Chapter 1260: 1260

“Amitabha . That’s right . Why are you so impatient? You are so big, and they are so small . How can they hurt you? If you don’t understand the situation, can’t you run? Why must you kill them?” Fangzheng sat cross-legged in front of the elephant as he nagged .

 The elephant’s head nodded like a primary school student being reprimanded by their teacher . It seemed sincere to turn over a new leaf .

 Elephants were cute to begin with, so when it nodded, it became even more adorable .

 Jin Jiatong, who had been scared out of his wits, couldn’t help but burst out laughing when he saw this . He never could imagine the big boss in the mountain forest would be reprimanded by someone like this .

 At the same time, Jin Jiatong was even more curious . Was the monk in front of him human?

 Jin Jiatong brought Little Sun to Fangzheng and bowed . “Thank you, Master . ”

 Fangzheng smiled at Jin Jiatong . “Not running anymore?”

 Jin Jiatong recalled the scene from before and smiled . “I’m sorry, Master . ”

 Fangzheng shook his head and said, “Refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you . You did not do anything wrong . Then, do you trust This Penniless Monk now?”

 Jin Jiatong nodded and said, “I believe you . Master, you’re amazing . You managed to subdue an elephant . It would be great if I had a little of your strength . ”

 Fangzheng laughed out loud . “Eat more and train more . Study well to strengthen your brain, and you can do it too . ”

 Jin Jiatong replied, “Yes, I’ll definitely work harder when I return . ”

 “Alright, go on up . ” Fangzheng pointed at the elephant’s broad back .

 Jin Jiatong was stunned . “Go on up?”

 Little Sun couldn’t see where Fangzheng was pointing at . She approached him like a curious cat, narrowed her eyes, and looked at Fangzheng’s hand before walking towards the elephant .

 Fangzheng frowned slightly when he saw this . It was so close; yet, she couldn’t see such a huge elephant?

 Upon seeing Fangzheng’s puzzlement, Jin Jiatong tugged at Little Sun, stopping her from getting close to the elephant . He said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with my sister’s eyes either . She can only see something very, very close in front of her . Just a little bit further would be a blur . This elephant looks like an elephant to us . But to her, it a blob of blurry blackness…”

 At the mention of this, Jin Jiatong rubbed Little Sun’s head with a pained expression .

 Little Sun squinted her eyes and looked like she was enjoying herself . Her small lips curled up as she smiled like the sun . Then, she said disapprovingly, “It’s alright . I can still see . It’s much better than those who can’t see anything at all… Those who can’t see can live such a happy life, so I can definitely live a happier and more blissful life! Besides, I have a mother, a father, and a brother who dotes on me . I’m dying of happiness!”

 Jin Jiatong laughed happily when he heard this .

 Fangzheng found it difficult to imagine that two children—one ten the other eight—expressed things that would shame many adults . The strong kinship made Fangzheng flush .

 “I’m so envious . Why don’t I have any siblings? Sigh…” Fangzheng lamented inwardly before saying to the two, “Don’t worry . The elephant has already realized its mistakes . He said that as compensation, he’s willing to send you up the mountain . ”

 “Ah?” Jin Jiatong stared at Fangzheng in disbelief as though he was saying: “How do you know? Can you understand it?”

 Fangzheng didn’t say a word as he gave a mysterious smile before jumping up to ride on the elephant’s back .

 Upon seeing Fangzheng go up, the elephant looked very obedient . Jin Jiatong was tempted .

 Without a means of transportation, it was too difficult for him to carry Little Sun up the mountain . It would be great if he could ride an elephant . But when he thought about what had just happened, he hesitated .

 When Fangzheng saw this, he patted the elephant’s head and said, “Look at how frightened the two children are . Put yourself in their shoes and think about it . What would you do if other animals scare your children like that?”

 The elephant’s head nodded, then reached out its nose in front of Jin Jiatong and Little Sun . Then, it let out a strange sound, as if saying something .

 Unfortunately, Jin Jiatong and Little Sun could not understand what he was saying . However, Jin Jiatong understood the kind look in its eyes .

 Just as the two children were feeling pensive, Fangzheng said, “He said sorry . I taught him how to shake hands with humans . He’s shaking hands with you . ”

 Little Sun was still a child after all as she curiously asked, “Brother, can I touch him?”

 Jin Jiatong pondered for a moment before reaching out to touch the elephant’s nose . After confirming that there was no danger, he nodded and guided Little Sun to touch the elephant’s nose .

 This was the first time the two children were touching an elephant . Feeling the gentleness of the elephant, the two of them instantly beamed .

 After playing for a while, the two children were completely relieved . Fangzheng helped the two children onto the elephant’s back and patted the elephant’s head . “Let’s go! Up the mountain!”

 The elephant lifted its nose and let out a trumpet . Then, it took big steps and walked up the mountain like a noisy tractor . Although it didn’t feel like it was running at lightning speed, all obstacles were separated wherever it passed . It was as if nothing could block their path . It made the three people on the elephant’s back exceptionally happy .

 On the way, Fangzheng voiced his puzzlement, “Young Patron, Little Sun’s vision is so poor . Even if she were to go up the mountain, she probably won’t be able to see the fireflies . Those insects are timid . Before you go close, they will have flown away . ”

 Jin Jiatong bitterly said, “I’ve thought about this too, but I have to give it a try . If it doesn’t work out, I’ll catch them and show them to my sister!”

 Fangzheng smiled and shook his head . Before he could posture and say something, Little Sun grabbed Jin Jiatong’s arm and shook her head . “Brother, fireflies are so cute and beautiful . Don’t catch them, alright?”

 Jin Jiatong hurriedly said, “It’s alright . I’ll let them go once you see them . I won’t hurt them . ”

 Little Sun still shook her head and said, “No, we’ll just quietly watch . Don’t catch them, alright?”

 Hearing Little Sun’s pleas, Jin Jiatong felt a headache coming on . If he couldn’t catch them, how could he let Little Sun see the fireflies?

 Fang Zheng sat by the side with a smile on his face . He did not say anything, but his heart was filled with smiles . Especially when he looked at Little Sun, he was filled with pity .

 Fangzheng had seen too many similar cases on the Internet . Many people treated such inborn disabilities as misfortune, and they lived in the shadows of their disabilities forever . They were so quiet that they were like walking corpses that they could not see their direction in life . There were even people who treated their own misfortune as a malicious intent of the world towards him and sought revenge .

However, the little girl in front of him was able to treat all the misfortunes without any misgivings . Just as Zen Master One Finger had once said, when there’s only sunlight in one’s eyes, all shadows become a fun game of silhouette . Once could watch and laugh, finding enjoyment and entertainment in life .

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