The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Arrest Them All

Chapter 520: Arrest Them All

“Good luck?”

Cai Shunde straightened his brows . His eyes were about to spew fire .

“What good luck? It’s more like bad luck! All those government officials are bastards . It must all be your idea, right, you scheming woman? I regret the day you became my daughter-in-law .

“Looks like I didn’t beat you enough last time . Never mind, I’ll make up for it today!”

Grandpa Shunde raised his walking stick, rushed toward Huang Lili, and beat her without mercy .

“How dare you hit me, you old geezer?” Huang Lili shrieked . She was sprawled on the floor and struggling .

“Not only do I want to beat you, but I also want to beat you to death too!” Grandpa Shunde roared angrily .

“Stop beating her, Dad!” Cai Youliang and the others panicked as they witnessed this scene, but they did not dare to step closer .

They were quite frustrated with how the situation turned out .

They thought that with Grandpa Shunde’s failing health, it would be hard for him to wake up once he took a nap . If the man had succeeded, then things would be a lot easier .

Yourong was afraid of being shamed . Once the man got his way with her, she would be forced to marry him .

When that happened, not only will they be related to Superintendent He, but they could also carry out their original plan of dividing the three million yuan among themselves .

Each of their families could receive more than a million yuan .

That would have saved them many years of hard work!

Meanwhile, Superintendent He got to his feet .

He was in a pathetic state . He had received many hits from the walking stick . When he tried to run away from Grandpa Shunde, he accidentally tripped and fell . His elbows and face were grazed, and he got a cut on his forehead .

He rubbed his forehead and saw some bloodstains on his fingers, which made him furious .

‘Dammit, I’m beaten up by an old man who’s about to die!’

“Are you OK, Superintendent He?”

Cai Youliang and Cai Youtao rushed up to help him .

“Go away! Go away, all of you!” Superintendent He roared .

He glared at Grandpa Shunde . “You’ve got balls, old man! We’ll see what happens next! You’re going to die anyway, but what about your daughter? I’ll make sure that she’s dead!

“Don’t even dream of getting the compensation money, and don’t think that she’ll get to keep her job either . I’d like to see how she can survive after this!

“How dare you lay a finger on me, you country bumpkin? You’re only asking for death!”

“You…” the old man was furious .

“So what about me? Let me tell you, your daughter is the one who seduced me first . I have many witnesses . Don’t think that you can sue me . There’s no use .

“Anyway, even if I did something to her, what could you possibly do to me? None of you can possibly touch me!”

“You bastard!’ Ma Fangfang yelled angrily when she heard that .

Superintendent He was surprised . He turned around and was dumbfounded when he saw Ma Fangfang .

He swallowed a mouthful of spit . “Who… who is she?”

“That’s… Yourong’s daughter . Her name is Fangfang . I’ve told you about her before,” Cai Youliang said .

“F*ck! Why didn’t you introduce her to me earlier? She’s so beautiful . You’ll still get what you want if I marry the daughter anyway!” As he stared at Ma Fangfang, he looked more and more like a pervert .

“In your dreams!” Ma Fangfang yelled, then ran into the house .

In the house, Cai Yourong was sitting on the floor, wearing a haggard expression on her face .

“Are you OK, Mom?” Ma Fangfang helped her mother stand up and led her to a stool .

“I’m fine!” Cai Yourong squeezed a smile on her face .


Ma Fangfang was trembling in anger when she saw the bright red mark on her mother’s face .

“I’m really fine . Right, why are you here, Fangfang?” Cai Yourong said softly .

“I came here with… Tang Hao . We wanted to visit Grandpa, but…” Ma Fangfang said .

“Oh, he’s here too!” Cai Yourong flashed a mischievous smile at her daughter .

“What do you mean, Mom?” Ma Fangfang blushed .

Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Superintendent He said, “You old geezer, I didn’t expect that you’re so lucky to have a pretty granddaughter .

“Alright! If you marry her to me, then it’ll all be water under the bridge . We’ll be family from then on . Let me tell you, it’ll be beneficial to your family .

“If you don’t agree to it though, hah! You’ll be in big trouble . ”

His voice carried the hint of a threat .

Many villagers were gathered outside . They were talking among themselves while pointing at the house .

“What’s going on this time?”

“Who knows? It must be Yourong again!”

Huang Lili struggled to get on her feet and ran to the gate . “It’s all because of that woman! She seduced Superintendent He . Grandpa Shunde misunderstood the situation and beat up Superintendent He .

“Just think about it . Who is Superintendent He, and why would he be interested in that woman? She’s already jinxed both of her husbands . Who would have his eye on her?”

As she shrieked, she looked at Grandpa Shunde with a resentful gaze .

“You evil woman!” Grandpa Shunde was livid .

Everyone in the crowd exclaimed in surprise .

“So it’s like that! No wonder . Who would want to marry a jinx anyway?”

“And a superintendent, too! Oh, he’s a VIP! No wonder the woman wants to seduce him . How shameless!”

“Ha, she doesn’t have any shame at all!”

A group of middle-aged women gossiped .

“My name is He Zuohai, and you can go find out for yourself who I am and who my brother is . He’s one of the most important people in Westridge . It’s too easy to deal with all you country bumpkins . ”

Superintendent He yelled while jumping up and down .

Suddenly, someone patted his shoulder .

Superintendent He was shocked . He turned around and saw a grinning face .

“Who are you?” Superintendent He was baffled . “What do you want?”

“I’d like to ask you, who is your brother, and what sort of a commissioner is he?” Tang Hao said with a smile .

Superintendent He started boasting, “My brother is the commissioner of the Westridge Excise Office . His rank is very high . Understand?”

“Oh!” Tang Hao nodded .

“Are you scared yet?” Superintendent He mocked, “Country bumpkins like you…”

Before he could finish the sentence, Tang Hao lifted his legs and aimed a kick between his legs .


A cry of agony!

Superintendent He clutched his crotch . His eyes were bulging, and his face was contorted .

“How… how dare you kick me?”

Tang Hao said nothing . He lifted his foot again and kicked .

One could faintly hear the sound of something cracking .

Superintendent He fell on the ground as he clutched between his legs . His face was the dark red color of a pig liver, and he was already foaming at his mouth . “You… bas… tard… you’re dead…”

Everyone around fell silent .

Huang Lili and the villagers at the entrance were dumbstruck .

‘How did the kid dare to kick Superintendent He so hard that he’s foaming at the mouth?’

“Who’s this kid?”

“I don’t know! He seemed to have come with Fangfang . Is he her boyfriend?”

“He must be crazy to attack Superintendent He! Oh no, he’s in big trouble!”

“Are you OK, Superintendent He?” Huang Lili and the others quickly rushed forward and surrounded the man .

“You’re dead for sure, you filthy kid!” Huang Lili turned to shriek at Tang Hao .

Tang Hao glanced at her and took out his phone . “Captain Zhang, there’s something here… in Cai Village . Remember to bring a few more police cars along with you . There might be a big haul . ”

He ended the call after that .