Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master - Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: Three Years

Lin Li did not reply to Canuman, and instead raised Sandos’ hand effortlessly, as if it was weightless . Besides, not to mention that Sandos was just a bunch of bones, even if he was a strong and burly man, he would pose no threat to Lin Li at all .

Sandos, who had been lifted up by Lin Li single-handedly, had initially already stopped struggling, but no one saw what Lin Li had done . They could only see Sandos acting like a madman all of a sudden as he shrieked while struggling . At the same time, wisps of white flames gradually appeared on his thin and dry body .

Hearing the screams, everyone couldn’t help but look at them, and they immediately understood the reason for Sandos’ reaction . The wisps of white flames were exactly the Celestial Purification Fire that was rumored to be able to purify all the filth in the world! Everyone could not help but feel a sudden chill in their hearts . Without a doubt, the young President of the Tower of Dusk was using such a method to tell everyone about the consequences of invading the Tower of Dusk’s territory .

Sandos’ shrieks and the meteors that were chasing them incessantly put them on the verge of a mental breakdown .

“Felic, if you dare to kill me, the three Arbitrators will definitely seek justice for me!” Canuman exclaimed, bringing up the three Arbitrators because he was already in a dead end, and that was his last resort . He hoped that that would make Lin Li think twice, but he seemed to have forgotten that he was thrown out mercilessly by Arbitrator Apophis precisely because he had gone against Lin Li .

However, how would Canuman know that Lin Li had long been selected as the fourth Arbitrator by the three Arbitrators? Moreover, even without the identity of the fourth Arbitrator, the three Arbitrators still wouldn’t say or do anything to stop Lin Li if he wanted to kill Canuman . However, Lin Li did not kill Canuman immediately, and instead quickly moved in another direction on the battlefield .

There were three who were doing their best to resist the attacks of the meteors, two of which were Sword Sages dressed in dark gold armor . The other one was a Legendary-mage who seemed to be in his thirties, and was shielded by the Sword Sages . Clearly, he had an extraordinary status, especially since the two Sword Sages seemed even more nervous, and showed their intent to protect him after Lin Li appeared .

However, the Legendary-mage did not panic when he saw Lin Li appearing, and instead even sized Lin Li up as he seemed to be in the mood to do so . Then, he unhurriedly said, “You must be the President of the Tower of Dusk . You’re very competent . Moreover, you’ve now even obtained the legendary Sky Castle . I had no choice but to do that previously, because I couldn’t find you . Since you have returned, let’s have a discussion . ”

The Legendary-mage’s words made Lin Li feel stunned for a while . He thought that the Legendary-mage would either directly fight him head-on or get down and beg for mercy, but he did not expect to hear such words from him . Besides, he did not sound like he was begging for mercy at all, and instead seemed to have a sense of superiority, as if he had the upper hand .

Lin Li did not know if the Legendary-mage was calm or just had a sense of superiority . Lin Li asked with some derision, “Oh? What do you want to talk about?”

“Stop your attacks first . You’ve already killed Sandos and Dantin . If you kill others, I’m afraid that we will really reach the point of no return,” the Legendary-mage said proudly .

Lin Li was a little amused . Initially, he thought that that Legendary-mage could remain calm because he had a good control over his mentality and emotions . However, he turned out to be someone who failed to get a clear idea of the situation . He naturally did not follow his instructions and stop attacking the rest . Instead, he said, “Seems like you’re the commander who’s in charge of the attack against the Tower of Dusk . ”

“Hmph, that fool Canuman isn’t fit to lead us at all . ” The Legendary-mage admitted to Lin Li’s conjecture nonchalantly, ignoring the gazes of those around him . He then conceitedly said, “You can’t know my identity yet, but I’m just going to tell you that I’m the only one who can recruit you, so you’d better stop attacking immediately . Otherwise, you’ll not only lose the chance to join us, but you’ll also become our greatest enemy!”

The Legendary-mages words were somewhat beyond Lin Li’s expectations . He initially thought that it was Canuman’s intention to attack the Tower of Dusk, and that the Necromancer and blood elf et cetera were just hired to help him . However, it seemed that there was an unknown force helping Canuman and allowing him to go against the rules of the Supreme Council . Clearly, the strength of this unknown force was probably not too inferior to that of the Supreme Council, even though it could not be on par with it .

That made Lin Li curious . It was fair to say that the Supreme Council was in control of all other forces in Anril, and no one would oppose that claim . Even the two great forces that were second only to the Supreme Council, the Brilliance Shrine and Darkness Shrine, probably could not ignore the Supreme Council .

“Seems like I’ve failed to get the latest news . I really can’t think of any other force in Anril that dares to ignore the existence of the Supreme Council . ” Lin Li did not stop attacking, and instead continued speaking while squinting slightly in a bid to find out some things from him .

“There’s no need for you to know what our force is now . You only need to know that even the so-called Supreme Council is nothing at all in our eyes . If you join us, you will have our support, and it won’t be impossible to replace the Supreme Council,” the Legendary-mage said proudly like a pious believer of a certain faith .

Upon hearing the other party’s proud and arrogant reply, Lin Li nodded calmly, and said, “Indeed, it’s not the time to talk about this now . Don’t worry, I’ll give you some time to tell me everything you know . ” After saying that, he made two giant mana hands appear out of the void, each holding a Sword Sage .

Lin Li did not give them time to react at all . As soon as the mana hands grabbed the Sword Sages, he pointed the Helios’ Scepter forward, and magic spells blasted at the three enemies like a massive wave .

The other party did not expect Lin Li to take on the challenge . Although the two Sword Sages were figures who were at the peak of the Legendary-realm, there was no way they could escape from the hands of a Sanctuary powerhouse . After being restrained by the giant mana hands, the two Sword Sages were powerless, and could not retaliate against the magic spells at all . In an instant, they were devoured completely by those magic spells .

That Legendary-mage managed to cast a layer of magical defense in time, but, after all, there was a difference in realm between the two of them, and Lin Li’s attack was sudden too . That Legendary-mage could not keep the defense up even for a single second, as it was immediately broken by the magic spell .

However, Lin Li merely killed the two Sword Sages and left the Legendary-mage alive because he still wanted to find out some things from him . Hence, after the magic storm passed, the Legendary-mage lay on the ground in a disheveled manner without any severe damage done to his body .

“Just behave yourself and stay here . Someone will come and pick you up later . I still have some questions that I need you to answer . ” After saying that, Lin Li vanished, and the next time he appeared, he was already in front of the blood elf .

Among the few who escaped, the blood elf was in the best condition . With his incredible agility and the large number of demons as cannon fodder, he soon got rid of the meteors that were chasing him . However, that was also the reason Lin Li charged towards the blood elf after killing Sandos who used the Teleportation Scroll and those who pretended to be the real leaders .

There were only a few seconds left until he could really leave the place, but to his surprise, a figure suddenly appeared and hindered him from leaving . Not wasting any time at all, the blood elf immediately tossed his staff out and turned in a bid to move away from the obstruction at the same time .

After being tossed by the blood elf, the staff immediately turned into a mottled python which had a head larger than that of the Abyssal Demon Dragon Kiel . Its body was as thick as an ordinary tower . If a carriage were to be put in its mouth, it would take a long and hard time to reach its bottom .

As the mottled python was taking shape, a large bloodied mouth was already covering Lin Li’s head . Its venomous fangs were also the size of a human . Even Lin Li seemed just like a fly in front of the giant python .

However, the python could no longer close its mouth after looming over Lin Li, as a layer of light emerged around Lin Li and pushed up the giant python’s mouth entirely . Regardless of how much force the giant python was using, it could not bite through the seemingly weak layer of light .

Lin Li did not intend to take a day trip in the python’s stomach . Making the intruders who attacked the Tower of Dusk bear the consequences of their actions was what he wanted to do the most now . Although he was standing still, the arm that he had extended simply moved out of thin air into the void, as if half of it was suddenly missing . It seemed extremely bizarre .

At this moment, the blood elf changed his direction, and exerted all of his power while balls of red fog erupted from his body, causing his escape speed to increase rapidly . He was well aware that he might really die if he could not escape in time . Hence, he did everything he could to escape .

However, before the blood elf could go far, he suddenly felt a palpitation, and then saw a huge hand piercing the void and grabbing him . At this moment, the blood elf finally knew why Sandos was killed even though he had used the high-level Teleportation Scroll .

A large amount of self-destructive genes caused the blood elf to almost lose his power to retaliate . He watched the giant hand grab him and drag him out of the void . By the time everything around him changed again, he was already back in front of Lin Li . He could still see the giant mouth outside the light that could not close .

“There’s always a price to pay for everything you do . ”

As soon as he heard his words, he sunk into eternal darkness, and felt as if everything quickly disappeared .

Lin Li threw the blood elf’s corpse onto the ground with a loud thud . With the death of the blood elf, the mottled python that was fighting with the light also instantly reverted to the form of a staff and fell to the ground .

Without looking at the staff at all, Lin Li moved and appeared right in front of the serpentine woman Vesha . As soon as Lin Li appeared, a massive wave of oppression landed in the space around Vesha . The totem poles around her also began to break and shatter as they could not withstand the pressure .

Seeing this situation, the serpentine woman Vesha dared not procrastinate at all . She took out a silver mask and held it in her hands . Two rays of light shot out at Lin Li through the eyeholes of the mask .

That was the special magical weapon of the snakes, the Medusa’s Touch, which would instantly turn anyone or any object that was hit by the light into stone . If Lin Li was only at the Legendary-realm, he would probably have to put in some effort to resist it, but unfortunately, being in the Sanctuary-realm meant a fundamental change in his understanding of the world . The petrifying light was not a big deal to him at all .

Faced with the incoming petrifying light, Lin Li simply waved his hand gently, causing the two rays of light to immediately change direction as they accurately shone on the serpentine woman Vesha . With a shrill shriek, her body turned into a dull gray stone sculpture .

“Your turn, Canuman . ” When Lin Li appeared in front of Canuman again, the latter was the only one left on the battlefield .

“Wait, I admit defeat, but I want the Supreme Council to judge and sanction me for my sins . ” Canuman had initially wanted to make the last struggle, but he just wanted to survive now . Once he headed to the Supreme Council and pulled some careful tricks, he might be able to turn the situation around .

Unfortunately, Lin Li was not afraid of what Canuman was going to do, but he was afraid of trouble . How could he let the Supreme Council deal with Canuman? He glanced at the frightened Canuman composedly, and slowly raised his arm while pointing his finger forward .


The entire space seemed to have cracked because of Lin Li’s action, while Canuman, who was in that space, could not make a single sound at all . He was torn into bits amidst countless spatial cracks and devoured by the void, thus leaving nothing behind .

“President!” Gavin and the others had seen the appearance of the Sky Castle, but due to the fact that the Sky Castle’s attacks would not differentiate between foe and friend, they dared not leave the Tower of Dusk without permission . When they saw Lin Li killing all the fleeing enemies on the battlefield, they finally knew that their President had returned .

Taking the mages of the Tower of Dusk with him, Gavin quickly arrived in front of Lin Li and suppressed his feelings of agitation while saying to Lin Li with guilt written all over his face, “President, I’ve you down the past three years!”

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