48 Hours a Day - Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114: New Life

The old man did not expect that the woman would see through his identity.

However, after a moment of silence, he said firmly, “Even if you are right, the awakening of our Lord is a foregone conclusion. No one can stop this.”

“Who said that? I came here to stop this.” The woman of unknown origin raised her chin. “However, I need a little help from you.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Get in touch with that thing under the Forbidden City. You should have a way to do it, right?” said the woman as she took out a palm-sized bone flute.

“What is this?” The old man looked vigilant.

“It doesn’t matter if I tell you. This is the Siren Flute. I killed about a hundred sirens in the deep sea and made this item with their hyoid bones. As long as this flute is played, the mortals who hear it will be completely lost in the sound of the flute. There is a high chance that they will never wake up again but worry not. To your boss, this flute will look at most calm his restless heart a little and let him return to his sleep.”

“You’re lying,” the old man shook his head and said. “Sea monsters are very rare. There might not even be ten sea monsters in the entire ocean. Where can you find more than a hundred sea monsters to make a flute?”

“I know.” The anonymous woman licked her lips and said with a smile, “because they were all killed by me. Up until the 19th century, there were actually quite several sea monsters. Although they were far from catching up to humans, there were still a few hundred of them. They would use songs to confuse the seafarers, causing their ships to collide with the reefs, directly luring those poor sailors into the sea. It was because of this that I used their hyoid bones to make a game item.

“In order to collect the materials, I killed more than a hundred sea monsters. I originally planned to return with the materials, but when I saw the eyes of the remaining sea monsters, I knew that they would most likely come to seek revenge on me in the future. Although I wasn’t worried about this, I hated trouble, so I simply killed all of them together.”

The old man was the host of the giant python, Jemengard. He served a famous evil Norse mythological monster, but even he could not help but feel a chill in his heart when he heard the words of the woman opposite him. The most important thing was that she looked relaxed the whole time when she was telling the story, as though gossiping about celebrities.

However, this proved that she was not from Asgard. Even if those hypocritical gods really did such things behind their backs, they would never dare to bring it up.

The anonymous woman continued, “You don’t have to worry about me harming your boss. Although we haven’t met before, we can be considered half of the same race. I wouldn’t go so far as to lay my hands on it.”

After saying that, she bent down to pick up the two red pebbles and knocked them against each other. As a result, the two red pebbles shattered, and the snake embryo inside rolled on the ground, twisting its body and continuously struggling. However, because it had arrived in this world too early, its organs were not fully developed. It was still unable to adapt to the cruel environment outside. In the end, its struggling became increasingly powerless, and it looked like it was about to lose its life.

However, the old man saw the unknown woman open her mouth and spit out a green mist in the next moment. That mist enveloped the two small snakes on the ground. Not long after, their bodies began to tremble violently. At the same time, the color of the skin patterns also began to change.

The original red gradually became red and green. When the entire change was completed, their bodies also stopped trembling and lay on the ground motionless.

However, the old man knew that the two small snakes weren’t dead. On the contrary, they miraculously survived. Not only did they survive the danger of being born too early, but they also became more full of vitality than ever before. Even the old man found it hard to accept this exuberant vitality. They stopped moving now because the strange evolution from before had exhausted their physical strength.

After resting for half a minute to recover their strength, they immediately began to eat the red pebble fragments in large mouthfuls. Moreover, after fighting for the last piece, they still seemed a little unsatisfied. Their eyes turned around before finally set their eyes on the other red pebbles beside them.

One of the snakes bit on an intact red pebble beside them, but the latter did not move at all. Its two baby teeth were almost broken, but it did not give up even after suffering such a heavy setback. It continued to think of ways to open the red pebble.

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Seeing this, the old man couldn’t help but waver. It wasn’t because he had been convinced by the unknown woman, but because he realized that the other party’s strength seemed to be stronger than he had imagined. He had no choice but to consider the consequences of making an enemy out of the other party, not to mention that there was Zhang Heng in the sea.

At this moment, the black python’s flailing strength was getting weaker and weaker. It looked like it was at the end of its tether, and it wouldn’t be long before it lost its life.

The old man thought for a moment before suggesting, “Why don’t you ask your boss to spare Ah Hei’s life first, and then we can continue the discussion?”

“Ah Hei? is that the name of the black python?”The woman of unknown origin sighed. “When have you ever seen a worker giving orders to his boss? “And even if I speak now, I won’t be able to save that stupid snake. From the moment it was slashed by my boss’s knife. It was a dead end. If you have the time to plead for it, you might as well think more about your boss.”

Speaking up to this point, the woman from an unknown background’s tone turned cold, “It’s true that I came to the island with the goal of peace, but if you really decide to remain stubborn all the way until your boss wakes up, then I’ll kill you, then join forces with my boss, so Jemengard tastes what it’s like to fight two against one.”


The battle between Zhang Heng and the black python was coming to an end. The sea’s surface had once been battered by the black python’s struggles, but now the waves were gradually dissipating, and the sea returned to its calm state. The only difference was that the nearby seawater had been dyed red by the black python’s blood.

However, due to the black python’s past prestige, the sea creatures that lived here had fled the area at the start of the battle. They still didn’t dare return, whereas even sharks had taken the initiative to go around them. This place had become a stage for a man and a snake.

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