Chapter 528: 528

Chapter 528 The 13-storey Tower

At six o’clock in the evening, the flight from Recchi City to Lin’an finally landed at Lin’an International Airport two hours late .

The announcer’s voice echoed in the cabin .

But it was quiet in the first-class cabin filled with a natural fragrance .

Several passengers’ eyes were fixed on a seat near the window intentionally or unintentionally . Both men and women had complicated expressions in their eyes .

That was the most beautiful scenery in the whole plane .

The natural and rich body fragrance originated from here . From Eastern Europe to Zhongzhou State—a journey covered a distance of thousands of kilometers, everyone in the first-class cabin seemed to be immersed in this intoxicating fragrance and could not extricate themselves from it .

Black high heels, simple tight black trousers, and a loose white shirt .

She opened her eyes an hour before the plane landed, ordered a glass of pure water in the flight attendant’s unnatural smile, and drank it up by taking sips . Until the plane landed, her eyes were still a little unfocused and lethargic .

She was a true beauty .

People had many definitions for beautiful women, but all of them seemed vulnerable when placed on her .

She was elegant, quiet, exquisite, and lethargic .

She was indifferent and flawless, like a dream .

Every one of her movements seemed to have a kind of calm and beautiful charm .

She was indescribably beautiful and striking .

The one who was supposed to sit next to her was an old man from Eastern Europe who came to travel in Zhongzhou State, but this seat, which many people yearned for, was bought by a high-spirited and vigorous middle-aged man who seemed quite successful . He offered a price of twenty thousand dollars, and the transaction process went very smoothly .

However, it took nearly 24 hours for the plane to take off and land . He, who was sitting next to the beauty, didn’t dare to say a word .

It was not that he didn’t want to .

He really wanted to do so, but he didn’t dare to do it .

The plane finally stopped steadily .

The middle-aged uncle, who had achieved success and made a name for himself in some field of the domestic business circles, could not bear it any longer . He slowly said, “Miss, please…”

His voice was extremely rough and hoarse, revealing a strong sense of guilt .

The woman turned to look at him .

Her eyes were bright, like the stars in the night sky .

The uncle suddenly swallowed all his words and coughed awkwardly .

“I’m married,” the woman whispered .

Her voice was clear and cold, with a kind of indifference that kept people from approaching her . “I love my husband very much . ”

After a pause, she continued, “Thank you . ”

The middle-aged man’s face turned red, and he stood up to get out of the way in a somewhat embarrassed state . He stood there, looking a little lost .

The woman stood up and walked away . She didn’t have any luggage, just carrying a coat that couldn’t be used in Lin’an in her hand . She got off the plane gently and skillfully .

Countless people in the airport were stunned by the beauty of the woman, and their eyes were focused on her .

The hustle and bustle gradually quieted down .

The woman walked forward alone, calmly walking into the VIP channel .

The air slightly twisted for a moment .

The woman’s figure walked into the corner of the passage and disappeared in an instant .

A few men who had subconsciously followed her froze . They looked around and stood at the same place, feeling lost .

The woman was still walking forward .

A figure in a black cloak took over the coat in her hand and followed behind her quietly .

A faint but extremely solid force spread around and completely enveloped him and the woman . The two figures suddenly disappeared in front of everyone .

“How is Saint?”

The woman glanced at the man in black beside her . The laziness in her eyes was fading away, and she became the goddess in the Dark World again .

Military Counselor was the one who came to pick her up .

Hearing his boss’s question, he shook his head slightly and said, “We’ve just met . He is not well-prepared, so it’s hard for him to make a breakthrough in the near future . ”

“Hmm . ”

Qin Weibai’s steps paused, as if she was thinking about something .

She suddenly said, “There will be a rainbow above West Lake tonight . It’s very beautiful . ”

Military Counselor froze for a moment, then understood that it was the message that Qin Weibai wanted him to send to Saint . He nodded and took out his mobile phone .

Their pace was neither too fast nor too slow, and they kept moving forward .

After sending the text message, Military Counselor continued to report, “Boss, the top management of Zhongzhou State has confirmed the candidate of the new vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps . It’s Jiang Shangyu .

“And I got the news today that Jiang Shangyu broke through in one night . ”

Qin Weibai asked casually, “Which realm is he in now?”

Military Counselor took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “He’s at the peak of the Half-step Invincible Realm and has the battle strength of the Invincible Realm . He now deserves the title ‘His Highness’ . ”

Qin Weibai suddenly stopped where she was .

This was a piece of news that was impossible .

But she did not say that it was impossible . She just remained silent for a very long time .

Before the final maneuver, Jiang Shangyu was only at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm .

He made a breakthrough the day before the final maneuver and went straight into the stabilization phase of the Thunder-shocking Realm .

Then he lowered his realm in the final maneuver and went back to the initial Thunder-shocking Realm .

But now Jiang Shangyu could already be called “His Highness” as what Military Counselor had said .

Thunder-shocking Realm .

The stabilization of the Thunder-shocking Realm .

The peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm .

Half-step Invincible Realm .

The peak of the Half-step Invincible Realm .

The combat capability of the Invincible Realm, which was half a level higher than the previous state .

Jiang Shangyu had crossed six thresholds overnight!

And they were all the thresholds that could trap ordinary geniuses for the rest of their lives .

“No one can do that,” Qin Weibai said slowly .

It was completely impossible . He constantly broke through in one night . If it were really so easy to break through in Martial Arts, how could experts of the Invincible Realm be so rare?

In the whole Dark World, even experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm were limited .

Jiang Shangyu’s performance was no longer a thing that could be explained by his so-called talent and path . That was a real skyrocketing rise, and it was even more exaggerated than his current promotion .

“There’s only one explanation,” Qin Weibai continued .

But before she could finish speaking, Military Counselor had already shaken his head . “It’s impossible . ”

No matter how talented he was, it was impossible for him to skip an entire big realm overnight .

It was impossible, even for an immortal .

The only possibility was that Jiang Shangyu was not breaking through last night .

If he was not breaking through, what could that be?

Qin Weibai glanced at Military Counselor and said calmly, “You should know that nothing is impossible . ”

Military Counselor followed Qin Weibai with a wry smile and continued, “There’s one more thing . Last night, when the situation was the tensest, Minister Dongcheng issued several secret orders . Youzhou’s garrison, artillery, armed police, navy, and air force all moved, resulting in a far-reaching impact . Minister Dongcheng is under a lot of pressure . Boss, should we show up and help him?”

“Minister Dongcheng…”

A smile flashed past the corners of Qin Weibai’s mouth, and then she said softly, “So far, what’s the best result and the worst one?”

Last night, when Dongcheng Wudi issued secret orders, she was still on the plane, but it was not difficult for her to imagine that scene . It was the strongest deterrent and also the craziest counterattack to the Wang family of Beihai .

However, Dongcheng Wudi’s actions also touched the bottom line of the various groups in Zhongzhou State .

The Dongcheng Clan was the most powerful family in the military of Zhongzhou State . No one denied that .

But the army was a sharp weapon of the country, not a private army of the Dongcheng Clan .

The activities last night were bound to trigger off the vigilance of various groups . It was impossible for the Dongcheng Clan not to pay any price .

“It’s still hard to judge at the moment, but one of the deputy commanders of the garrison had been fired and investigated on the spot last night . The deputy commander has always been the confidant of Minister Dongcheng . In the morning, the General Political Department has sent the investigation teams to enter the armed police and the artillery force respectively . In addition, I heard that the headquarters of the navy will have some changes recently . ”

This was, without a doubt, the toughest cleaning method .

The major groups seemed to have reached an agreement that they would use the most direct means to weaken Dongcheng Wudi’s influence in the military .

Unluckily, Dongcheng Wudi couldn’t say anything at this time .

In such a situation, even President Li Huacheng’s attitude would be subtle .

That was the undisguised politics .

In addition to the Giant Group, no one wanted to see a military giant who could stir up a mutiny at any time .

“Let’s do something . ”

Qin Weibai thought for a moment and said calmly, “The Giant Group will be Tianlan’s foundation in the future . This big tree can’t fall down . ”

“Understood . ”

Military Counselor nodded . “To what extent?”

“It’s up to you . ”

Qin Weibai walked out of the airport as she spoke .

It was dusk outside the airport .

The clouds in the sky seemed to burn in the light of the setting sun, and there was a fiery red color between heaven and earth .

A limousine stopped in front of the door . Watching Qin Weibai and Military Counselor come out, the two strong guards next to the car bowed and opened the door .

Qin Weibai sat down in the back seat of the car and looked at the decoration of the spacious back seat . A strange expression flashed across her perfect, dreamy, and exquisite face .

Military Counselor was a little embarrassed and innocent . He coughed embarrassedly and thought it had nothing to do with him .

He rubbed his hands and did not know what his boss was thinking . He was even more afraid of her anger, so he took the initiative to speak awkwardly, “Boss, how about eating something first?”

“I’m not hungry,” Qin Weibai said blandly .

She was still looking at the decorations in the car, and no one knew what she was thinking about .

Military Counselor’s heart sank slightly, and for no reason, he smelled a trace of jealousy .

“I don’t like this car . ”

Qin Weibai said lightly, “Change it . ”

Military Counselor wore a wry smile and said without hesitation, “Okay . ”

Qin Weibai did not speak but looked at the scenery outside the window quietly .

Military Counselor asked cautiously, “Shall we go to find Saint?”

“Let’s go to the Supervisory Institution . ”

Qin Weibai whispered, “Tell Governor Zou Yuanshan that we will temporarily seal West Lake tonight . ”

After Youzhou Conference, Zou Yuanshan, the former top leader of Luojing in Zhongyuan, had been transferred to Lin’an to be the acting governor . He took over the team of Wu Zhengmin, the founding member of the Li family . Although he was now an acting governor, he was powerful and awe-inspiring . In Lin’an, Zou Yuanshan’s words carried weight . However, sealing West Lake was no trivial matter .

West Lake was very large . Zou Yuanshan could do it, but wouldn’t it cause too much of a stir if he mobilized manpower and material resources?

“Boss, are you going to the Supervisory Institution to…” Military Counselor asked tentatively .

“To ask for a sword . ”

Qin Weibai said calmly, “The core of the 13-storey Tower is in the Supervisory Institution . ”

She paused for a moment and continued, “It’s always been in the Supervisory Institution . ”

The 13-storey Tower!

Military Counselor’s face suddenly changed .

He thought of the situation in Eastern Europe and couldn’t help but say, “Has the situation in Eastern Europe reached this point?”

Qin Weibai didn’t say much and just replied with a simple “Hm” .