Chapter 1364: 1364

When Mu Yuchen said that, warmth flowed through Mu Tangchuan’s heart . He took a deep breath, and then silently lowered his head to take a sip of tea…

Mu Yuchen could keenly catch that his father’s hand tightened on the teacup while Mu Tangchuan was feeling quite emotional . He thought about it, then suddenly looked at Mu Tangchuan and said, “Father, do you feel like I haven’t carried out my duties as a son?”

“No, you have done very well . ”

When Mu Yuchen said that, Mu Tangchuan refuted him and his meaningful gaze was loving . “You have your own perspectives . Your mother and I can’t help you . All we can do is just silently bear things and support you . All these years, I’ve put too much time into the political scene that I’ve neglected my family . It was only when your grandmother passed away, and when I saw your aging grandfather that it hit me . Some things that you think are important might not be so important, after all . When it comes to this, your mother’s much more enlightened than I am . I’ll have to learn from her . ”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen chuckled . “Does that mean that you’re not planning to keep challenging yourself now? It’s actually not hard to neglect neither one . Father, you don’t have to stop your dreams because of that . Right now, it should be time for you to rise in your career . As long as you don’t lose heart in many things, we’ll support you . ”

“You’re starting to talk more and more like your mother now . I remember that a few years ago when I was in the phase of just getting promoted, your mother was still just a low-level prosecutor . She didn’t forget to urge me from time to time . Sometimes, when I had to go to the Disciplinary Inspection Department, she would be far stricter with my investigations than the other departments . I was especially afraid of her then, always thinking of how to curry her favor . Otherwise, I’d worry that she would make life hard for me . ”

When speaking about him and his wife, there was a gentle smile on Mu Tangchuan’s face .

“Both your love has always been one that I admire . I think that I’m far luckier than other people to have such loving parents . ”

Yes, he was far luckier than other people . Take his woman sleeping upstairs alone for example . When he recalled her childhood, he felt that he had been a thousand times luckier than her . As he thought about this, he could not help but feel his heart hurt a little .

“I’ve been married to your mother for decades now . It’s not just all talk about love, but don’t tell your mother what we discuss here either—”

It was rare for Mu Tangchuan to tell his son these things . His gentle and calm face blushed slightly, then he smiled and said, “Actually, back then when I married your mother, we really didn’t feel quite strongly for each other . We couldn’t even talk about our dating experience at the wedding . I remember that your mother and I watched a movie twice, and only had five meals together while I went to your grandfather’s place not more than three times before the wedding was set . In fact, most of the time, when I was with her, we’d be talking about work and politics, never just billing and cooing[1] . ”

When Mu Tangchuan said that, Mu Yuchen was a little surprised . He found it funny, but he could not help be a busybody, so he cleared his throat and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Father, have you ever told Mother the words…”

Mu Yuchen did not say the last three words, but at this moment, Mu Yuchen had already put out the cigarette in his hand as his handsome face blushed .

“I honestly forgot whether I said it or not . Your mother’s that kind of woman . She’s not quite the same as other women . She doesn’t fall for that . ”

Before his father could finish, Master Mu seemed to echo him in empathy, “Xiaye seems to be the same…”


At this, the father and son exchanged a look . Moments after that, they laughed out loud at the same time .

“They’ve just sent the news about Ah Mo and Qi Lei . How are they?” Mu Tangchuan did not forget about that .

“Ah Bao’s already brought them for a full body checkup, so they’ll be back on the private flight tomorrow . ”

“Good! Good that they’re coming home! Also, for Gu Qiwu’s thing, I’ll let them go for it first . Tell your people to be smarter and prepare everything more thoroughly . The evidence can’t be used as direct evidence either unless you can find the murderer to admit that Gu Qiwu prompted him, and provide more straightforward evidence . ”

“Ah Bo has already found traces of the murderer, but that person’s good at evading . He’s a desperate criminal . Since he’s served in the army before, he’s very strong in all skills, and it’s not easy to want to capture him . ”

“I know, especially now that he’s escaped abroad, it’s made capturing him much harder . The police aren’t just busy with this case either . Many other cases pop up in City Z every day, and you know how many officers and police there are in our city . So, I can only say that we must do our best . I think you know well how it will pan out . Play by ear what to do,” Mu Tangchuan said and he lowered his head to take a sip of his tea .

“Mmm, I got it,” Mu Yuchen responded .

“Is there anything new on Doris’s end?”

“I’m sure you’ve already heard . Li Si’s arranged for people to be on guard near the hotel . Someone’s just called to say that they’ve gone towards City B . Su Chen has informed the airline companies . With these things in hand, we should be able to hand the facts over to the police, but in order to make sure she can’t make a comeback, just with these things in hand, on the court’s end…”

At this point, Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened, and a gloomy sinister light flashed from the depths of them . “I want her to never be able to turn her life around again!”

Mu Tangchuan could feel the cold aura from Mu Yuchen, so he then patted his shoulder . “As much as you resent her, remember to stay rational and be clear-headed . That way, you won’t be pulled into the whole thing . Be more farsighted . ”

“Yes, Father!” Mu Yuchen humbly nodded and sighed . Then, he returned to being calm .

“Good, that’s more like my son! Your grandfather told me yesterday that he wants to see Gu Qiwu . I’m sure you know why . I’ll let you arrange this, but I hope that you can arrange for when Gu Qiwu gets out . You have to ensure that Gu Qiwu is mentally prepared . Even though your grandfather’s a calm person, unlike your grandmother…”

“Understand! I’ll arrange it properly,” Mu Yuchen answered with certainty .

Then, Mu Tangchuan stood up . “Quickly pull your nets back then . Let those who should rest in peace, rest in peace sooner . You should let go too . Your grandfather wants to have a reunion dinner at home for Christmas, and we’ve already told your grandpa-in-law, Elder CEO Shen . As for your parents-in-law, I’ll let you inform them yourself . Anyway, I’m going home now . ”

“I’ll send you out . ” Mu Yuchen got up to follow him out .

[1] An old-fashioned term that means “to kiss and talk quietly” .

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