Chapter 13: 13
He looked down at Dalia with a hard look on his face .

“That’s what happened . Don’t go outside the ballroom . Because I have to introduce Adrisha Beniter to you later . ”
‘As expected, she hasn’t come yet . ’
Dalia was inwardly relieved . She greeted Hikan, and left him for the Duchess Blueport .
“Thank you for coming so far . ”
Duchess Blueport was greeted calmly . And she spoke in a gentle voice .
“I heard that Dalia now has a lady-in-waiting as well . ”
“Yes . It’s Lady Adrisha Beniter . Have you heard of her?”
Dalia asked if she could get some information about the heroine .
However Duchess Blueport shook her head .
“Well, I’ve never heard of her . ”
“Ah…… . ”
“I’ve been out of society for a while . More than that, did you hear that? I heard yesterday that the Second Prince ran away again . ”
“What? Again?”
Dalia covered her mouth with surprise . The Emperor has two sons, the first is Crown Prince Leonard and the second is Prince Cedric .
Crown Prince Leonard is an ordinary average child and less noticeable than other people .
However, Cedric is an extraordinary transcendent who stood out even before the magic blooming .
Moreover, he is a handsome man no matter what modifiers you add, so I heard that he has many passionate followers in the palace .  (*t/n: not sure what it means by modifiers . . dictionary said modifier so i just put it)
However, the Second Prince Cedric did not appear as the male lead in the original .
Apart from the ordinary Leonard, Cedric is not even a candidate for the male lead, which many players thought was unexpected at the time .
Dalia also thought that it was unusual because in other games, whether it is the Emperor or the Prince, usually the most powerful is the number one candidate for the male lead .
‘He was so handsome, but he didn’t have a route and he wasn’t the male lead, so the original fans were going crazy asking for his route to be made . ’

However, Cedric had a fatal problem .
He made a fake identity and lived as common people when he said that he was tired of living in the imperial palace .
His mana has not even blossomed yet, but he always disappears suddenly that it was necessary to mobilize manpower to find him every single time .
“His Majesty the Emperor must have a lot of trouble too . ”
Dalia talked with the Duchess about this and that . When she realized, a lot of time had passed .
Then, the entrance suddenly became noisy .
Dalia turned around and looked .
‘Is it Adrisha?’
However, the original heroine, Adrisha Beniter, was not a person who would be bewildered with all the attention by people . Maybe they’re just looking at her because she’s so pretty .
‘Well, I kinda want to see that . ’
At that time, Duchess Blueport spoke to Dalia, rather displeased .
“That’s strange . ”
“What brings the Emperor here?”
“…… . ”
“Did he come to look for the Second Prince?
The Emperor?
Dalia stared at the entrance with her eyes wide open .
Of course, the majority of the 4 Ducal families participated in this ball, whether they sent the successors or came in person, but the Emperor was different . It was very, very rare for him to participate in a ball other than the one held in the Imperial Palace .
‘In addition, there was no notice that he was coming . ’
However, it was the Emperor that I met last time who emerged from the crowd .

He was smiling, but he looked very upset .
And he was receiving countless greetings from the people around him with one hand . What follows after-
‘Heok . ’
Dalia swallowed her breath when she saw him .
The man who followed the Emperor was Aceras, the Prince’s attendant and one of the original male leads .
‘My goodness . ’
Even though I didn’t like him very much, it was my first time seeing a male lead with an official route .
My heart was pounding for some reason .
Aceras had brown hair and green eyes, like in the original .
His eyes were big and his eyes’ shape were down, so he looked like a very cute boy . There was a soft smile on his lips .
However, unlike his gentle appearance, Aceras’ personality was on the verge of collapse .
He was a transcendent who had already finished the magic blooming and still possesses divine power . In terms of time, he was the fastest-growing genius among the male protagonists .
The reason why he has not yet gone to the Holy Empire and remains a servant of this empire is probably because he has a secret plot .
It was then-
‘…… . . Wow . ’
It’s Adrisha .
The heroine Adrisha Beniter was following the Emperor .
Straight black hair like it’s been iron, eyes that red like blood under the long eyelashes, and she  looks like a porcelain doll that shines like a fairy tale princess .
Even though she’s only fifteen this year, she’s really beautiful .
Adrisha took the hem of her skirt with impeccable manners and walked through the ballroom following the Emperor .
Boys her age secretly looked at her .

She works under the Emperor, using her assassinations and intelligence skills she had learned in her hometown . I didn’t expect that she’ll appear so blatantly as a close aide to him .
‘What, no matter how much a person has blessings, like this at once…’ (*t/n: sorry, not sure about this one)
Now I realized that I really entered the game world .
Dalia secretly looked at the two alternately .
“Dalia Pesteros!”
At that time, Hikan called Dalia .
Dalia turned to him .
He was walking to the Emperor at a rapid pace . She hastened a bit and quickly caught up with him .
Hikan took her hand and went in front of the Emperor and gave him a formal courtesy . Then said in a calm voice .
“Why did you come here without any notice?”
“Of course Hikan, I’m here to congratulate you on your accession……but unfortunately, I don’t have much time . Take this while you’re here . “
Then Aceras, who was standing behind him, handed Hikan a rolled scroll . When I saw the imperial seal stamped, it seemed like a congratulatory letter .
“Then now both of you do your own thing for a while . Later, Adrisha will greet Lady Dalia separately . ”
Aceras bowed and left .
Adrisha smiled softly at Dalia before she left, and lifted her skirt’s hem to greet her .
“Hello, Lady Dalia . I’m Adrisha from the house of Viscount Beniter . I’ll come to visit you later . ”
Then she turned her steps and went away . Dalia’s heart pounded as she watched her back .
‘So, so beautiful . ’
At that moment, I remembered the past when I had a keyboard battle all night with Adrisha’s malicious fans in my previous life .
In fact, this game was closer to the growth period of a person named Adrisha rather than dating .
She grew up learning assassination and espionage techniques under criminal organization . However, she refused to be influenced by them until the end, and she tried to survive and constantly try to cleanse her past sins .

All of the main characters of the game express their interest by harassing her .
But no matter what they do, she doesn’t break . While she hated the male leads, she eventually reached out her hand .
Although sometimes misunderstood, she was the only ‘real’ good person in .
「Stop it! Adrisha is an angel!」
「You guys……have a nasty temper……you don’t seem to understand… good people like Adisha……」
So Dalia often fought with players on Adrisha’s behalf .
‘……But I’m glad I can see her with my own eyes . ’
It was the first time I felt happy to fall into the world of this game . Of course, Dalia can’t stop her from going through countless hardships……
‘I’m sorry . ’
Dalia looked at Adrisha’s back with glistening eyes, with a fan heart mixed with guilt .
Then I remembered Aceras, which I had forgotten .
He was within the crowd, lifting a glass from the champagne tray held by a servant, and eagerly observing as he shone within the light .
‘Would he be interested in that as well?’
Aceras is always smiling sweetly in the original work, but he’s always scheming secretly from behind .
Maybe he was looking for an excuse to destroy the Pesteros family .
He knew how to do interference by strangely mixing his divine power with mana . As if the cathode and the anode meet and converge to zero .
Not only did he manage to avoid the Emperor’s ability to read the emotions in the original book, he also steals confidential information and brings it to the Holy Empire .
‘Ummm . As expected it’s uncomfortable . ’
Dalia thought, looking at Aceras . For some reason, it seemed that he shouldn’t be allowed to walk around the ballroom .