Chapter 11: 11
‘That’s ridiculous!’

Dalia screamed inwardly .
She quickly reviewed the plot of the original story .
Adrisha is from a local province called Canyon . Canyon is a famous coastal area, but at the same time, it was a city where criminals camped out because of its harbor .
Adrisha was raised as an assassin by Berix, the most vicious ruler of all, and was rescued shortly after the Emperor’s first relief mission that was sent to the country . After that, she follows the Emperor like her father .
She became the shadow of the Emperor and entered the society as a noble lady named Adrisha Beniter, while at the same time taking on various duties .
In the process, she meets several male protagonists, and they all show their terrifying obsession with Adrisha……that’s what the story was about .
‘But in the original story, she entered high society 3 years from now . ’
The 3 years schedule has been pulled forward……
‘Is it because I appeared in the original?’
It was a probable theory .
The Emperor was a man who clearly separates private matters from politics .
Now that Hikan has become the new duke, he must have wanted to have at least one of his own people attached to the Duke Pesteros to watch his movements .
However, a lady named Dalia who needed a lady-in-waiting appeared . ‘Because I didn’t exist in the original work, so there’s no basis to put Adrisha in the Pesteros . ’
However, she appeared, and the Emperor gave her Adrisha as the lady-in-waiting……
‘Even if it’s the butterfly effect……’
My head hurt .
As the original heroine became Dalia’s lady-in-waiting, she will eventually meet Dalia’s brother, Hikan .
If Hikan and Adrisha meet 3 years earlier than the original, how will the future unfold?
Dalia recalled Hikan’s story from the original .
Hikan’s mana will bloom 2 years later at the age of 18 .

For the next year, he becomes overly obsessed with raising his honor as the head of the family and uses excessive mana .
Looking back now, perhaps he wanted to show his worth to the family that abandoned him .
However, as a result, he meets Adrisha when his mind is at its limit, and at the same time feels strong love and hatred for her who sympathizes with him .
But the current Hikan is before the ‘Magic Blooming’ happened, so he couldn’t overuse his mana, and of course he wouldn’t go mad .
I have no idea how things will turn out when the two of them meet .
Dalia was somewhat excited but at the same time worried . It was a very rare opportunity to see the original heroine, Adrisha, with her own eyes in real life!
In fact, Dalia’s favorite character in was Adrisha .
Now that she’s in the game, shouldn’t she at least fulfill her personal desires?
Yeah, the future is a mystery anyway .
While being in confusion, Dalia waited for the upcoming ball .
2 . Duchess Mary Blueport
The date for the ball was just around the corner .
The day to see the original heroine was also approaching .
Dalia has been feeling a sense of crisis lately .
I was relatively calm since it was still long before the original work began, but with the appearance of the original heroine, I felt the need to remember and organize the original plot a bit more .
That’s because the death flag does not take a rest in , since it was after all an exhausting reverse harem game .  (*t/n: not too sure . . sorry)
Although there are still 3 years left until the original work begins, however as Adrisha appeared earlier than the original, we don’t know when, where, or what will happen .
Dalia brought paper to her desk by herself and tried to write the names of important male characters .
There are a total of 3 male protagonists in this game . Including Hikan, there are four .

[ The first male lead . Aceras . ]
‘He’s the leading figure . ’
In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the organization started because of Aceras . (*t/n: not sure what does it mean with the ‘organization’ here . . Maybe it means something else . . Dictionary not helping ㅠㅠ)
Because after Hikan, Aceras is the next mad man in and is the only male lead in the capital city currently .
‘I have to be very careful . Asterisk . ’ (*t/n: asterisk is this symbol ‘*’)
He is the Emperor’s attendant and you may wonder how an attendant becomes the male lead, but it turns out that he is also a transcendent who hid his identity .
Uniquely, he acquired enormous divine power, an attribute opposite to magic, as his characteristic through the ‘Magic Blooming’ .
Usually, the divine power can save the transcendents which are opposite to each other, so he leaves the Frederic Empire and becomes the Pope of the Holy Empire .
But in the end, he couldn’t restore back the depraved mind .
He uses his divine power too much in order to become the Pope, which makes him the fastest of all the male characters apart from Hikan who went mad .
‘Maybe we’ll meet in the near future?’
He’s the Emperor’s attendant, and he’ll show up at every ball in the imperial court .
‘Ugh, I don’t like it . ’
Aceras has always appeared as a villain in routes other than his own, and since it was a war of kidnappings to get Adrisha, he has often appeared as an element of conflict like Hikan .
It was somewhat complicated to think that I would meet him first this time .
She stared at the name and lowered her gaze .
[ 2nd male lead . Meldon . ]

The next successor to the organization that Adrisha previously joined . (Note that this was the hardest route . )
[ 3rd male lead . Lewayne Blueport . ] (Son of the Duchess Blueport . The route difficulty is the same . )
I omitted number 2 and 3 because they are not in the capital now .
In the original, each male lead route began three years later . Lewayne is later than this .
However, as Adrisha debuted in the social world so early, no one knew what would happen in the future .
‘Ah, I don’t know . ’
Dalia ink-painted the paper so that no one could read it, then crumpled it and threw it away .
I don’t know what’s going to happen to Hikan, the most important final villain in this world, but what about the male lead?
I thought it would be nice to see Adrisha at the ball, and see what was going on around her .
Since then, she has completely erased her thoughts from the original work and remained calm .
On the other hand, she did not miss the opportunity to make money from the ball preparation . She spent all the money that Hikan had allocated to her and bought only highly convertible gold jewelry .
Now I’ve given up selling it little by little like last time, and I’m going to pile it up and then later when I run away, I’m going to take it all and run away .
‘One more step to get away with this!’
Dalia smiled as she thought of a jewelry box full of gold ornaments .
“……Why are you smiling?”
Hikan, sitting across from me, said in a dumbfounded voice .
‘Oh, I forgot it was the mealtime . ’
Dalia hastily managed her expression .

Then switched to a completely bright smile and looked at Hikan .
“Because I’m looking forward to the ball! It’s my first time going to a ball…… . ”
Instead of criticizing more, Hikan lowered his gaze silently . He would’ve rebuked me if it had been before .
Dalia looked at him and pondered .
‘Certainly……he has changed lately . ’
He weakened . Just a little bit .
‘Is my lethal cuteness working?’
It’s never going to be that .
But it is true that he has changed .
He tried to find a lady-in-waiting for her, and he didn’t look down at Dalia as cold as before and didn’t say any sharp words . Although she was satisfied with this much, she felt a little sad .
In no time she became attached to him, Dalia also liked Hikan .
When I thought of the future where he would become the final villain and hurt many people, I felt a sore prick in a corner of my heart for some reason .
‘Someday I’ll have to leave my brother . ’
The absolute rule is that the soul of the transcendents becomes more corrupted the more they exhaust their mana .
If this was not resolved, Dalia had to run away from Hikan at any time .
No, from afar, I had to leave the capital where the main events of the original work took place .
The plot of the original version is that there will soon occur an event where a transcendent will experience mana surge at a ball . There was no guarantee that the ball would not be this Pesteros ball .
It is not possible for Hikan, who is still not awakened to his ‘Magic Blooming’ to appear as the final villain of the original, but since it’s a Duke’s crowning ball, the other 3 Ducal families will also send people .
‘Well, how many balls are held throughout the year, so maybe this time?’
Dalia thought about it in a carefree manner and smiled at Hikan . Hikan turned away pretending he hadn’t seen it .