Transmigration with QQ Farm - Chapter 574

Chapter 574: 574

574 – New Plans; Fooled (3)

“Oh? You have many formulas on pills?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was genuinely surprised . She was ecstatic and said, “Little Yuteng, if possible, let’s make our own pills and give them out to our disciples . Little Yuteng, it looks like we’d need to prepare ourselves as we will be recruiting disciples soon . Pills are good resources as well . And we have so much herbs stored up already . Providing pills to our disciples will be even better than providing them with herbs . Plus, none of the efficacy would go to waste, wouldn’t you say?”

“You are right, Young Mistress . You let me know how you want to move forward with this . Young Mistress, I have plenty of formulas . A lot of them don’t even exist here . But you are right in that it’s more the standard and better to provide our disciples with pills than herbs . We don’t have that currently and that’s something that you will need to figure out . ”

“Oh? What are our major hurdles right now?”

“As I have just said . First, we will need a furnace to make the pills in . This is very important . Next is, we will need a source for fire, preferably a high quality one . The source of the fire will greatly impact the outcome of the process . ”

“Okay, I see . It seems those over at Valley of the Alchemists are the only ones who know how to concoct pills on this continent . It’d appear that I’d need to make a tirp there . ”

“Exactly . We will only be able to concoct our own pills if we have these two items . ”

These were no ordinary items . Either way she looked at it, she’d need to go ask for help . Cheng Xiao Xiao thought to herself as she walked .

“Xiao Xiao . ”

After she had returned to Yuteng Pavilion, Cheng Xiao Xiao ran into Mo Xuanzun who didn’t show up earlier . Seeing that he had just walked out from her quarters, she couldn’t help but asked, “Abacus? What you are doing here? Are you looking for me?”

“Yes, I am looking for you . Let’s go look for Ancient Forefather . ” Mo Xuanzun smiled, held her hand, and started leading her away from Yuteng Pavilion .

“You have something up your sleeves…”

Cheng Xiao Xiao gave him a look but didn’t dwell on that too much . Walking side-by-side with him, she asked, “Say, have you heard about what happened at Yan?”

“Yeah . I didn’t go to the living room earlier, but I have heard it from Elder Zhengzong . Those from the City of Heitu had targeted the Luo’s and we could be their next target, right?” A cold light flashed past Mo Xuanzun’s eyes; he knew the content of their conversation quite well .

“Yes, mainly that we have no idea what kind of poison was given to Old Man Luo or whether Little Yuteng would be able to detoxify him . One way or another, we can’t not help him . ”

“Little Yuteng will figure something out . ”

The two of them quickly arrived at the Temple of Divine Plans Ancient Forefather’s place . When they arrived, the Ancient Forefather seemed to already be waiting for them .

“Ancient Forefather,” Mo Xuanzun called out to him respectfully .

There was a bright smile on Cheng Xiao Xiao’s face as she curtsied the man sitting in the chair, “Ancient Forefather . ”

“Have a seat,” said the Temple of Divine Plans Ancient Forefather as he nodded . “Have you gone surveilling with your grandmother again?”

“Yes . Grandma wanted to go surveilling once a day and insists on seeing the progress with her own eyes . She worries that the rest aren’t doing a good enough job . ”

Speaking of her grandmother, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s heart was filled with happiness and appreciation . Her grandmother was not only extraordinary and was able to proposed many suggestions not thought of by others, more importantly, these suggestions had also greatly improved Sacred Land Zhongyuan .

Even Temple of Divine Plans Ancient Forefather must say that Sacred Land Zhongyuan would one up Temple of Divine Plans in the future .

“You do have an incredible grandmother,” said Temple of Divine Plans Ancient Forefather with a smile .

“Of course!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao as she gave the Ancient Forefather a wink . “Not only do I have an awesome grandmother, I also have an awesome Ancient Forefather . Ancient Forefather only stay here to watch over me . I am well aware of that!”

“Oh, you child . ” The Ancient Forefather was in a very good mood . Smiling, he looked at her and asked, “Those from the City of Heitu have shown up, haven’t they?”

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