You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1780

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When Qiao Yiyi, who was standing at the window, heard those words, she couldn’t help but sneer.

Her lips curved into a mocking smile.

She lay there and laughed at the situation, her heart filled with sweetness.

Lu Nanze had never been a busybody, he had especially no interest in Liang Liang’s love life. Thus he had never asked about it before.

But today he suddenly asked about it.

He probably wanted to know about her past.

As she thought so, Qiao Yiyi tilted her head. She couldn’t help but broke into a smile.

Lu Nanze was really kind of cute.

But her past with Liang Liang…

“The things that happened between us are too complex. I don’t know how to start.” Liang Liang didn’t want to talk about his relationship, so he just briefly glossed over it.

He didn’t expect that Lu Nanze would say, “You can start from the time both of you met.”

When they met?

Liang Liang was stunned.

How had they met?

The memories slowly flashed before him.

He remembered that he had been young and energetic then, when he had heard about the famous Traceless. However, no one else in the industry had been able to catch her. They couldn’t even get any news about the alive Traceless.

Hence, he had decided to chase her.

Until he finally saw her on a stealing mission.

She had a small skinny figure. It looked as if it belonged to a young girl, seventeen or eighteen years old. She might even be younger than that.

If there was a first time, there would be a second.

He purposely pretended to be her online customer and, after queuing for really long, he managed to contact Traceless.

He still remembered the first time they conversed online. She was really distant and cold, going straight to the point.

[Traceless: Steal what?]

When he saw the word “steal,” he knew that this woman was shameless.

If she was able to say that word as if there was nothing wrong with it, she really had no morals.

He set up a trap.

He asked Traceless to go to his house and steal a jade for the price of ten thousand.

Liang Liang was also from a rich family, or else he wouldn’t have known Lu Nanze.

The security in his house was really tight, he thought that Traceless wouldn’t be able to succeed in stealing from his house.

Furthermore, he had put up many anti-theft systems in his house so he would be able to catch her.

That night he stayed at home the whole time, waiting for her.

At two in the morning, there were finally movements outside.

He ran out hurriedly and, after following the movements, he realized that he had fallen into Traceless’ trick to mislead him.

Thus he returned quickly to the room where the jade was kept. Then he realized there was nothing on the table anymore.

The jade was gone.

Traceless had really been too fast, there wasn’t any trace in the room.


As an outstanding police officer, Liang Liang immediately reacted, ran to the windows and jumped down from it, chasing her.

When he arrived at his doorstep, he saw a sports car drive past his house at a really high speed.

He entered his own car and chased after it.

As he chased her, Traceless’ car went further and further away, slowly mixing into all the other cars, and it was about to disappear from Liang Liang’s sight. However, he suddenly saw a child crossing the road at a red light. The child’s mother was using her phone and didn’t realize it at all.

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