Chapter 946: 946

Five hours later, in Matamoros City, Mexico, the Landrover Defender was parked on the roadside while Xia Lei enjoyed his breakfast . He was busy checking up on his accounts on the stock market .

His accounts had suffered some loss in the stock market . As of yesterday’s closing, the four accounts had suffered a total loss of four hundred thousand dollars . The numerical loss seemed hefty but in terms of their forty million dollar principal, the loss was only one per cent . It was no big deal .

“I’ll have them grow at a terrifying rate as soon as I get back . ” Xia Lei folded his laptop, letting a smirk loose on the edge of his lips .

If he wanted money, he was going to get it . His brain worked like a computer, able to analyse and compute things with great efficacy . Any share market that he targeted, he would know its future direction within a minute or two . However, this was not his only advantage . Xia Lei’s other unsurpassable advantage was his super hacking skills . He could obtain insider news through hacking, especially into those companies that stored this information on their servers . This would allow him to access business secrets .

Combining all three advantages, he would become the Buffett and Soros of the East! As long as he wanted it, he’d get it . The man was bound to surpass beyond the top two stock gods in the world!

Stowing his laptop away, Xia Lei checked the time . It was past the agreed five-hour interval but the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team had yet to contact him . But as he prepared to dial for Sa’im, a petite yet voluptuous Asian woman walked towards his direction through the walkway . At a glance, she was a stranger but her body felt familiar to his eyes .

Xia Lei’s left eye twitched slightly and the X-ray vision was activated . From that, he saw her real face . The recognition brought a smile to his face, it was Tsukino Kyoko!

Xia Lei could tell it was her through her human face mask but Tsukino Kyoko did not share his ability . She overshot the stationary Land Rover, only sparing a glance at its driver briefly in the process .

But as the man tried to call out to her, she made an abrupt reverse and rapped on the glass window lightly .

Xia Lei rolled down his window and saw the device in her grip . The screen had shown a blinking red signal and he immediately knew she had tracked him here . Though Tsukino did not see his face, his location could be pinpointed upon activation of his satellite phone . No matter what face he donned and where he was, as long as his satellite phone was turnedon, the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team members would be able to locate him .

Tsukino Kyoko stared at Xia Lei carefully . Silently, she pulled the door open and entered his car . It was clear that she had confidently identified him .

“Where are they now?” Xia Lei initiated the conversation .

She replied, “They’re waiting at a dock along the Gulf of Mexico . Drive, this place is not safe . We need to leave as soon as possible . ”

Xia Lei ignited its engine and began to drive towards the Gulf of Mexico .

“In your absence, a few things had happened,” said Tsukino Kyoko .

“What happened?”

“Hattori Mei had returned to Japan and an American named Thompson had taken over Lockheed Martin as the new CEO . Though he was announced to be a temporary replacement, he would be given the official position should his performance be up to par . “

Thompon… What a familiar name . Xia Lei could remember that the man held a relatively high position in Lockheed Martin and was in charge of some kind of team that Jack had tried his darndest to enter . The poor man had made it to its doorstep but died shortly after . Thompson was someone Xia Lei had not met before, so he wasn’t too sure about him .

Tsukino Kyoko continued, “Other than that, we received word that your father has appeared in Jerusalem . ”

“My father?” Xia Lei was shocked . “What is he doing in Jerusalem?”

She shook her head . “I don’t know . He had only appeared once and gone off the radar . ”

Xia Lei spiralled into deep thought . “Father left China to avoid interrogation about the AE capsules . Under normal circumstances, he should go into hiding . Why is he in Jerusalem? That place is not safe for him at all . ”

Xia Lei just couldn’t wrap his head around it .

“There’s also a new intel . A drone attack had taken place in the desert fifty kilometres north of Tuscan City, Jalisco . Apparently, a drone from the American army had destroyed a village into rubles . ” Tsukino Kyoko turned to look at Xia Lei . “Boss, did you do that?”

Xia Lei answered, “That was not a village . I bombed the FA headquarters . That drone, Predator B, was made specially as a collaborative effort between four of America’s top arms dealers . The original plan for the drone was to assassinate me and destroy Thunder Horse’s Jingdu headquarter . I didn’t want that to happen so I stole the drone and blasted the FA . ”

Though his words were uttered with nonchalance, Tsukino Kyoko couldn’t help but gape in shock .

“And Lockheed Martin’s ex-CEO, Folsom… I was the one who killed her,” admitted Xia Lei .

To be honest, Folsom was killed by Zhu Xuanyue . But that woman was not supposed to have existed . Who else could take up the mantle as her scapegoat?

Tsukino Kyoko heaved a long sigh . “When we heard of her death, we guessed that you were behind it . But we didn’t dare to enter America without your orders, fearing that it may interfere with your plans . ”

“You were right to not come . ” Xia Lei said nothing else .

Truthfully, it wasn’t for that little devil, Xia Lei wouldn’t have the courage to travel to America . After Folsom’s unplanned death and Zhu Xuanyue’s disappearance, Xia Lei could only push on alone to complete everything else .

A palm landed on Xia Lei’s shoulder and a pat was given . “You’re the strongest person that I’ve ever encountered . ”

But her pats had made Xia Lei crack his lips open, prompting him to inhale sharply with a wince .

“You’re injured?” Tsukino Kyoko was concerned .

Xia Lei replied, “It’s nothing . I haven't got the time to tend to it, I’ll dress it when we reach the dock . ”

Tsukino Kyoko forced his collar down and immediately found a wooden splinter stabbed into his shoulder blade . The sight made her scowl . “Here, let me help you with it . ”

“Uh…”The thought of taking care of his wounds now had never crossed his mind .

Before Xia Lei could even sound his consent, Tsukino clamped down on the wooden splinter and pulled it upwards . The foreign object left his flesh, eliciting a loud groan from Xia Lei .

“I just praised you for being the strongest man in the world and yet you’re already groaning over such a teensy injury?” Tsukino’s eyes were filled with doubt .

That earned a sheepish smile from him . “Alright, you can help me dress it if you please . The embedded wooden shards in my flesh are really uncomfortable . ”

At this moment, Tsukino Kyoko’s head closed in abruptly to latch her lips onto his shoulder blade . Her lips covered the span of the wound and Tsukino began to suck it .

“You…” Xia Lei was inexplicably nervous .

“There are contaminants in your wound, the blood must be let out . Yeah, saliva is an antiseptic to a certain extent . ” Tsukino explained with a straight face . Following that, she used an arm to lift the hem of his jacket and grabbed onto another wooden splinter .

Half an hour later, Tsukino was finally done with all of Xia Lei’s wounds . Vivid red kiss marks were littered across his body but it had resulted from her lipstick, his blood had dyed her cherry lips red .

The car soon arrived at the dock .

Xia Lei found a yacht ahead and five standing figures on its deck . They were Sa’im, Anjum Khan, E’er Demutu, Yelena and Alessio . They were all wearing human face masks but Xia Lei was able to identify them with his X-ray vision .

The five members on deck along with the woman beside him was the entirety of his current deployable members . The pig was Liang Siyao, so there was no way he would assign her with a dangerous mission . Currently, her most important task was to birth his child safely . The four female knights, on the other hand, were still busy with building their church and the expansion of their team . As long as he gave them more time, the knights would surely become strong assistants to him .

“Let’s go home,” said Xia Lei .

And a few minutes later, the yacht was seen leaving the dock towards the east .

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