Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle - Chapter 850

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Chapter 850: Empty Dialogue (1)

Have I just stolen your first kiss?

This sentence made Gu Mohan’s expression morph into one of outrage . “Tang Mo’er, you are asking to die!”

He strode towards Tang Mo’er .

Tang Mo’er did not evade him . At this moment, a handsome figure appeared . Tang Chenyi was leaning lazily against the wall with his hands stuck in his trousers pockets . He glanced at Gu Mohan nonchalantly . “Brother-in-law, you have to talk nicely to Elder Sister . ”


Gu Mohan stopped in his tracks . He realized that there were many people protecting Tang Mo’er, firstly Lu Jinwen and followed by Tang Chenyi .

Tang Mo’er did not give Gu Mohan a second glance . “Chenyi, let’s go back . ”

Tang Chenyi followed Tang Mo’er obediently .

Gu Mohan watched as the pair of siblings disappeared from his line of sight and his features became grim . Just then, his cell phone rang .

He whipped out his cell phone and answered . “Hello . ”

“President Gu, are you free tomorrow to come to the casino?”

Gu Mohan smiled and excitement flashed across his narrow eyes . “Alright, I want to see all of you lose money!”

The next day .

Lin Xuanyin was very excited . Today was the day of her heart transplant operation and she could finally recover from her congenital heart condition and live a normal life .

Just then, a long luxury car stopped in the field and Butler Ye opened the car door . He gave a slight smile . “Madam Lin, you can get into the car now . ”

Madam Lin?

This Butler Ye was really fast in changing the way he addressed her . In the past, he would address her respectfully as “Madam Xuanyin” .

Lin Xuanyin glared at Butler Ye and got into the car . There was no one else, Lu Jinwen was not around .

“Butler Ye, Jinwen did not come today?”

“My apologies, Madam Lin . It’s not appropriate for me to reveal Sir’s whereabouts to you . If you wish to see Sir, you’ll have to make an appointment . ”


Lin Xuanyin was so furious she nearly fainted .

Half an hour later, the luxury car stopped at the hospital . Old Master Lin had arrived .

“Dad, you have arrived?” Lin Xuanyin swiftly went ahead to hold Old Master Lin .

Old Master Lin looked at Butler Ye and said in a low voice, “Xuanyin, didn’t Jinwen come along?”

“I don’t know either…” Lin Xuanyin was very disappointed . Even though Lu Jinwen had divorced her, he actually did not turn up on such an important day .

At this moment, they heard a commotion behind and a flurry of steady footsteps . Someone had come .

Lin Xuanyin glanced sideways and her eyes instantly lit up . It was Lu Jinwen .

Today, Lu Jinwen was wearing a tailored gray shirt and black trousers . He walked steadily over and one could not help but to admire his calm composure . When he walked over, he attracted everyone’s gazes .

The nurses blushed when they looked at him .

“Jinwen . ” Lin Xuanyin hastened forward . She tugged on Lu Jinwen’s sleeve . “This is so wonderful . I knew you would come . ”

But Lu Jinwen raised his hand and did not let her touch him . The man’s deep almond-shaped eyes stared at Lin Xuanyin coldly .

Lin Xuanyin froze and the smile was stiff on her face .

At this moment, Old Master Lin smiled and said, “Jinwen, Xuanyin’s very happy that you can come . I’ve asked my secretary to draft a contract regarding the Lu Corporation’s investment in DHA . You can take a look when the operation is successfully over . If there are no issues, we can sign it today . ”

Butler Ye was speechless .

This Old Master Lin had come to the hospital for this contract . If Lu Jinwen signed it, the Lin Family would have a stake in the Lu Corporation .

Butler Ye expressed his disapproval . This father-and-daughter pair were trying to obtain some gains and benefits from Sir . They were indeed shameless!

Lu Jinwen did not have much of an expression . Based on his riches, power and high societal status in Capital, supporting the Lin Family was a piece of cake to him .

At this moment, the main doctor walked over . “Mr Lu, good day to you . ”

Lu Jinwen nodded . “Can we begin the operation now?”

“Yes, the success rate of the operation is 90 percent . Once the operation is successful, the patient can make a full recovery . ”

Lin Xuanyin’s heart leaped with joy . She could finally get rid of this congenital heart condition . “Doctor, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin now . ”

“Understood . ”

The doctor had just nodded his head when a nurse ran over and spoke into the doctor’s ear in panic . The doctor’s expression changed .

Lin Xuanyin’s heart skipped a beat . Could something have happened?

No, she could not accept anything happening at this crucial moment!

“Mr Lu, something has cropped up . Madam Wang, the donor who is willing to donate her heart, suddenly has a request . She hopes that both of you can go to a place before the operation . ”

“What place?”

“Bangkok Number 1 . ”

Bangkok Number 1 .

Everyone gasped and their expressions changed when they heard these words .

Bangkok Number 1?

It was actually Bangkok Number 1!

Lu Jinwen’s handsome and chiseled features suddenly became cold . He had never gone to Bangkok Number 1, but Bangkok Number 7 would forever be the thorn in his heart .

Many years ago, Lin Xuanji had asked someone to deliver a note . She had asked him to meet at Bangkok Number 7, which was the land of death, and he nearly lost his life there .

Now, the donor, Madam Wang, wanted everyone to go to Bangkok Number 1 . There was a glint in Lu Jinwen’s deep almond-shaped eyes and a ghost of a smile played on his lips .

“Alright, we will head to Bangkok Number 1 . ” Lu Jinwen turned around .

“Jinwen!” Lin Xuanyin gave a shrill cry and swiftly blocked Lu Jinwen . She shook her head vehemently . “No, don’t go!”

Don’t go to Bangkok Number 1 .

Lu Jinwen’s eyes were as deep as an abyss and boundlessly dark . “The donor suddenly wants us to head to Bangkok Number 1 . It’s evident that she wants us to watch a show . In that case, we’ll go and see what she’s playing at . ”

With that, Lu Jinwen looked at Lin Xuanyin with a face devoid of expression . “Lin Xuanyin, you seem scared . What are you afraid of?”

“Scared? I’m not scared!” Lin Xuanyin promptly denied .

Lu Jinwen’s gaze was so piercing that he could almost drill holes in her . “You’re trembling . ”

Lin Xuanyin glanced down and saw that her limbs were indeed trembling .

At this moment, Old Master Lin pulled Lin Xuanyin over . “Jinwen, this Madam Wang suddenly wants us to go to Bangkok Number 1 . I’m afraid this is a scam . ”

Old Master Lin’s countenance was grim because he felt things were unusual .

Lu Jinwen stuck one hand into his trousers and curved his lips . “And so, all the more we should go and take a look . ”

With that said, he strode away .

One hour later, the luxury car stopped at Bangkok Number 1 .

“Mr Lu, good day to you . Please take a seat . We have a show which is commencing soon . We would like to invite everyone to enjoy it .

Someone brought them into the hall . Lu Jinwen sat down, and the curtains at the stage ahead were gradually drawn…

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