Chapter 559: 559

“Only the Ling Clan, Demons and Human race are left . The Ling Clan is currently in a mess since Yue Ling’er killed herself . The Demons are also a group without a leader . The Human race isn’t much better — rife with civil wars . ” Blooming Flowering Tree sighed . Although the scope had been narrowed to this point, the investigation was still exceedingly difficult to conduct .

“Yue Ling’er was deceived by the Ancient Black Demonic Clan . ” Yun Jiuge found it difficult to bear when she thought of Yue Ling’er being driven to her death by the deception .

She had been to the Ling Clan once and it was indeed a mess . No good young successor had emerged for more than 2,000 years .

Although Yue Ling’er’s sister, Yue Qing’er, was part of the Ling Clan’s royal family, her aptitude was extremely poor . In addition to her sister committing suicide, which was against the Ling Clan’s ancestral teachings, she was further looked down upon by the clan members .

Yun Jiuge had no other resort except to bring Yue Qing’er back to the Celestial Palace and let her take care of Little Dragon .

As for the Demons, they had always been led by the Dragon Clan . As long as Zi Shang restored his strength, it would not be a problem to subdue them .

The only thing that puzzled her was the Human race . Fan Yin had profound Cultivation and had always taken it upon himself to be responsible for the world . Why was he unable to pacify the world?

“Oh, that’s right . I heard that you and Zi Shang bore the Child of Life . Is that true?” asked Blooming Flowering Tree, who raised his eyebrows and started to be nosy .

“Yes, our son’s pet name is Long’er . He’s an extremely healthy little golden dragon,” replied Yun Jiuge . As she spoke about him, her face and tone became gentler .

“In that case, have you set your mind on Zi Shang this time?” Blooming Flowering Tree asked again .

“Of course . ” Yun Jiuge nodded with certainty .

“Good, I’ve long foretold that both of you are a match made in heaven . And you indeed bore the Child of Life,” said Blooming Flowering Tree, who could not help clapping and marveling .

He was really happy for Zi Shang . In his eyes, only his cousin, Zi Shang was worthy of Yun Jiuge .

“I’ve been strict about keeping this news incredibly quiet . The only people who know are me, Wan Sha and Qing’er . How was it leaked?” Yun Jiuge felt there was something very strange .

Wan Sha and Qing’er had her Cognitive Slave Mark . She would know immediately if they had violated the rule .

The Celestial Palace was heavily restricted by her and not even a Mental Transference Spell could escape .

Cute Little Baby and the others were her Spiritual Pets . They were kept inside Wanhua Spiritual Garden all the time and even more unlikely to sell her out .

“Didn’t you say that the Ancient Black Demonic Clan’s Ao Ge was defeated by the little prince in the Chaotic Secret Realm? Could it be that the news was leaked from there?” Blooming Flowering Tree asked .

“It’s possible . ” Yun Jiuge remembered Eyeball that was given to Wan Sha .

No, that guy was sealed and thrown in the Magic Cauldron by her before Little Dragon was born .

“Forget it, stop guessing . If it was so easy to work out, you wouldn’t have fallen headfirst so hard before . But now that we’ve locked in the range, we can beat it at its own game to draw it out…” Blooming Flowering Tree came next to Yun Jiuge’s ear and started whispering .

He came to kidnap Yun Jiuge, so he had already made plans .

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” Yun Jiuge looked at Blooming Flowering Tree with a suspicious look in her eyes .

“Of course, since everyone is saying that you have the Child of Life, we just need to break the rumor and we’ll be able to lure the mastermind behind it,” Blooming Flowering Tree answered, full of confidence in his plan .

“But there’s no need for me to get married to you!” Yun Jiuge frowned . She and Zi Shang had not officially held a wedding ceremony .

“It’s just a fake wedding . I’m sure my cousin will agree if he hears of it,” answered Blooming Flowering Tree, who felt aggrieved about it . He had lived for thousands of years and not found a partner!

“Since that’s the case, why don’t you ask him yourself!” Yun Jiuge took Zi Shang out of her pocket .

“What is this?” Blooming Flowering Tree stared blankly at the white egg in front of his eyes .

“This is your cousin — the Dragon Clan’s Demon Emperor, Zi Shang . ” As soon as Yun Jiuge’s voice fell, Zi Shang flew up and viciously rocketed toward Blooming Flowering Tree’s head .

“Cousin, I know you miss me, but you don’t have to be so excited!” The moment Blooming Flowering Tree touched his head, he felt a huge bump .

Sure enough, it was his cousin . Only a Dragon egg had such a hard shell .

“Zi Shang, Blooming Flowering Tree wants to marry me to lure the mastermind behind the scenes once the rumor of the Child of Life is dispelled . Do you agree to it?” Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang .

Bah! Zi Shang flew up in anger and hit Blooming Flowering Tree till his head was covered with bumps .

“As you can see, your cousin says he doesn’t agree to it,” said Yun Jiuge with a shrug . There was nothing she could do once Zi Shang flew into a jealous rage .

“Cousin, listen to me . ” Blooming Flowering Tree covered his head and moved five meters away from Zi Shang before saying, “This is only a temporary measure . I won’t actually be able to marry Goddess . It’s all an act . ”

Clearly, Zi Shang was unable to accept even an act . He flew over and struck him again .

“Alright, Zi Shang, your cousin has good intentions too . ” Yun Jiuge grabbed the out-of-control Zi Shang and pulled him back into her arms . Then she said to Blooming Flowering Tree, “A fake wedding is fine, but you’ve to bring out 100 bottles of Floral Essence Spiritual Water and ten Spiritual Flower Pearls to let Zi Shang make it in time before the wedding ceremony and then have him replace you . ”

“I’ve to fork out money even though I’m helping you?” Blooming Flowering Tree complained . He and Zi Shang were cousins because he also had the Dragon Clan’s blood running in his veins . His miserly ways and fondness for treasures were also part of his instincts .

“Of course, I won’t let you do the work in vain . These five Seven Star Fruits are your deposit . After the matter is settled, you’ll then be rewarded with 15 of them . ” Yun Jiuge took the Seven Star Fruits out of the Magical Bottomless Bag .

“Deal . ” Blooming Flowering Tree looked at the Seven Star Fruits, both eyes aglow . He immediately agreed .

“Come on, let’s go give your cousin a bath now,” Yun Jiuge said .

Blooming Flowering Tree laid out a Spell Formation extremely fast and poured out 100 bottles of Floral Essence Spiritual Water and ten Spiritual Flower Pearls before putting Zi Shang into it .

“It’ll be another two hours before we have to pour in the Floral Essence Forest . Do you want to have a rest first?” Blooming Flowering Tree asked Yun Jiuge .

“No need . The sooner we complete our task, the earlier we can go back,” replied Yun Jiuge, who was very worried about the Celestial Palace . If her son woke up and did not see her, it would be bad .

“I’ll ask the messenger to issue the invitations now . ” Blooming Flowering Tree had already dispatched the suspicious clans and finally sent out invitations to the Ling Clan, Demons and Human race .

“I’m going to write a letter to the Celestial Palace, lest they really think that I’ve been kidnapped . ” Yun Jiuge also briefly wrote a letter to Wan Sha to let him close the Celestial Palace and keep out of all matters .

The invitations were sent out using the quickest possible way . The clans which received the invitations were all incomparably shocked .

Who could have imagined that the Goddess, who had returned for an Enclosed Cultivation for a year, wanted to marry the great Demon King, Blooming Flowering Tree the moment she came out of seclusion? The reason must have been to get the Child of Life .

The Demonic Tribes and white-haired demonic clan elders held an emergency meeting to discuss the veracity of this matter .

“Wasn’t it said that the Goddess and Emperor Zi Shang had already succeeded in bearing the Child of Life? How did the Demon King come about?”

“Who knows? Probably the previous rumors were false . If it were so easy to produce the Child of Life, the Goddess wouldn’t have to use her body to mend the heavens and reincarnate as a human . Even the Celestial Palace is closed . ”

“Even so, she didn’t have to choose Blooming Flowering Tree . What else is he good for except eating, drinking and making merry?”

“Precisely . What could he do that Emperor Zi Shang couldn’t?”

“Anyway, there’s no point harping on the matter . In any case, the Goddess’s wedding ceremony is a big deal . We’ve to be there in person to give our well wishes . Hopefully, the Goddess won’t be able to reproduce, so that we, the demonic clan, still have a chance . ”

Similar kinds of dialogue spread across the clans . Everyone declared that they must be present to show support and then wait to see Blooming Flowering Tree being dumped by the Goddess .