vanished the instant she heard his words. She never thought that her father would be heartless enough to pledge her to someone else as collateral as if she was an inanimate object. He went ahead without hesitation, even if she might be in a living hell in the future!

Having suffered an immense blow, Cheyenne began to lose her balance, and her body swayed. But Lena hurriedly held onto her and asked worriedly, “Cheyenne, are you alright?”

Cheyenne shook her head with difficulty. In fact, if it wasn’t because she knew that the person who made this request was Lucas, and so she wouldn’t be in any danger, she might have already lost her balance by now.

“Oh my god! This man actually pledged his daughter as collateral for the sake of having more money to gamble! He’s so inhumane!”

“Tsk! Tsk! His daughter specially came here to take him home, but he sold her out! She went to such great lengths for her bastard of a father. It’s not worth it at all!”

“Exactly. He’s worse than a beast! I may have lost lots of money, but at least I wouldn’t put my family up as collateral to others!”

“This old fogy William Carter is really a scoundrel. He’s a scumbag!”

The stakes at this poker table were extremely high. And the fact that a living person had been used as collateral attracted lots of onlookers, who all expressed their disgust for William’s behavior.

Although most of the gamblers in Little Atlantis City were gambling addicts, there were many who were professional gamblers. Even they were repulsed and in disdain of William’s shameless behavior.

When William heard the scoldings coming from around him, his face began to become burning hot. But he repeatedly comforted himself, “It’s alright. I’m just temporarily using Cheyenne as collateral. I’m going to win this game soon. I won’t let Cheyenne really be taken away!”

While constantly consoling himself, William ignored everyone’s reaction and clenched his teeth. He then took the million dollars worth of chips from Lucas.

“A million dollars, I’m calling the bet!”

The veins on his forehead were bulging as he resolutely pushed all the chips in front of him to the center of the table!

“Open!” With a professional smile on her face, the dealer turned to look at Lucas. “Sir, this player has called your bet of one million dollars. Would you like to raise the bet?”

Having achieved his purpose, Lucas naturally shook his head. “No, open!”

In fact, both of them now had five cards each in front of them. And apart from the bottom one, the other four cards were facing up, so everyone could see them.

William’s cards that were facing up were a queen of diamonds, ten of spades, jack of hearts, and nine of diamonds, which happened to be in consecutive order.

If the card that William had facing down was an eight or king of any suit, the five cards in his hand would be a standard straight. And it would be a relatively high straight.

This was also why William felt that he had a winning hand and was very confident that he would win.

On the other hand, Lucas’s cards that were facing up were a nine of spades, ten of spades, jack of clubs, and king of spades.

Although it seemed that Lucas’s cards added up to a bigger number than William’s, his cards were not consecutive, and he was bound to have a smaller hand than William.

Now, William just needed the bottom card to be revealed!

“My bottom card is… the king of hearts!”

William turned his bottom card over and slammed it down hard on the center of the table with a loud thud!

It really turned out to be a straight! And it was a straight with the largest number of points!

According to the rules here, 9, 10, J, Q, and K would form the largest straight!

Everyone gasped in amazement, thinking that it was no wonder that William would use his daughter as collateral!

Cheyenne didn’t know the rules of these card games, but Lena was more knowledgeable in this aspect. Upon seeing William’s five cards, she immediately felt a huge sense of relief and exclaimed happily, “Cheyenne, William seems to have the upper hand now. You’ll be fine!”

Hearing the exclamations coming from the people around him, William felt that he had regained all his lost pride. Pointing to the pile of chips on the table that was worth millions of dollars, he said smugly, “It seems that I’ve won this game! These are all mine!”

“Hold it! I haven’t revealed my bottom card yet. Are you sure you’ve won this round?” Lucas cocked his head slightly toward the side and stopped William, who was reaching out eagerly to grab the chips.

“Hmph, my cards have formed the biggest straight! If you can get a queen, the cards you have can only make a straight comparable to mine. But what do you think is the likelihood of both of us getting an identical straight at the same time?” William retorted in displeasure.

“Since you could get it, why can’t I?” Lucas smirked coldly and turned his bottom card over, only to reveal that it was indeed a queen of spades!

Lucas’s cards were surprisingly also a straight consisting of 9, 10, J, Q, and K!

If the cards were equal in terms of numbers of points, they would have to compare according to suits. The hierarchy of suits had always been spades > hearts > clubs > diamonds.

Four of Lucas’s cards were spades, making his cards bigger than William’s!

The winner of this game was not William, but Lucas!

Everyone was astonished!

Flabbergasted, everyone stared at the two straights equal in points but not in suits and soon got into an uproar!

William’s face immediately turned extremely pale!

Unable to believe what he was looking at, he rubbed his eyes hard and opened them again!

But no matter how much disbelief William was in, he had no choice but to admit that he had really lost this game that he had been certain about winning!

Lucas stood up, walked over to Cheyenne, grabbed her by her waist, and declared domineeringly, “This woman is mine now!”

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