The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: No Jokes With Me

All 15 darts flew off Yun Jian’s hands as she flicked her left and right wrists together. It was like the darts traveled in an arc as they shot out at the same time.

Instantly, the blasts were heard.

15 darts were thrown in unison! Those present widened their eyes in disbelief as they witnessed the scene actually took place.

For a moment, it turned pin-drop silence. Other than the fitness dance song that drifted faintly from a distance away, anyone who had seen what happened just now was frozen with a shocked gaze.

To be precise, they were frozen with a shocked gaze looking at Yun Jian.

“You… Y-you—you…” Zhang Chengrui was flabbergasted into stammering. He was stunned by how Yun Jian had thrown all the darts in one go and could only stutter out a “you” despite his effort.

He was not the only one. Ji Shasha was also stupefied. She had wanted to make Yun Jian lose; it never crossed her mind that the latter could win—and not only did she win, she won in the shortest time possible, mere seconds, as she threw all 15 darts together!

How did Yun Jian do it? How did she throw all 15 darts—held separately in both hands—and pierce the balloons with each one!

Needless to say, what Yun Jian had just done was shocking. It had utterly astounded everyone’s prior knowledge and senses. Even the game vendor was dumbstruck with a dropped jaw, unable to recover from the surprise after a long time.

Did she just… win?

“Heh heh, mister, we got it, we won. Should you be giving us the giant teddy bear?” Ling Yichen shuffled forward and told the stall owner with a grin and a stretched hand to ask for the stuffed toy.

Yun Jian had paid for the balloon shooting game just now, and there were so many people watching. It would be foolish for the game vendor to talk his way out of the situation.

Picking up the giant teddy bear displayed at his stall, the owner ultimately passed it to Ling Yichen without having much of a choice.

Ji Shasha looked envious when she saw that Yun Jian had actually won the teddy bear. Then, she watched Ling Yichen receive the plush toy and hug it in his arms. She was dying with envy.

“Uh… Ling Yichen, can you give this teddy bear to me?” Ji Shasha shamelessly asked for the stuffed toy from Ling Yichen.

She did not care that the soft toy belonged to Yun Jian. It was currently in Ling Yichen’s hold anyway. Back when they were still a couple, Ling Yichen bought anything for her and was extremely nice to her.

It was later that Ji Shasha cheated on him with other guys for the reason that Ling Yichen was not as good as him. She thought that Ling Yichen would give her the teddy bear since they used to be a couple in the past.

“What the f*ck? Piss off! Who’s giving it to you? This is Yun Jian’s!” Ling Yichen cussed without sparing Ji Shasha a glance.

Ji Shasha was astounded. She had never heard Ling Yichen cursing her before.

At the same time, Yun Jian was heard speaking, “I won. You should fulfill your side of the agreement.”

She was talking to Zhang Chengrui.

“Uh…” Recalling what he had agreed with Yun Jian, Zhang Chengrui bit his lips.

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“Ay, I was just joking. Pretty girl, you were kidding, too, right? Heh heh, we’re good friends. Let’s just forget about the bet just now!” Zhang Chengrui made up nonsensical excuses.

“Yeah, we were just joking earlier! Hehe, I think we should just put this behind us!” a guy spoke up for Zhang Chengrui as well.

Forget about it? Yun Jian frowned.

If she were the one losing today, she was sure that Zhang Chengrui would make her carry out her part of the bet even if he had to force her. Hah…

“Trying to back out of it?” Yun Jian looked at Zhang Chengrui with a murderous flash in her eyes.

“I…” Zhang Chengrui was going to say something when he felt a flash before his eyes. Instantly, he felt someone kicking him from the back before he fell to the ground on his knees.

With a kick to Zhang Chengrui’s back, Yun Jian made the guy kneel down while she spoke from behind him—a stern threat lacing her voice, “No such jokes with me. If you don’t serve your side of the agreement today, I’ll make sure you won’t get to see tomorrow’s sunrise!”

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