Chapter 527: 527

Chapter 527 A Skyrocketing Rise (II)

The roar of helicopter’s rotors broke the silence in the ink-like darkness, and the dawn was coming . When it was the darkest moment before dawn, the helicopter that set off urgently from Youzhou had already flown into Beijiang of Zhongzhou State .

In the extremely luxurious and comfortable cabin, an ugly bald man was looking down at a document in his hand in silence .

The man looked very ugly, but he sat there quietly with dignity and coldness belonging only to someone in a high position . He was a man of strong build and looked quite masculine . The perfect combination of strength and power in him suddenly turned into a strong oppressive force .

Opposite the bald man sat an old man about 60 years old, with gray hair and wearing a military uniform . The three gold stars on his shoulder were enough to show the old man’s position in the military of Zhongzhou State . He was a General with real power . In everyone’s eyes, he was a big shot that couldn’t be ignored .

The General looked at the bald man quietly .

The bald man read the information in silence .

They were all silent .

The document did not cover much information, and it was just a resume . And because the party involved was too young, there wasn’t much information on the resume, not to mention outstanding military exploits .

The description in the resume was nothing more than some stories of the person’s life . It was plain and bland, making anyone who saw it sleepy .

But the bald man’s eyes were full of focus .

From Youzhou to Beijiang, it took several hours to travel thousands of kilometers .

He read the document in his hand over and over and frowned more and more tightly .

That was Jiang Shangyu’s resume .

Zhongzhou State held a board meeting of the Decision Making Committee six hours ago .

Jiang Shangyu was appointed to serve as the senior adviser of Kunlun City and the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps . Moreover, he was granted the rank of General .

The moment the meeting was over, Gu Fengbo, the Deputy Governor of Kunlun City, and Mo Qingping, the first Deputy Minister of the Military General Political Department, took a private plane to Beijiang . With the letter of appointment and military rank, they were going to announce Jiang Shangyu’s appointment .

If one surveyed the changes in the situation in Zhongzhou State over the past 20 years, he would find that Jiang Shangyu’s appointment was the most improper one .

Li Tianlan’s appointment was originally proposed by Wang Tianzong .

Although Li Tianlan was young, he had already shown his combat capability of the Invincible Realm . Moreover, he had a profound background and the entire Giant Group as his backup . Therefore, no one said anything about this appointment .

But Jiang Shangyu was different .

Although Jiang Shan was one of the members of the Decision Making Committee, the Jiang family’s influence could only be limited to Beijiang . A few years ago, after Jiang Shan resigned from the position of General Black Tortoise, even in Beijiang, the Jiang family’s words no longer carried that much weight . In Zhongzhou State, the Jiang family could only be regarded as a second-rate family at most, not even a wealthy family .

The force behind Jiang Shangyu was not strong and he was not powerful enough . Apart from that, he had never had any convincing performances before .

But this time, he suddenly rose from a graduate of the Deep-sea Academy to a high position, serving as the Special Warfare General of Zhongzhou State .

A skyrocketing rise?

This kind of rate was almost to the point where it could break the whole sky .

It was something that would never happen .

But at this moment, it just happened .

Gu Fengbo also attended the previous meeting . What made him feel very strange was that when President Li Huacheng proposed to appoint Jiang Shangyu as the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps, though the meeting room was in an uproar, the powerful figures at the peak of power in Zhongzhou State were only surprised and all chose to agree to it .

The most important thing was that in Gu Fengbo’s heart, he also agreed at that time .

He didn’t know why this was the case, but he instinctively felt that Jiang Shangyu could do it .

Now that he thought about it, it was likely that all the important figures in the meeting at that time had the same thought as him .

Jiang Shangyu could do it .

But why could he do it?

Jiang Shangyu dropped his realm in the final maneuver of the two academies . His current realm was only close to the Thunder-shocking Realm, and it was even unstable .

Why did all the high-level officials in Zhongzhou State think that he could balance Li Tianlan’s mighty influence in the Snowdance Corps?

Gu Fengbo looked at Jiang Shangyu’s resume inexplicably .

And then he kept looking at the resume until now .

This resume was too simple and too clear .

It was almost a blank .

It was only then that Gu Fengbo realized that in the past many years, Jiang Shangyu had basically done nothing .

Everyone knew that Jiang Shangyu was very strong in the younger generation .

Before Li Tianlan appeared, he was a genius who was second only to Wang Shengxiao and Gu Hanshan .

But no one knew his strong points .

He had established the Three Thousand World even when he had been studying in the Deep-sea Academy for three years . But from beginning to end, there was nothing eye-catching about him .

However, he became more and more famous day by day and finally reached a peak in the joint maneuver of the two academies .

Everything was natural .

Only when he looked back at Jiang Shangyu’s resume that Gu Fengbo found out that he didn’t know how he did it at all .

“The boy of the Jiang family is really good at hiding his strength . ”

Gu Fengbo touched his bald head, and there were some complicated emotions on his ugly face .

“Jiang Shangyu is the most suitable candidate . ”

General Mo Qingping glanced at Gu Fengbo with a smile . He was in the clique of Qi Beicang, the former Standing Minister of the Army Headquarters in Zhongzhou State . Even if Qi Beicang resigned from his position, he was still the leader of the Special Warfare Group . Naturally, there was no need to say much about the relationship between him and Kunlun City . “Now that Li Tianlan is powerful, and at the age of 22, his combat capability is at the Invincible Realm . Who has ever heard of him before? Now that he’s the marshal of the Snowdance Corps, who else can we send there to balance his influence? As for the two Highnesses in Kunlun City, even if the First Elder is healed, he cannot be the vice marshal, not to mention the God of War . Others will be no match for Li Tianlan even if we send them there . In that case, we’d better send a young man there . Jiang Shangyu’s ability is indubitable and we can only dispatch him there now . ”

Gu Fengbo nodded and suddenly asked, “Jiang Shangyu’s ability is indubitable, but what is his ability?”


Mo Qingping smiled, but his smile suddenly froze .

What ability did Jiang Shangyu have?

He felt like he could say a bunch of things casually .

But when the words were about to come out of his mouth, he suddenly found that he couldn’t say a word .

Mo Qingping suddenly felt that the situation was extremely strange, and his voice became a little hoarse . “Jiang Shangyu…”

Gu Fengbo took a deep look at him and then lowered his head to read the document .

The meeting tonight clearly showed Jiang Shangyu’s position in the hearts of the big shots of Zhongzhou State .

Such a position could not be built up in a final maneuver .

It was accumulated over the years .

But Jiang Shangyu didn’t do anything . How did he get such a position? And it was so natural, without any abruptness .

Gu Fengbo suddenly felt a little afraid .

He narrowed his eyes, and there was a very sharp cold light flashing in his eyes .

“What on earth is the boy of the Jiang family trying to do by keeping such a low profile and hiding well?”

Mo Qingping was silent for a long time before he murmured to himself, “This person is awesome…”

Gu Fengbo lowered his head, and his eyes became more and more ferocious .

Gu Xingyun was seriously injured, and Gu Qianchuan was the same . Now, he dealt with most of the things in Kunlun City . Although he was not the strongest in Kunlun City, he was definitely the person Gu Xingyun trusted the most .

At this moment, looking at the document and thinking what the higher-ups of Zhongzhou State had thought of Jiang Shangyu in the past few days, he even had an extremely impulsive idea .

If this was destined to be a good knife that could not be controlled, it was better to kill it in advance…

Time lapsed from early morning to sunset . Then the dusk passed, and the night gradually darkened . The night slowly flowed with the traces of time like water . The little yard in front of the Jiang family’s headquarters was calm, and the faint sounds of flowers blooming and perishing could be heard from the garden . Jiang Shan stood quietly . He had stood for nearly 24 hours, and he looked like a statue .

In front of him was Jiang Shangyu’s villa .

There was no light in the villa, and it was so quiet that it was almost dead silent .

As soon as the news that Gu Xingyun intended to let Jiang Shangyu go to Eastern Europe came, Jiang Shangyu walked into the villa and began to meditate .

Jiang Shan stood there quietly .

The result of the meeting of the Decision Making Committee had been delivered to him at the fastest speed .

Jiang Shangyu had a skyrocketing rise . He was called the General of the Special Warfare System and the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps .

However, such a rise did not make Jiang Shan happy . Instead, he felt incomparable pressure because Jiang Shangyu’s rise was too quick and sudden, and the most fatal thing was that there was no foundation below .

Even if the Jiang family desperately wanted to pave the way for Jiang Shangyu, he couldn’t get a position as high as it was now .

How could he stand firmly in such a high place without a foundation?

Jiang Shan stood there and thought for a whole day, but he didn’t come up with any good idea .

He had never known his son very well .

But he was certain that Jiang Shangyu was the greatest pride in his life .

He knew his talent and ambition .

However, at this moment, his only hope began to be that Jiang Shangyu could be low-key and restrained as before instead of becoming high-profile and flamboyant relying on the rise of his position, which would lead him to be doomed eternally .

The dawn was coming .

In the darkest time between heaven and earth, Jiang Shangyu’s villa suddenly lit up .

The corners of Jiang Shan’s eyes twitched . After hesitating for a while, he got up, walked into the villa, and went straight to his son’s room .

Under the warm light, Jiang Shangyu had finished meditating, which took him a long time .

When Jiang Shan came in, he was standing at his bedside, holding a photo frame in his hand and looking at it silently .

In the photo frame was a photo that had been stored for many years, and the corners of the photo had turned yellow, with the traces of time .

At that time, Jiang Shangyu was a child, and Jiang Shan was still very young . He sat on his father’s lap, his eyes red .

A very gentle woman gently touched his hair, while Jiang Shan looked ahead with a serious face .

Jiang Shangyu looked at the photo, his eyes gentle and calm .

Jiang Shan came over and looked at the only family photo that belonged to the three of them . His face changed, and he sighed softly .

Jiang Shangyu suddenly said, “I still remember the scene when we took this photo . ”

Jiang Shan’s face changed, but he didn’t say anything .

“Dad, if I remember correctly, that’s the first and only time you hit me, isn’t it?”

Jiang Shangyu touched his face and suddenly chuckled .

Jiang Shan’s straight figure seemed to have become a little old in an instant . He nodded and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m useless . ”


Jiang Shangyu raised his eyebrows and said softly, “A man’s ability is not limited to his power . In my grandfather’s generation, the Jiang family could occupy a city, while in your generation, the Jiang family can occupy a province . Dad, I still don’t know what you have suffered in your life, but I’ve been living a very good and comfortable life, and that’s what I mean . So again, as I’ve said many times, in my heart, you are the greatest father and also the person I admire most . ”

Jiang Shan looked at the photo frame in his son’s hand with complicated emotions in his eyes .

“That year, was I seven or eight years old? Because of a little and ridiculous thing, I hurt a child of the same age as me . But his father’s position was higher than yours, so you gave me a hard slap in the face . Dad, actually, at that time, I could understand what you meant, and I never hate you for that . At least that slap made me remember that when I’m not strong enough, I must not provoke anyone or touch anything I can’t afford . ”

Jiang Shan remained silent for a long time before he said in a hoarse voice, “It’s my fault to slap you . If it weren’t for that slap, your injury…”

“My injury has nothing to do with you . It was just an accident at that time . ”

Jiang Shangyu shook his head and chuckled . “By saying these today, I just want to tell you that I remember well the lesson taught by that slap . I never touch what I can’t touch, but it doesn’t mean that I will let go of the opportunity in front of me . You can conquer a province in your life, but my life is still very long . Why can’t I conquer a country? I can see things in Eastern Europe clearly, so don’t worry . It’s all right . ”

He paused for a moment and continued, “I’m fine . ”

Jiang Shan frowned and looked at his son, who was completely different from before . Suddenly, he asked, “Do you want to go to Eastern Europe?”

“Yes . ”

Jiang Shangyu laughed and was very happy . “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time . ”

The roar of the rotors suddenly rang out from the distance .

The helicopter passed through the darkest night and gradually approached the headquarters of the Jiang family .

The helicopter kept hovering in the air, and a wisp of cold and awe-inspiring Sword Energy passed through the headquarters of the Jiang family unscrupulously .

Jiang Shan raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “Come with me to meet the guests . ”

“No need . ”

Jiang Shangyu suddenly reached out to stop his father .

As Jiang Shangyu felt the cold sword intent falling from the sky, the corners of his mouth showed a sneer . “Dad, did you see that? If we have been silent for a long time, all kinds of people will dare to step on our heads . Tonight, it’s actually very good . The Jiang family has accumulated to such a high level . We should take a step higher . ”

He pushed the window open .

The breeze blew into the bedroom when the day and night alternated with each other .

Jiang Shangyu breathed deeply .

In the blink of an eye, his aura directly plummeted to the bottom .

Jiang Shangyu’s figure walked out of the window .

Jiang Shan’s face changed greatly .

But Jiang Shangyu’s figure didn’t fall down . He went straight up to the sky with one step .

In an instant, Jiang Shangyu’s aura, which had fallen to the bottom, began to rise, and it was extremely violent .

A storm suddenly appeared in the air .

Jiang Shangyu stood in the storm and reached the peak of the Qi-controlling Realm in one step .

He took a step .

And he went straight up into the sky .

The lake in front of the villa was filled with billowy waves .

The waves solidified into ice in the air .

Jiang Shangyu stood on the ice, and his aura rose again .

He was at the peak of the Ice-condensing Realm .

Jiang Shangyu’s body was steady, and he flew up to the sky .

Flames appeared on the ice .

Sparks kept shining all over the sky .

The aura at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm blocked the cold Sword Energy high up in the air at once .

The deep night sky was completely boiling .

The clouds in the sky were surging, and thunder broke forth in the silent world .

A dazzling blue light shot down from the sky .

Jiang Shangyu’s aura suddenly soared . In the night, he seemed to stand on the lightning .

Countless bolts of lightning swirled around him in a mighty manner .

There was a long way from the Fire-flaming Realm to the Thunder-shocking Realm .

But it only took Jiang Shangyu one step to achieve that .

The peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm!

The violent momentum roared wildly in the night . The night sky was completely distorted, and the lightning continued to spread . The cold Sword Energy and the helicopter retreated at the same time .

Jiang Shangyu was still walking .

He was still ascending to the sky .

He took another step .

Endless lightning burst forth completely with him as the center and turned into a beam of light . It went straight into the ground from the sky, with great strength and vigor .

Half-step Invincible Realm!

Jiang Shangyu raised his head suddenly .

His eyes were brighter and more persistent than ever .

The lightning all over the sky suddenly disappeared as he looked up .

Jiang Shangyu let out a long howl .

A vast expanse of the night sky suddenly became distorted due to his roar, and the sky and earth were constantly shaking .

He took steps to the sky .

When his foot landed, he had almost stepped over the Half-step Invincible Realm .

Both the heaven and the earth were shaking at the same time .

The combat capability of the Invincible Realm .

The peak of the Half-step Invincible Realm!

Jiang Shangyu raised his leg again .

If he finished taking this step, he would reach the Invincible Realm .

His figure froze in the air . After a long silence, he slowly withdrew his foot .

But his momentum, which belonged to a top expert of the Half-step Invincible Realm, was constantly surging around him .

The first ray of the morning sun finally appeared between heaven and earth .

The pale golden light shone on Jiang Shangyu and completely covered his body .

By taking a few steps, he reached the Half-step Invincible Realm from the Thunder-shocking Realm .

He flew up to the sky and stood in the air, like a deity .