Almighty Sword Domain - Chapter 1317

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Nie Tian’s face instantly became gloomy when he heard Yang Ye. He hadn’t expected Yang Ye to suddenly arrive here. He was naturally aware that Senior Yuan’s group was about to attack. Because he had allowed it to happen. It was to weaken Yang Ye’s strength, of course. So long as those assassins died, then Yang Ye would be the last remaining Voider that Slayer Pavilion had.

At that time, it would be much easier to take control of Yang Ye. Moreover, because he’d agreed to it, the Yuan Clan, Yun Clan, and Qin Clan had agreed to obey his Nie Clan. It could be said that killing Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone for the Nie Clan. As for Yang Ye, he would be all alone once Shui Linlang and Qian Lankong were killed. So, what could he do?”

Everything had been planned and prepared for, except Yang Ye’s sudden arrival.

The faces of the others changed when they heard Yang Ye. Because they knew it was impossible to let the matter rest.

Nie Tian spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye! What are you trying to say?!”

“What am I trying to say?” Yang Ye chuckled, but his smile was quite fierce, “What did you tell me before I left? You said you’d guarantee their safety. You said that, right?”

“I never expected them to attack!” said Nie Tian. He would naturally not admit it. If he did, then the other clans and sect might take Yang Ye’s side.

“What a joke!” Yang Ye laughed ferociously, “Alright, even if you never expected it, you should have been able to lend them a hand, right? But you didn’t. You just watched as the members of my Slayer Pavilion were about to be killed by them. Fine, I won’t blame you for not lending them a hand. Because it’s your choice to refuse to lend them a hand. However, if you dare to stop me now, I’ll kill you as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wings behind Yang Ye flapped, and his figure vanished on the spot.

“Watch out!” Senior Yuan was horrified. Yang Ye’s speed was already extremely swift. Now that it was enhanced by the wings, even he couldn’t catch sight of Yang Ye.


An explosion suddenly resounded, and then Yang Ye returned to where he’d been standing earlier. Meanwhile, Nie Tian had appeared in front of Senior Yuan’s group. He’d stopped Yang Ye just now. Otherwise, another Voider would have died.

Nie Tian gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, Brother Yuan and the others shouldn’t have suddenly attacked the experts of Slayer Pavilion, but….”

Yang Ye waved his hand and interrupted Nie Tian, “Before I came to Heaven Pillar Peak, your Nie Clan said that the human race can’t afford internal strife, and the Nie Clan won’t spare anyone who acts against others of the human race. Now, those 3 old bastards have done that. Go on, it’s your Nie Clan’s time to act. If you can’t deal with them, I can lend you a hand.”

Nie Tian spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye, it’s a moment of life and death for our human race. For the sake of the human race, you should….”

“Fuck all of that!” Yang Ye interrupted Nie Tian, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. At this moment, his speed was swift to the extreme because he’d executed the ultimate version of Death by a Thought. Everywhere he passed, space was easily sliced apart like it was tofu.

Nie Tian’s expression changed when Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot. He hadn’t expected Yang Ye to be such a madman and even dared to attack him in the Nie Clan’s territory. He didn’t have the time to think. He immediately flipped his palms, and his profound energy surged madly into his palms before he slapped them forward.


Palm and sword collided, and then an explosion instantly resounded. Meanwhile, countless afterimages appeared in the surroundings. They were naturally Yang Ye’s afterimages. The afterimages surrounded Nie Tian in layers. At the same time, countless rays of light crisscrossed from the afterimages, and every single ray of light could cut space open.

The expressions of the other Voiders from the Nie Clan changed. They wanted to interfere in the battle, but they weren’t able to at all. Because Yang Ye’s speed was so swift that they couldn’t catch sight of him. They were unable to discern which one was Yang Ye and which one was Nie Tian from amongst the afterimages that covered the air. They could only watch!

“Kill the members of Slayer Pavilion!” Suddenly, Senior Yuan spoke. As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot towards Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang. Meanwhile, the 2 Voiders from the Qin Clan followed closely behind him.

Yang Ye was in battle with Nie Tian, so it was an opportunity for them to act. Once they killed those 2 women from the Slayer Pavilion, there would be no room for reconciliation between Yang Ye and the Nie Clan. At that time, the Nie Clan would definitely use its full strength to kill Yang Ye. Because even the Nie Clan would absolutely not dare to let Yang Ye live when he was hostile towards them!

Lin Qian and the others exchanged glances, and they didn’t know what to do. Obviously, they hadn’t expected the incident to develop to such an extent.

Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang’s expressions changed slightly when they saw Senior Yuan’s group attack. Their figures shook and were about to merge into space, but Senior Yuan suddenly stretched out his hand and made a clawing motion, “Fortify!”

As soon as he spoke, the space around Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang was instantly fortified. Their expressions changed because they wouldn’t be able to merge into space if it had been fortified. If they’d already merged with space, then the fortification would only be on the surface, and it wouldn’t really affect them. Yet now, it drastically affected them. Because they couldn’t merge into space at all.

Suddenly, a ray of violet light flashed, and then the space around Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang instantly returned to normal. Both of them were delighted, and their figures shook and merged into space.

Senior Yuan and the others’ expressions instantly turned gloomy because they couldn’t sense Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang anymore.

“Watch out!” Suddenly, Nie Tian’s voice resounded from afar.

Senior Yuan and the others’ expressions changed drastically. Suddenly, the eyes of a Voider from the Qin Clan opened wide. Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in front of him, and that Voider was staring fixedly at Yang Ye. It didn’t take long for a strand of blood to spray from the center of his forehead.

Yang Ye waved his right hand and took the corpse.

“Yang Ye!” Nie Tian’s face was extremely gloomy. At this moment, his body was covered in a few dozen injuries. Yang Ye’s strength was far inferior to his own, but Yang Ye’s speed was much swifter than his. Because of the advantage in speed that Yang Ye possessed, he’d actually been suppressed by Yang Ye. Of course, it wasn’t the real reason he was angry, he was actually angry because Yang Ye refused to give the Nie Clan any face!

Yang Ye was treating the Nie Clan with contempt!

Yang Ye paid no attention to Nie Tian. He immediately pressed Heaven’s Gravestone against his forehead. A moment later, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. At the moment Yang Ye’s figure vanished, numerous afterimages that simply seemed real had appeared throughout the surroundings.

Senior Yuan and the last remaining Voider of the Qin Clan were horrified. Because Yang Ye’s current speed was at a horrifying level to them.

At the same time that Yang Ye’s figure vanished, Nie Tian’s figure vanished as well.


An explosion resounded abruptly in midair, and then the entire sky shook violently. After that, the afterimages in the surroundings vanished while both Yang Ye and Nie Tian’s figures appeared before everyone. At this moment, they were 300m away from each other.

“AH!” At the moment Yang Ye and Nie Tian stopped in midair, a shrill cry resounded abruptly from afar. Everyone hurriedly moved their gazes away from Yang Ye and Nie Tian, and they gazed at the source of the shrill cry. 2 black robed figures had appeared in front and behind of the old man from the Qin Clan, and a dagger was respectively stabbed in the old man’s nape and throat.

In next to no time, Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang vanished on the spot, and no one could sense their auras anymore.

In just a short while, 3 Voiders were dead!

Nie Tian’s face was extremely unsightly. He waved his right hand, and it didn’t take long for 10 terrifying auras to appear here. After that 10 old men arrived here.

If Senior Yuan, Nie Qing, and Nie Tian were included, then Nie Tian had 13 Voiders on his side!

13 Voiders!

Nie Tian stared fixedly at Yang Ye and spoke coldly, “Yang Ye, you’ve simply gone mad. They are all experts of our human race; they are the elites of our human race. Yet they didn’t die to the demon race and died to you. You….”

Yang Ye waved his hand and interrupted Nie Tian, “Based on what you’ve just said, my subordinates should be killed by them, right?”

“They aren’t dead!” Nie Tian spoke fiercely, “They are still completely fine and well, right?”

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “What if I didn’t get here in time? Wouldn’t they be dead. At that time, would you avenge them? Would you? You wouldn’t! Patriarch Nie, everyone here is smart, so let’s just be frank. All of you joined forces to weaken the strength I possess, right?”

Nie Tian gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and said, “Since it has come to this, I’ll just get straight to the point. Yang Ye, out of consideration for the fact that you’re a genius, if you’re willing to admit your mistakes and hand over a strand of your soul, then I can….”

Yang Ye interrupted Nie Tian again, “What if I refuse?”

Nie Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly, “That’s not up to you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he formed a strange seal with both hands. The wings on Yang Ye’s back instantly started to tremble while threads of light appeared on it before trying to coil around Yang Ye. Suddenly, Yang Ye tossed the wings into the tiny vortex.

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Nie Tian’s mouth, “Do you think you’ll be fine if you put it away? Now that it’s within you, it’s exactly what I wanted. I….”

Nie Tian’s expression suddenly changed at this point, and disbelief filled his eyes, “How… how did you do that?!”

He’d noticed that the connection between him and the restrictions he’d placed within the wings had actually been severed!

Yang Ye had removed the restrictions!

Yang Ye glanced at Nie Tian and said, “Go figure.”

Nie Tian stared fixedly at Yang Ye. A short while later, he waved his hand and said, “Kill them all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Voiders around him immediately shot towards Yang Ye.

13 Voiders!

Yang Ye cracked his neck while ferocity and insanity covered his face, “Bring it on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Sword God’s Seal on his forehead suddenly emanated a ray of dazzling light. The light was so sharp that no one here dared to look straight at it.

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