Chapter 558: 558

“Goddess, ever since you rejected me, my glass heart shattered into a thousand pieces . When I heard that you wanted to come see me, it started beating again . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree held his hand to his chin and looked at the sky dramatically . His green robe fluttered despite the absence of wind . Flowers around them bloomed one by one . The only thing he lacked was pink bubbles as a special effect .

“Then you should just let your broken heart remain that way!” Yun Jiuge said without any expression . “You’re a great man, but there’s something wrong with your brain . This is why I removed you from my harem back then . ”

“My beloved, your words have hurt me . ” The Blooming Flowering Tree clasped his chest and spoke as if he was reciting a love poem, “Even though you’re very heartless, I still love you . I’ve prepared a banquet in the Demon Forest for you . Please do me the honor of attending the banquet . ” He bowed earnestly .

Yun Jiuge looked around her again . The Demon Warriors had already occupied the area around them within a three miles radius . It would be very difficult for Yun Jiuge to clear the way with the current artillery on the ship . Moreover, she did not want to drop all pretense of politeness with Blossoming Flowering Tree yet .

Zi Shang moved restlessly in Yun Jiuge’s pocket . He was tempted to fly out of her pocket to teach a lesson to Blossoming Flowering Tree, who had overstepped his boundaries .

Yun Jiuge reached into her pocket to hold him in place . After that, she looked at Blossoming Flowering Tree saying, “What if I refuse to turn up at your banquet?”

“Then it’ll make me very, very sad . Perhaps, I’d even do something irrevocable…” A worried expression appeared on Blossoming Flowering Tree’s handsome face .

The Demon Warriors behind him raised their lances simultaneously, yelling their battle cry to scare Yun Jiuge .

“I must say, you disgust me more and more . ” Yun Jiuge let out a long breath . She pressed Zi Shang down forcefully and said to Blossoming Flowering Tree, “Lead the way!”

“It’s my honor to . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree took off his green robe and gave it a shake . It turned into a red Flying Carpet with a canopy made from green leaves .

The edges of the Flying Carpet were decorated with fresh beautiful flowers . A tall Lantern Tree shot up from the middle of the Flying Carpet, bearing head-sized lanterns . The lighting gave the Flying Carpet a romantic ambience, like a bridal chamber .

“Hop on!” The Blossoming Flowering Tree walked up a ramp made from a bed of roses to the Flying Carpet .

Yun Jiuge shrunk the Spiritual Ship and kept it away . After that, she summoned a Protective Barrier around Zi Shang, before stepping into the canopy of the Flying Carpet .

The green leaves acted as some sort of barrier that prevented the Demon Warriors from entering the Flying Carpet .

Yun Jiuge walked to the Lantern Tree . She conjured a Golden Flower Seal and casted it towards the Blossoming Flowering Tree .

That Golden Flower Seal flew to Blossoming Flowering Tree’s forehead and disappeared as soon as it came into contact with his skin .

He shuddered, before opening his eyes slowly . For a split second, the golden flower symbol of the seal appeared in his irises .

No one else knew that the Blossoming Flowering Tree was Yun Jiuge’s servant . He had signed a Soul Contract with her . He joined Yun Jiuge’s harem back then to fulfill his Soul Contract .

“I’ve finally returned to my own body after 2,000 years . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree stopped making advances at Yun Jiuge . Instead of being affectedly soft, his voice became deeper .

“Don’t act as if you’ve been obediently staying in the seal all this while . ” Yun Jiuge threw a glance at him and said, “Spill . What’s going on? Who asked you to come here and capture me?”

“No one asked me to capture you . I did it out of my own accord . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree waved his hand . A white jade table and chairs appeared beneath the Lantern Tree .

After he sat down, he motioned for Yun Jiuge to sit .

“I’ve no time to engage in small talk with you . If you can’t explain yourself, I’ll hit you . ” Yun Jiuge crossed her arms and stared at the Blossoming Flowering Tree unhappily .

“You’re still as bad-tempered as before . I thought that you’d have changed for the better after reincarnating twice!” Blossoming Flowering Tree conjured a porcelain tea set . After he poured himself a cup of tea, he said, “Someone was spreading rumors about how Zi Shang’s and your Holy Essences became unstable after the both of you created the Child of Life, and that anyone who killed you would obtain your Holy Essence . All of the large clans are eyeing you now like a tiger watching its prey . ”

“Who did it?” Yun Jiuge furrowed her brows . This would clearly attract the interest of many who wanted to become a Celestial Being . It was such a malicious rumor .

“They said it’s Wan Sha . ” The Blossoming Flowering Tree took a sip of the tea .

“Impossible . ” Yun Jiuge shook her head . She had imprinted a Cognitive Slave Mark on Wan Sha . If he dared to betray her, he would die and turn into ashes immediately .

“I know it’s not him . But everyone else doesn’t . They’ll just continue to spread misinformation . I think that the one behind this wants to make you doubt Wan Sha’s loyalty . ”

“Who else has heard about this?” Yun Jiuge asked . She needed to have a clear understanding of the situation .

“Too many . Spirits Clan, Dragon Clan, Devil Clan, Human Clan, Demon Clan…” Blossoming Flowering Three said solemnly as he raised a finger for each name .

“That’s enough . ” Yun Jiuge pressed her hand to her forehead . She could feel a headache coming . She thought that her troubles would be over after she defeated Ao Ge . It never occurred to her that she still needed to deal with so many problems .

“During the time when you closed the Celestial Palace down and reincarnated into another life, the Canglan Continent was in turmoil . I suspect that a force of evil was trying to succeed the Celestial Palace as the next divine authority, so they brought about The Great Catastrophe on purpose,” Blossoming Flowering Tree said gravely .

“So what you’re saying is that someone has divulged information about Canglan Continent on purpose? Is this how the Ancient Black Demon Clan found out about us?” Yun Jiuge gritted her teeth . She thought to herself, “Which despicable idiot did this? Did he not know that The Great Catastrophe would destroy everything on Canglan Continent?”

“It’s very likely that this is the case . Otherwise, why would there be a prophecy about The Great Catastrophe after a few thousand years of peace without rhyme or reason? Furthermore, this prophecy even made it clear to you that you needed to give birth to the Child of Life and use your body to mend the heavens to avoid The Great Catastrophe?” Blossoming Flowering Tree said derisively .

Back then, he strongly opposed Yun Jiuge’s decision to build a harem to give birth to the Child of Life . He also urged her not to close the Celestial Palace down . Sadly, Yun Jiuge turned a deaf ear to his advice .

Yun Jiuge even felt that his nagging was too annoying, so she sealed his Main Soul away and let his silly, pleasure-seeking Secondary Soul take control of his body .

But thanks to this imbecile playing the fool for 2,000 years, he managed to infiltrate the enemy ranks .

“Who’s the mastermind behind this?” asked Yun Jiuge as she sat in front of the Blossoming Flowering Tree .

The Celestial Palace had been established for 5,000 years . After she became the Goddess, the Celestial Palace reached the pinnacle of its glory days . Because of this, she was always a target of others . Plenty of beings wanted to succeed the Celestial Palace as the next divine authority . However, not many had the capability to take her down .

“I don’t know, but we can use the process of elimination . First of all, we, the Demon Clan, are not the mastermind behind this . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree placed his teacup down, before pouring Yun Jiuge a cup of Spiritual Tea .

“I don’t think the Devil Clan plotted this either . They don’t have the brains to devise such an elaborate scheme . Wan Sha told me that during his time as the Clan Leader, he did not notice any powerful or ambitious devil,” said Yun Jiuge as she took a sip of the tea .

“Those muscular fellows are only interested in fighting . We can cross them out . ” Blossoming Flowering Tree nodded . The Devil Clan would not want to succeed the Celestial Palace . Instead, they would put everything they had into building a Devilish Palace .

“We can also eliminate the Dragon Clan from the list . They’re only interested in treasures and couldn’t care less about ruling Canglan Continent . ” Yun Jiuge thought of her son .

Ever since he was born, he loved hoarding treasure and was extremely possessive about them . All that was on his mind was sleeping in a place surrounded by his treasures . If she wanted him to replace her position as the Goddess and rule over Canglan Continent, he would not be able to do it .