The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! - Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: You’re Heartless

There were many people who sympathized with Zhong Yi and Jiangjiang, and felt sorry for their plight.

They desperately need an outlet to vent their anger.

First, it was Shi Sui, and now it was Xiang Yi’s grandparents.

Zhong Yi, who was usually addressed as ‘Sister’ took a long while to accept the address ‘Woman’.

Zhong Yi felt bitter but she obviously knew that Xiang Yin and Old Mrs. Xiang were supporting Xiang Yi.

She really… envied Xiang Yi for being so pampered.

“Jiangjiang, I’m sorry, I lied to you, Uncle Shi Sui is not your father.” Zhong Yi finally confessed.

Jiangjiang’s eyes were full of disappointment.

“Who is… Daddy then?” She asked with her eyes wide open.

“Your Daddy… is not in this world anymore.” It took Zhong Yi a great deal of effort to tell her the truth. She continued, “He has turned into a star in the sky and is watching over you, Jiangjiang.”

The three-year-old Jiangjiang seemed to have somewhat understood what she meant but she could feel her mother’s misery and burst into tears,whicg was really a heartbreaking sight.

The viewers watching the live stream all froze in front of the screen.

—— [Does Zhong Yi mean that Jiangjiang’s father has passed away…?]

Old Mrs. Xiang could not bear to see Jiangjiang crying and took the initiative to help coax Jiangjiang.

Zhong Yi pursed her lips and looked at Shi Sui. “Can I talk to you?”

Li Jianyu gestured with his hand and signaled for the cameraman to move elsewhere. However, Zhong Yi said, “It’s okay, you can continue shooting.”

It also meant that she agreed to let her conversation with Shi Sui be included in the live stream.

They walked towards the vegetable patch and they looked just like old friends taking a walk.

However, Shi Sui kept a proper social distance from her. His attitude was gentlemanly and distant.

Zhong Yi noticed everything and thought to herself with some self-deprecation in her eyes, ‘Indeed, he still loathes contact with women.’

“I’d like to apologize to you, Shi Sui, I’m sorry. Well because Jiangjiang’s father…passed before she was even born. He was a doctor and had an unfortunate accident while attending an international volunteer event abroad.”

Zhong Yi looked down with pain and agony on her beautiful face.

“But for my selfish reasons, I wanted to let Jiangjiang have something to imagine so when she asked about her father, I showed her the stills of you back in ‘Untainted’ and lied to her that you’re her father.”

When filming ‘Untainted’, Shi Sui lost a ton of weight for his role, so coupled with the makeup and photo filters, Shi Sui looked very different in the stills compared to in real life.

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However, it was still the same person after all. Thus, when Jiangjiang saw him for the first time, she felt that he “resembled” her father.

The netizens who had been criticizing Shi Sui badly just now were dumbstruck.

‘What the hell?’

‘So Shi Sui wasn’t lying at all and Zhong Yi was just lying!?!?!’

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean anything else, I just didn’t want Jiangjiang to feel that she’s a fatherless child…”

Zhong Yi lost control of her emotions and covered her face with her hands to cover her tears. “Actually, you don’t look anything like him, he’s not as handsome and tall as you but he’s very, very nice and wonderful…”

Towards the end, Zhong Yi had already been somewhat incoherent but he could tell that she was referring to Jiangjiang’s father.

Shi Sui’s eyes were dark and deep. He looked down with a cold and somewhat indifferent gaze.

“Senior, my condolences. I think you need to be alone for a while.”

His words made the fans of ShiZhong completely heartbroken!

—— [Shi Sui, you scumbag! You heartless jerk!!]

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