Chapter 1365: 1365

Chapter 1365 Father and Son 3

The father and son pair walked out of the door with the older Mu Tangchuan walking in front while the son, Mu Yuchen, followed behind .

The dim streetlights by the front yard dragged their shadows long .

This scenery made Mu Yuchen recall many years when he was much younger . Sometimes, his father, Mu Tangchuan, would pick him up from school . It seemed to have been like this too, but the difference was that he would walk in front when he was younger while his father protected him from behind . Now, it was flipped around with the father in front and him behind .

He was more than 50 years old and would be turning 60 soon . He did not look as healthy as he did from years before . He was someone who had gone through his years now…

They walked for a while and soon reached Mu Tangchuan’s car . The chauffeur had already turned on the headlights .

Mu Tangchuan stopped walking, turned around, and looked calmly at his son while he said lovingly, “Alright, go back in . It’s late already and it’s quite cold outside . It looks like it’s going to rain again . ”

Mu Yuchen paused and nodded . “Be careful on the road . Xiaye and I will be back for Christmas . ”

“Mmm, I’ll let your mother know . We’ll make some of your favorite dishes . Bye,” Mu Tangchuan said, then lovingly patted Mu Yuchen on the shoulder before quickly getting into the car .

After the car started, it slowly left Mu Yuchen’s line of sight .

Mu Yuchen watched it for a long while until all the light was gone before he turned around to walk into the villa…

At this moment, in the second-floor bedroom, Xi Xiaye was sleeping quite soundly . She reached out to her side out of habit, and in a daze, she noticed that she was touching an empty space . She immediately opened her eyes and looked to the side . Indeed, the space beside her was empty, and the temperature under the blanket was cold .

She quickly propped herself up and looked at the bathroom, but she saw that it was pitch-black with no one in sight .

Where did he go?

It was so late!

She frowned and looked at the time on the screen . Stunned, Xi Xiaye got down from bed .

She had just walked out of the bedroom when she heard the sound of the door opening, so she subconsciously looked over . The man was walking in with a contemplative expression, but when he saw her standing by the bedroom door, he snapped back to his senses .

“Why did you get up? Why don’t you put on an extra layer?” his lowered voice reprimanded slightly .

Xi Xiaye rubbed her blurry eyes and walked over to the sofa . She looked at him for a bit and did not miss the folder in his hand . Then, she sat down on the sofa and said, “When I woke up and saw that you were gone, I thought you had gotten up to do work again . Where did you go?”

He walked over and tossed the folder onto the table, and then moved the coat on his shoulders to hers . After that, he boiled some water . “I didn’t go anywhere . Father just came over and brought some documents too . It’s about the car accident six years ago . The information’s been briefly sorted and is all here . ”

Mu Yuchen bent down slightly and crossed his arms over his knees while his profound gaze was fixated on the folder before him . His gaze seemed to have a mix of emotions .

Xi Xiaye keenly caught those emotions, and she could feel them . She thought about it but did not take the folder to look . Instead, she put her hand over his slightly cold hand and said calmly, “Father’s really put in a lot of effort for this . Once this thing is over, don’t think about it so much anymore . Other people keep saying that you’re often cold and detached, but only we understand that that’s not true . ”

“You know I never cared about what others think of me . I only care about you and our people,” he responded frankly .

“I know . That’s why I’d always thought that you lead life much more at ease than I do, Mr . Mu, but since I married you, I realized that it might not be as what I’ve seen . Everyone’s got their own worries because different things matter to different people . ”

“It’s rare that you can read one’s character just from appearance alone . ” He smiled and took the water that had just been boiled . He grabbed two glasses to pour the water into before handing one to her . “I won’t go to work tomorrow . I want to go out with you . ”

“Mmm, I need to prepare some New Year gifts as well . Your wardrobe needs a change too,” Xi Xiaye said .

He suddenly nodded . “For Christmas, Grandfather’s just planning on having a reunion dinner at home, and they’ve already told Grandpa . Let’s give your parents a call tomorrow . ”

“Mmm, but I heard Father mention that Mother seems to have gone abroad to write up an academic report . I’m not sure if she’ll be back in time . ”

“We’ll just call them and see . ”

“Rest earlier . You haven’t had a good night’s sleep for a long while now . Although you don’t seem bothered, don’t think of your body as invincible . ”

“Are you worried about me?” He chuckled and looked at her through squinted eyes .

In response, she only rolled her eyes . “I’m just worried about how I’ll have to worry again later,” she said, and then got up, pulling him along .

With a laugh, he set aside the glass and let her pull him upstairs to their bedroom .

The bedroom lights dimmed when the man beside her shut the lights off . Xi Xiaye turned over with him underneath her . She did not continue doing anything as she just leaned against his chest while he subconsciously circled his hands around her . You could hear a doting affection in his lowered voice as he asked, “Are you provoking me now?”

Xi Xiaye smiled devilishly and said, “You’re thinking too much . I’m just trying to test if this human mattress is comfortable . ”

“I don’t know if it is, but you’re going to get real comfortable after this . ”

Then, they switched positions .

Xi Xiaye then rolled her eyes . This fellow was getting more and more vulgar, yet she was at fault!

“Master, bad news!”

Early in the morning, Qi Feng had just finished breakfast at his desk and was prepared to get to work when Morrison’s uneasy voice interrupted his thoughts!

Qi Feng frowned and looked up to see that Morrison had already stopped in front of his desk, panting and panicked .

“What is it? You look flustered!” Qi Feng glanced coldly at Morrison, frowning even more and not sounding pleased at all .

“Master, I…just got the news that Mu Lingmo and Qi Lei are returning to City Z tonight . I even found out that things might not go as we want it to on Gu Qiwu’s end . Also, I’ve just made a visit to the hotel that Miss Doris was at, but she’s gone! I can’t contact her now . Even Mr . Glenn’s phone is switched off . What do we do? Did something happen? Why does it seem like Miss Doris is trying to escape?” Morrison reported to Qi Feng uneasily .

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