Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

"He is the entertainment king who is in charge of everything. Been single for years, he had zero scandal. One day, a woman and a girl turned his life upside down.The little cutie held him tight, not letting go. ""Handsome uncle, you look very much li

Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

She gets drunk in the bar and accidentally offends her husband whom she has rarely met throughout their two-year-marriage! Rumor has it that Young Master Rong Yan is a germaphobe and will never let any woman get near him. Why is she an exception? Rum

Priestess Of The Land

Amalthea wakes up in the body of the Prime Minister's 2nd daughter, Tria Ashir. A motherless daughter who has been abandoned and left to die because of her poor mental health and absence of talent.Not even a day has passed since she traveled into thi

Prime Originator

"You have to take responsibility!""What? I was just feeling your pulse!""You have to take responsibility!""It was an accident! I didn't touch it on purpose!""Why are these women trying to throw themselves at me? Please let me cultivate in peace! I ne

Prince Charming's complicated love story

At the age of 5 they promise to be each others friends for rest of their lives but at the age of 18 they ditched their promise and roll onto each other. To know What happened to their friendship or to their promise just read Friends or lovers#A scene

Prince Herscherik and The Kingdom of Sorrow

The day prior to female otaku Hayakawa Ryouko's 35th birthday, she departed the world in a traffic accident. Then, she was reincarnated in a fantasy world. Not to mention into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed beautiful Prince of the largest country in the

Prince of the Octagon

Forget the UFC!Experience all of mixed martial arts through a novel!MMA history spanning decades.The legend of the man who dominated the 100 square foot octagon ring.Changgong Lee, the strongest hard puncher in history!The unrivaled champion who woul

Prince, You Are So Cheap

"I can finally marry you," he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop, "If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die."Yet,

Princess Agents

After modern-day agent Chu Qiao sacrificed her life for her country, she was mysteriously taken back in time to the Xia Dynasty. She was a human target to be hunted by aristocrats for their entertainment. Luckily, she managed to survive as she was sp

Princess and the General

The Immortals Valley's little medicine fairy Yu Fu, who descended the mountain at twelve years old, encountered an Eastern Ling soldier seeking for medicine outside the mountain gate. Due to various reasons, she got taken back to an army camp to trea

Princess Bibliophile

The book-loving Lady Elianna is Prince Christopher's fiance in name.One fateful day, she witnessed the prince being affectionate towards a girl he was rumoured to be in a relationship with! Elianna believed that her engagement with the Prince would b

Princess Husband, Too Mensao!

"Ahpainful"Lying on the cold operating table, the girl's sentimental feelings faded, a mysterious man took her innocence.Meeting again, the mysterious man was actually a black bellied VIP, capturing her home, wanting to spoil her."Reporting to the Bo

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

"I would give you everythingThere's nothing in this world I wouldn't doTo ensure your happinessI'll cherish every part of youBecause without you beside me I can't survive."(Part of a series: This is Book 1)The Year 4014A woman with long black hair th

Princess Medical Doctor

She is the Crown Prince's fiancee, but on the night of their wedding, an edict was made and she was given off to marry the crippled and paralyzed God of War.On their wedding night, the paralyzed groom pressed her under his body: "Do you want this Pri

Princess too Young, Prince too Old

On their wedding night, she gnashed her teeth, yelling, "Your Highness, that's shameless!"Set off by the flickering light of red candles, he curved the corner of his mouth into a wicked grin, "Actually, I can be more shameless"When they met for the f

Princess’ Dangerous Brothers

Lestia, who grew up in the slums with her drunken uncle and managed to make ends meet by selling flowers. One night when her uncle, who was threatened by the thugs because of his debt, tried to sell her off."Hey, get your hands off her."A group of be

Pristine Darkness

She has chosen a path that is different from that of the ordinary person and she has also fallen in love with a man who is different from that of ten thousand other. Thus even she is covered in bruises, her heart filled with reassurances. Pain radiat

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

The old man pointed to the flower-like woman and said, "Call her mother from now on." He then pointed to a flower-bud-like girl and said, "This is your sister."My younger sister was not cute.She was arrogant, taciturn and weird, but she knew how to p

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

When trash becomes a geniusone word: Fierce! Two words: Two-faced! Three words: Too heaven defying!She is the foremost and outstanding armament refining master. Passing through a dynasty, and became a publicly humiliated and bullied Third Young Miss.

Profane Prince of Domination

Government intelligence agencies realized that Konrad, the world's number one wife robber, was endowed with a supreme weapon allowing him to turn the purest of maidens into hungry beasts: The Golden Rod!Eager to obtain that marvelous weapon for their

Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus

Passerby-A is increasingly dissatisfied with their small part in the drama. By chance, Luo Ran was born because of this one sentiment. Her purpose is only one to add scenes!If you want to add scenes, you have to be with people who have more scenes.

Prometheus's Burst

A young man who ruled the underworld died in an ambush. Surprisingly he reborn in Marvel Universe.What holds our MC's future?

Proud Farm Girl With A Space

After transmigrating, Su Tang became a poor village girl who was not loved by her own father and was abused by her stepmother. After only a few days she was sent as a sacrifice to the River God. Faced with the threat of an imminent second death, Su T

Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host!He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, suppor

Psychic Parasite

[Check out my new novel, "MURIM RECURVE"]At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was

Psychic Tattoo

Psychic Tattoo is about a Yin and Yang Tattoo that can bring you fame, fortune and safety. The psychic tattoo is no ordinary tattoo, as it has special properties! The successor of those who can make the psychic tattoo can help people avoid evil thing


Living in the high school student dormitories is first year student Araki Jin. His archeologist parents have sent him a mysterious lamp that, once polished, causes the academy's idol Zadou Sierra to abruptly appear! What's more, she is dressed in a m

Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy

Jiang Xunyi had transmigrated into a book many years ago, and always tirelessly maintained the requisite accomplishments for a villain.After finally completing the ultra-difficult task to allow the male protagonist to kill him, an OOC warning had app

Pure love ✕ Insult Complex

I fall in love to a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I won't get her. The devil send me an invites. I can make her mine!W

pure vampire

"Sometimes death isn't the death was the beginning.....and my true beginning began the day a vampire killed me...."Analise Walker has a tough everyday life. Her older sister torments her on a daily basis. Ana copes by eating and gains a

Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest trough the time

Late at night."Cancel your engagement with my stepsister and marry me" senja said brazenly.Xiao tianyou looked at the little girl in front of him with amusement."Then, why should i marry you?"Senja tilted her head to one side and smirk coquettishly."

Purple Lightning Emperor

This is a story about Shad, a young orphan who was struck by lightning. Instead of dying, he was reborn into another world known as Eidrin. The ambient mana on Eidrin is extremely dense and abundant, allowing mages to reign supreme over the rest of t

Purple River

Two hundred years ago, on the Battlefield of the Blue River, the last remaining army of the Empire of Light collapsed in the midst of demonic outcries. As the last Field Marshal and Emperor fell, the chaotic world of the Western River no longer had a

Pursuing Immortality

Meet Gu Yua college dropout and a talented incense maker, and at the same time, the rather stoic protagonist of this story. Despite his somewhat introverted manner, he has a tendency to make sarcastic remarks in his thoughts. One day, after saving a

Pursuit of the Truth

Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will become one who controls life and death!Su Ming grew up dreaming about becoming a Berserker even though he k