Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: The Nation’s Brother

When Ling Sheng turned around, she realized that two people had been queuing up when she’d first arrived, but in the blink of an eye, there was a long line behind her. There were probably around 50 to 60 people. She looked at the roasted ribs reluctantly. It would be nice to eat them while they were hot, as they would not taste as good cold. In a soft voice, she negotiated. “Then can you lend me your phone? I’ll call my assistant and get her to come down to deliver my phone. I’ll take them myself…”

“How much?”

Before Ling Sheng could finish speaking, she was suddenly interrupted. When she turned around, she saw Gu Shen standing in front of her. He took out his wallet, afraid that she had not heard him clearly. He asked the shop owner again, “How much?”

Ling Sheng had not expected to meet that scumbag Gu Shen while she was having a meal. Furthermore, she was embarrassed that she had forgotten to bring her phone to pay. Upon seeing that he wanted to pay, she said hurriedly, “I don’t know him. I don’t want him to pay for me. Handsome, lend me your phone. I’ll tell my friend to come down immediately.”

Who had asked Gu Shen to pay? She knew who he was!

Didn’t he like to laugh at her the most? Why would he take the initiative to pay for her? Was he trying to humiliate her by paying?

“Ling Sheng!” Gu Shen growled unhappily in front of her in a low voice, his eyes cold. He suppressed the question “Do you hate me that much?” and smiled. “Don’t listen to her nonsense. She’s my Third Aunt!”

The last sentence was forced out through gritted teeth. He had emphasized the words “Third Aunt”.

The more Ling Sheng heard him call her Third Aunt, the more awkward she felt. Why did he sound like he was mocking her? She gave him a fake smile and said, “Nephew, I don’t need you to pay for me.”

Upon seeing that many people were looking over, Gu Shen lowered his voice and asked, “Do you want to be spotted? Or do you want people to look at you as though you are a monkey and point at you because of this small sum of money?”

Did she hate him that much?

Was she so embarrassed that she was unwilling to accept his kindness even though she had no money to pay? Did she not want to have anything to do with him?

This knowledge infuriated him.

Ling Sheng had not expected him to threaten her. So what if she did not eat? She was about to return the food to the shop owner when her eyes lit up. She shouted, “Hey, you! The handsome man in the front! The one in the orange hoodie! You!”

Si Chengluo had heard from her assistant that she had come down for dinner. He had hurried down to orchestrate a chance encounter, but he had not expected to hear her shout the moment he got down.

When he saw her shout, Gu Shen’s eyes darkened. He also saw the young man in the orange hoodie. When the young man turned around, he recognized him. It was Si Chengluo. He had seen him on a talent show. He had been very popular recently.

Instantly, his heart felt extremely depressed. This reminded him of the time when her leg had been injured. Back when she had seen Huo Xuanzhou, her eyes had sparkled—even her heart had started sparkling. She was acting the same way right now.

“Handsome, I didn’t bring money. Help me pay!” Ling Sheng raised the paper bag in her hand and finally smiled. Her eyes were curved like crescent moons.

Si Chengluo took out his phone and completed the digital payment coolly. In a low, seductive voice, he asked, “How much?”

Ling Sheng smiled and took a bite out of the ribs impatiently. Then, she reached out with five fingers. “50. Thank you, handsome. I’ll pay you back when we get back.”

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