The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 308

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Chapter 308 Sympathy (1)

When Su Yaya scrolled through the hate comments online, she felt bad for Shen Xiuqi, as he didn’t do anything wrong. She decided to post a Weibo status, hoping to clarify the issue for Shen Xiuqi.

Suyaya: I accompanied Shen Xiuqi to the club that day, I was there at the time and was aware of his every move. I have no idea why the anonymous account only posted the photos of Shen Xiuqi and An Yutong, and cropped me away. That’s too much! Xiuqi and I are going to let our lawyers handle the issue, we’ll not let anyone hurt our family!

Once Su Yaya posted this on Weibo, Shen Xiuqi immediately shared it, and wrote: Thank you my lovely wife for always having trust in me and for your continuous support. Love. jpg

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop the netizen from imagining all sorts of soap opera-like scenes between his wife and his ex-girlfriend. There were some netizens that defended Su Yaya and scolded Shen Xiuqi under his Weibo post. Some even expressed their concerns for her, saying that she shouldn’t defend a bastard like him, and she was doing this to protect her child, how pitiful.

Upon looking at the comments, Su Yaya was speechless. There was no one way to address the situation, no matter how they clarified or removed the comments. Netizens would still post new comments, their actions just made them even more enthusiastic about the whole incident.

There were also many netizens that were scolding An Yutong on her profile, they called her a mistress, who shamelessly seduced a married man and more.

Su Yaya looked at the chaotic situation online, and said: “Xiuqi, how are we going to solve this?”

Shen Xiuqi felt indifferent, he enveloped her in his arms: “Just ignore them, you have to trust me on this.”

Su Yaya hugged him back, she looked at him in a serious manner and said: “Of course I believe in you.”

The doorbell rang.

Shen Xiuqi: “I’ll go open the door.”

Su Yaya followed him to the front door.

The door opened, An Yutong was standing outside the door with her dishevelled hair, and said with her swollen red eyes: “I wasn’t the one who instructed the netizens to bash you or spread the photos online.”

As Shen Xiuqi looked at her pale face, nodded: “ I know that it isn’t you.”

“What a relief that you believe in me.” After saying that, she bawled out crying, as if she felt very aggrieved by the whole situation.

Su Yaya was standing behind Shen Xiuqi, seeing as An Yutong was crying so pitifully, she turned and said to Shen Xiuqi: “Let her in, it’s not nice to leave her standing outside crying.”

The reason she said this wasn’t because she felt sympathetic towards An Yutong, the sole reason she invited her in their house was that she was afraid that it would look like they were bullying her.

There were many people who paid attention to their every move these few days, if someone secretly snapped photos of them again, it would stir another round of commotion online and the both of them wouldn’t be able to explain themselves by then.

Shen Xiuqi was scolded very badly by the netizens these past few days. Although he said that he wasn’t bothered by it, who could actually feel nothing about such bashing? Su Yaya felt heartbroken seeing him receiving such hate online.

Upon hearing that Suyaya invited An Yutong inside their house, he looked at her strangely, Su Yaya stared back at him with a calm look, she felt that An Yutong couldn’t really stir up anything in their house.

From the looks of Shen Xiuqi, he was rather reluctant to be in contact with An Yutong again, but upon seeing Su Yaya’s attitude towards the situation, it seemed fine.

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