The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: Big Tiger

If this scene was shot well, then the next scene would be easy to handle.

But with so many animals and a fierce beast among them, who could guarantee perfection?

In order to prepare for this scene, Jiang Shenghe had hardly slept in the past few days.

However, after Brother Dahu told him about the magical Xia Xibei, he was pleasantly surprised.

He brought Xia Xibei over and asked her if her affinity with animals was true.

“Yes.” Xia Xibei nodded frankly. “As far as I could tell, all the animals I’ve met like me.”

Jiang Shenghe was happy but also suspicious. “Really?”

“Of course.”

Jiang Shenghe was so happy that he immediately pulled her over to the cage.

The cage contained a large tiger, which Jiang Shenghe had borrowed from the zoo for a great expense.

When he had decided to do this before, everyone was surprised and advised him to give up the idea.

This was a real tiger!

The tiger had been in the zoo for a long time and was bred in captivity, so its wild nature had faded.

But if they were not careful, it could still eat people!

Even if it did not eat people, once agitated, who could handle its attack?

No one in the industry dared to play like that.

When they were shooting cats and dogs, it was fine. After all, they were not lethal.

But now, he actually wanted to use a tiger to shoot, which was too crazy!

However, no one could stop Jiang Shenghe’s madness.

In terms of filming, he always strived for excellence and did not allow any casualness.

Before signing the contract, he had already told Xia Xibei and Pan Yan that he was going to shoot real animals.

But no one could have imagined that he would play so big!

When the tiger arrived, Jiang Shenghe told everyone that if they really could not shoot, then they could get some pictures of the tiger, and then do the rest with special effects.

But while he had said this, Jiang Shenghe was not willing to give up.

Could special effects be the same as the real thing?

Now, when hearing this from Xia Xibei, he immediately became excited.

“Look, this is the best tiger I’ve found!”

Inside the cage was an apricot-yellow adult Bengal tiger with a large body, sparse and short fur, a white belly, and dense stripes on its head. It was more than two meters long, about two hundred kilograms. Although it was lying lazily in its cage, it still horrified people.

In addition to the tiger, several animal keepers and zoo staffers had also come.

This scene was the top priority.

If Xia Xibei couldn’t do it, then it would be a real waste.

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Xia Xibei stood expressionlessly in front of the cage, not moving for a long time.

Other staff members looked at her with worried faces.

Everyone knew that it was she who was going to work with the big tiger, but her slim body looked so thin and weak in front of the huge tiger.

She wouldn’t be scared and cry, would she?

Why couldn’t Director Jiang just shoot normally? Couldn’t he just use special effects properly? Why did he have to play so hard?

Under everyone’s complicated gazes, the tiger in the cage rolled over and stood up.

Everyone was wide-eyed — it was really big! The next moment, they took a step back in unison as the tiger lunged towards Xia Xibei!

While everyone knew it could not get out, it was still very frightening. Even Jiang Shenghe took a few steps back, his panic visible.

But what surprised everyone was that Xia Xibei did not move.

Could she… have been scared stiff?

The next second, everyone’s eyes went wide.



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