Chapter 25

Episode 25

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I arrived at the place I was aiming for . I sighed as soon as I entered the room of The High Priest .

“Huuu . ”

I looked around the room . The space was large, but the furniture was simple and small .

It was the same as I saw in the temple of time .

I soon got to the side of a bookcase and pushed it hard .

No, I just pretended . But Ash helped me a lot .

In the past, it was hard when I was doing it alone, but Ash helped me, and the bookshelf was pushed back very easily .

And a new space appeared as if it had been waiting in there .

‘That was good . ’

The joy elated inwardly . It was no different than when I stole beads .

In any sense, I stepped out into the secret, narrow space that looked like a secret space and suddenly heard Ash laughing sound from behind .


“No, it looks like fun . ”

Me? ……or the situation?

Instead of interrogating him, I moved my steps . Apart from the smoothness of this situation, we did not know when the prayer of the High Priest would end, so we needed to hurry .

Inside the secret space, there was a wide podium, as tall as a child . And a square box was placed on it .

An ivory box with no pattern . At first glance, it looks normal, but that box is actually surrounded by divine power .

If you try to open it with force, it will never open . But instead, if you touch the surface and arrange the letters on the surface to guess the set password, the lock will be released and the box will open .

It was a kind of magic .

‘This is quite familiar to me . ’

Why? It is just like a smartphone lock or a touchscreen door lock .

I touched the box with my hands, thoughtlessly .

Then, on the surface of the box, white light and a subtle text came out softly .

I picked up scattered letters one by one and dragged them with my fingers to start mixing them in the centre .

‘The same goes for the code . ’

It’s the name of God .

Asimor, the god of love here .

I finished the arrangement and waited for a while . Soon the text will disappear and the message will open .

Suddenly, the letters were scattered all over again, and the box began to make a loud noise .

“…… . !”

Wha, what is it?

‘Was that wrong?’

It was the first time I experienced it, but I could tell by feeling it . This means I typed the wrong answer .

‘No, why?’

But it couldn’t be wrong . If it’s not his name, then what? I remember reading in a book that writing God’s name in code in the temple is like an implicit promise between them .

‘Is it different?’

Quickly, I moved my hands again . Eros, Cupid, I’ve typed all the other names of the God of Love I know .

However, the response to it was all wrong and the box remained unchanged .

I got nervous . The sound was too loud . At this rate, it would be only a matter of time before people would come .

“There was a noise here!”

Oh, damn it . Right, as soon as I think about it .

I let go of the box and pulled Ash in a hurry first . And we hid behind the podium as soon as possible .

The sound snapped as soon as I hid .

“…… this way?”

“I don’t think anyone’s here . ”

Following the footsteps, there was a sound of conversation . I held my breath in close contact with Ash behind the podium .

“Are you sure? Wasn’t that wrong?”

“No, I’m sure this is the right place…… . ”

“If I didn’t mishear it, they might have already escaped . Go out and take a  look at the outside . ”


Soon I heard some people busily getting out of the room .

I was still holding my breath as long as I could without moving . At that time, the bookshelf that I had closed was pushed back .

“Ugh, by any chance, here?”

It was a grave voice giving instructions . I held my breath for a moment .

The opponent seemed to look inside for a moment . Soon after, he murmured to himself .

“What……it can’t be . It’s a place that only a few people know . Uh-huh, this is so heavy . ”

Then the bookshelf closed again .

“…… . ”

I breathed out the breath that I had held back only after a little more time had passed after I heard the bookcase closing .

“Whoa . ”

The air-filled the lungs at once . Ha, thank God . It was a close call .

The low height of the platform gave me the strength to lift myself up because I hid in a sitting position . Then I slipped .

“Ack . ”

“Are you all right?”

“……Uh, uh . ”

I could see Ash’s face just in front of my nose .

Only then did I realize how close I had been to Ash since we hid behind the podium .

The sound of a heartbeat seemed to be heard suddenly . There was a clear ringing in the ear . I wonder if I’m still nervous .

Without knowing why I tried to turn my head in a hurry to avoid looking at him, but I hesitated .

Hold still .

‘Don’t tell me?’

When I saw Ash’s face up close, I suddenly remembered something .

I jumped to my feet, grabbing the podium . Then I touched the box again .

Next, I matched the text .

Riar .

Not the god of love, but the god of beauty, and this time there was no loud noise . Instead, the white light shone more brightly at the moment . Then, click–  the box opened .

“…… . . ”

I’m speechless .

Oh, my God . Is this real?

‘Isn’t this God of Love temple?’

I entered the name of the god of beauty because the moment I saw Ash’s sculptural face closely, I suddenly remembered a priest who guided us .

She couldn’t take her eyes off Ash’s face from the moment we entered the temple, and I remembered what she had said that ‘Beauty is a gift from God’ .

‘Ha… . ’

This is absurd . Is beauty more love? Is the face that important? I’ve known it since I uncovered my money, but these snobs .


asked Ash, who had followed me . I nodded as I pulled the cloth out of the open box .

I wanted to slowly appreciate the enchanted cloth that I met in person, but not here . I had to get out of here . I felt a bit impatient, perhaps because I almost got caught .

It doesn’t mean much, but I put another cloth I brought in instead . Then I closed the box and pushed the bookcase .

This time again I just pretended .

“Oh, Ash . Take off your jacket, please . ”

I left the High Priest’s room, and this time I sneaked back to the prayer room .

Ash took off his coat obediently and handed it to me, so I put it on my body and hid the cloth in it .

Soon after, we went back to the prayer room, Ash suddenly said,

“If that was what you needed, you should have told me earlier at the mansion . ”


“I would have given it to you,”

How did you…?

I couldn’t imagine Ash carrying out a mission to infiltrate alone as I did .

So if he’s taking a break from work, uh, maybe .

‘Would he have kidnapped the High Priest, threatened, forced to deliver it, then killed him to shut his mouth… . . ?’

He’s my family but it’s so plausible that I’m speechless .

Mmm, no, no . I’m a pacifist even though I steal things .

“No, ‘cause it’s worthy to do it myself . ”

I don’t think that’s right, but anyway .

Soon I opened the door of the small prayer room with Ash and went out .

As she said, the priest, who was waiting calmly in the hallway, welcomed us with a puzzled face .

“How was your prayer? Oh, it must have been a little cold in the prayer room . ”

The priest’s eyes fell on Ash’s coat I was wearing .

I had a cough .

“I had a slight cold before I came here . ”

“Well, it’s still time for the seasons to change . Would you like some warm tea in the reception room?”

I shook my head . Then, I became more immersed in acting as if I was sick, which I had already mastered in my previous school days .

“Thank you, but I’m fine . Now that I’ve finished praying, I’m thinking of going back now . I’d love to see more, but I’ve just had chills . … . . ”

“Ah . ”

There is usually some kind of a healing shrine in the temple, but as far as I know, they were only able to treat the injury but were powerless to disease .

“I can’t help it . ”

The priest seemed very sorry to let us go as it was -maybe it was because of Ash- but she could not hold back a sick person and led us back to the entrance .

Ugh . Honestly, I didn’t have the guts to look at the temple with the enchanted cloth hidden in my body .

It was when we almost moved to the entrance .

I checked inside the jacket to make sure the enchanted cloth was still there, and suddenly I hesitated .

‘Oh, the donations . ’

I touch the pocket money with the tip of my hand . Come to think of it, I forgot I should have left it in the small prayer room .

‘What do I do?’

In fact, you might wonder what’s wrong with not paying the donations when my purpose of visiting was for stealing .

But it was on my mind . It’s a bit of a guilty conscience for stealing the cloth . … . .

“Wait a minute, priest . ”

Eventually, I called in a priest . Then I said to Ash .

“I’m going to the small prayer room for a while . I’ll be right back, so please wait . ”

“Let’s go together………”

“No, I’ll be here in a minute . Priest, I’m sorry . ”

“It’s all right . Go ahead . ”

With a decent expression, I left the priest and Ash, and diligently stepped on the corridor where I came .

At this moment, it was a bit awkward to see because there was an etiquette that said, ‘a nobleman shouldn’t run’ .

‘I’ll leave soon . So, no problem . ’

Where else is a shameless thief like me? By the way . That’s what I thought .

It was right after that I bumped into someone who was coming from the other side .


“Oh, are you okay?”

“It’s all right… oh . ”

My eyes almost popped out when I answered . Huck! Attractive!

A light blue cloth shaped like a muffler was dangling at the feet as if it had been dropped as I was smashed .

I tried to pick it up in a hurry, but my opponent was a step faster than me .

A man’s hand with calluses, but at the same time, long and straight fingers picked up the cloth first .

As if he thought I was originally wearing it, he naturally wrapped it around my neck with a calm touch .

Only then did I see my opponent right .

Clothes that are naturally eye-catching with patterns embroidered with sleeves and gold threads on white fabrics and gorgeous decorations .

When I first saw the clothes, not the face, because of the height difference, I wondered where I had seen them .

Is that what used to be in a fashion popular in society these days?

No, it’s not…… . .

“That suits you . ”

I raised my head as I listened to the man’s voice .

I knew why the clothes were strangely familiar at the moment .

“My God . ”

The opponent looked familiar .

“The Crown Prince!”

Brilliant blondes resembling the sun’s rays, the green eyes that seem to have attracted all the recordings of the world .

This world male protagonist, the lover of Agrita in the book, and the current Crown Prince, Igret, who will later be crowned as the emperor .