Wife is Fierce Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 630

Chapter 630: 630

Chapter 630: Looking For a Fight

It was as if there wasn’t a problem with what she was saying .

Everyone could tell that she had smacked Billy quite hard .

Aunt Judith shielded Billy’s head frantically and waved off Ella’s hand . “Ella, know when to stop!”

She berated Ella in English . But Ella, with her reddened eyes, seemed to feel too aggrieved, looking as though she might cry any moment .

Qi Yuefeng and the rest tried to ease this awkward situation immediately .

“Alright, alright, the kids are just kidding around . Don’t be fierce to her . ”

“It’s okay, Judith, relax . ”

“Ella and Billy probably get along like this all the time…”

The adults were trying to talk Judith out of it, but Gu Qingjiu could see that her Great Aunt Gu Shouyan’s countenance had turned rather stiff . However, she said nothing .

Instead, she glanced towards Gu Qingjiu .

Gu Qingjiu found the intent in her eyes very interesting .

Was she trying to say that the difference was stark under comparison?

Seeing this, Gu Qingmo and Qin Wange mumbled next to Gu Qingjiu .

Seeing Gu Qingjiu’s vexed expression, Gu Qingmo said with a smile, “Qingjiu, this Ella’s temperament is so fiery . Look at Great Aunt’s expression…”

Gu Qingjiu curled her lips at the way he was blatantly gloating .

Just then, the dishes started getting served .

The atmosphere in the suite finally eased a little .

As she was hungry, Gu Qingjiu tried her best to keep her head down and just focus on eating .

Opposite, Ella, who had just been lectured, still had reddened eyes . Seeing Gu Qingjiu eating as though there weren’t anyone around, it seemed like something snapped in her .

She suddenly looked at Gu Qingjiu and said, “Oh my god, the way you eat is so brutish . Have you never eaten before?”

Gu Qingjiu was speechless .

This was what she was accustomed to in the military school . You can’t call it barbaric; it was just that she ate very quickly .

What was the meaning of this?

Was Ella looking for a fight?

Moreover, she was speaking in English . Was she afraid others would understand what she was saying?

Gu Qingmo’s countenance darkened .

Could he allow others to criticize his younger sister like this?


Unexpectedly, before Gu Qingjiu flared up, and before Gu He could berate Ella, Gu Shouyan slammed her chopsticks on the table .

“Are you done?”

She snapped in a stern tone . The entire suite fell silent .

Even Gu Xiaoxi squirmed towards Gu Qingjiu .

The atmosphere plunged into a freezing point .

Gu Shouyan shot an arrow-sharp gaze towards Gu He . Although he was her younger brother, she didn’t stand on ceremony and started scolding him . “Gu He, how did you teach your daughter?”

As the eldest sister, Gu Shouyan had absolute authority in this family . When she lectured, everyone could only listen .

The displeased Gu He looked towards Ella with a darkened countenance . “What’s the matter with you today? That’s your older cousin!”

Aunt Judith, embarrassed, also looked towards Gu Qingjiu and said in Mandarin, “Sorry Qingjiu, I apologize to you on Ella’s behalf . ”

Suddenly the target of admonishment, Ella frantically looked left and right . Add to the fact that Gu Shouyan’s gaze was too imposing; she instantly broke down into tears at the table . “All of you bully me!”

Now that the kid was crying, everything turned awkward . Qi Yuefeng had no idea what Ella had just said, and she was about to appease them when Qin Wange tugged at her sleeves and shook her head at her .

Gu Qingjiu speedily finished her last mouthful of food, then spoke up in the quiet suite, “I need to go back and change my wound dressing . You guys can continue eating . Sister Wange, can you come and help me?”

“Okay . ”

Qin Wange immediately stood up . Qin Wange also got to her feet and said, “Let’s go back together . ”

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