Chapter 12: 12
Before I knew it, it was the day of the ball .

The Ducal household, which had been in a festive mood for the day, has been busy since dawn .
The ball will be held in the largest hall of the Pesteros mansion . Dalia, who is ready from head to toe, sent away the busy maids .
Now she just has to stay in her room alone and wait for someone to escort her in – perhaps Madam Mathieu .
Bored with nothing to do, she opened the secret diary box where she kept the money she had saved . Worried that it might be gone .
She took the diaries out then put it beside her and looked at the bottom compartment .
Fortunately, Dalia’s precious money and although it’s not very rare, a fairly expensive book was well contained in the box .
Dalia gave a wry smile . Then, her gaze went to the stacked diary .
‘I used to write my diary diligently . ’
After remembering my previous life, I was afraid that someone would read whatever I wrote, so I never wrote it again .
Dalia reminisced about her memories, so she opened the last page of her diary which was the most recent one that she had written . What did she think of on the last day before she remembered her past life?
Dalia opened it thoughtlessly and she was taken aback .
In the last page, there was a sentence written that she had no memory of . It wasn’t even Dalia’s handwriting .
[There will be salvation wherever you reach . I hope you will save many people with that power . ]
Dalia stared at the sentence . The first thing that she thought of was .
‘Did someone sneak a peek?’
It was a good thing that she didn’t keep a diary after getting her memory .
But who the hell was it, no one around Dalia had this strange way of speaking .
Still, it was fortunate that it was not a curse but a blessing . Seeing that the books and money are still intact, he must not be a thief .
For Dalia, who is having a hard time taking care of herself now, salvation seems a little over-exaggerated .
Then .
Creak .

The door opened without being knocked .
Dalia was so startled that she quickly covered the diaries that she had taken out of the box . She threw in more than 10 books, but there was one left in her arms .
“What are you doing?”
It was Hikan who showed up .
He appeared in formal wear, looking perfect as the main character of today’s ascension celebration ball .
Dalia looked up blankly, forgetting this confusing situation in which a strange man appeared instead of Madam Mathieu, who was supposed to come .
‘Wow……you’re so madly handsome . ’
How does that look like a 16-years-old? It was a shining appearance that made her forget the situation .
Seeing Hikan properly dressed in a tailcoat, she realized that he was really handsome .
The combination of neat, fine features and silver hair with sea-colored eyes and clear white skin was perfect .
Dalia looked at him in a daze . Hikan frowned at the diary in Dalia’s hand .
“What’s that?”
“Huk . ”
Dalia quickly hugged her diary .
If he saw the words of salvation or anything, it will be ridiculed anyway .
She glanced in the box and all the important things were covered by her diary .
“……Do you think I’m interested in your diary?”
Hikan said in a dumbfounded tone .
So was it . But Dalia, wary of him, put her diary in and closed the lid of the box .
I’ll be in trouble if I get caught hiding books and money by mistake . It’s been a long time since she forgot the enigmatic words written on the last page .
She asked him in bewilderment .
“What, what’s the matter, brother?”
“Why do you ask about something obvious?”
Rather than answering, Hikan frowned . Then he beckoned Dalia to get up .
“It’s almost time to enter . Come here quickly . ”

Dalia still didn’t understand why he burst into her room and asked her to get up .
She asked even though she knew it would sound stupid .
“But Madam Mathieu hasn’t come yet?”
Hikan sighed .
“……Dalia Pesteros . Who else did you think I’d go to the ballroom with?”
Does that mean that Hikan will make her as his partner?
In an instant Dalia’s head feels dizzy .
‘Wow, that will be crazy awkward……’
Was what her inner self said .
‘Don’t make it obvious that you don’t like it! Smile!’
Both her inner self crashed . So Dalia, unable to cry or laugh, just stared blankly at Hikan with her head empty . Hikan flinched, as if the expression she had is strange .
“……Let’s go . ”
“Ah, yes, yes!”
Fortunately, the second inner self won .
You have to smile at times like this .
She got up, ran and held Hikan’s hand tightly .
Then she looked up at him, and smiled brightly .
“I’m happy, brother . ”
“……Don’t stick so close . ”
But Hikan only said so, he did not completely shake Dalia off .
* * *
Hikan and Dalia were already in the ballroom . It was the first ball that Dalia ever attended .

Since her mother died and her father was always busy working, this was the first ball that Pesteros held even before Hikan returned .
Naturally, it was the first time to have a large-scale ball like this one . Thanks to this, she felt a little nervous .
The ballroom was packed with people even before the sun had set .
This ballroom was the largest hall of the Pesteros mansion .
It has all the fanciness that a ball should have, such as colorful wall decorations and lighting, sparkling large chandeliers, champagne glasses, and a large orchestra .
Indeed, it is a ball that all the employees of the Pesteros have been busy preparing for a month .
With her eyes wide open, she stared blankly at the ballroom .
“It’s beautiful……”
There was a huge difference between what you see in text and CG in the game and what you actually see .
Hikan led Dalia while she couldn’t take her eyes off everything .
While he was receiving the congratulatory wishes from those who approached, Dalia looked around with her arms folded .
It seemed that the original female lead had not arrived yet .
According to the setting, she had straight black hair and red eyes, and even after looking around, she could see a lot of black hair, but she didn’t see any red eyes .
Then Dalia saw the Duchess Blueport who was alone in the distance .
She wore a dark-toned dress, the usual mask and gloves .
She gently refused the young ladies who shyly approached and tried to talk to her, and was sipping champagne by herself, standing against the wall .
Then Dalia and her eyes met . Dalia smiled while waving her hands . Duchess Blueport later approached both Hikan and Dalia .
When the Duchess appeared, everyone left their seats .
Hikan stiffly showed courtesy to the Duchess Blueport .
In an elegant manner, she allowed Hikan to kiss the back of her hand .
“Congratulations, Duke Pesteros . ”
“Thank you for the wish . ”
“Please take good care of your pretty sister in the future . ”
No one would notice, but it contained a subtle warning that only those who were near could feel .

Dalia looked at the Duchess Blueport with a half-assured and half-worried look .
Contrary to expectations, Hikan gently nodded .
“I will . ”
They exchange a few formal greetings .
It was a rather gentle atmosphere . Before leaving, Duchess Blueport winked at Dalia and gave her a look as if she wanted Dalia to go out with her .
Dalia, who understood the meaning, tapped Hikan, who was listening to others in an indifferent manner .
Then she pointed to the Duchess Blueport who was walking away . Hikan immediately understood Dalia’s intentions .
“You’re thinking of going to the Duchess Blueport, aren’t you?”
“Yes . ”
She thought he’d let her go right away, but Hikan hesitated for some reason .
Dalia, unaware of the meaning, looked up at Hikan and only blinked . Hikan said, forcibly avoiding her gaze .
“The first music is coming soon . ”
Dalia realized what Hikan meant . Originally, it was customary to dance the first dance with the partner .
Therefore, what Hikan meant was for her to dance the first dance with him, not with anyone else .
Dalia, who had never dreamed he would say this, covered her mouth in surprise .
“……Re, really?”
“Yes . Don’t act like you’ve heard something great . ”
Hikan said coldly .
Dalia’s reason returned only then .
‘Yes, because I’m his partner……this is a given . You don’t have to think too complicated . ’
At that time, the servant next to Hikan whispered quietly to him .
“Your Grace, due to the orchestra’s circumstances, the first music has been postponed for an hour . ”
“…I see . ”
Hikan replied one beat late . But for some reason, his voice doesn’t sound good .