Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348: 1348
The injuries suffered while he endured the fire worsened his condition . He couldn't assess the strangeness of that room properly while he went through those painful sensations .

Noah decided to sit on a corner and close his eyes . He didn't sleep, but his awareness wavered as his mind struggled to remain wary of his surroundings .
His black hole filled his body with dark matter . The higher energy worked together with his innate regenerative abilities to heal his injuries and disperse the stress accumulated while his ambition was active .
No one disturbed Noah while he was in that weakened condition . Months passed quickly as confused thoughts filled his dizzy mind .
Noah continued to think about the Pyramid while pain and tiredness filled him . He had always felt that there was something off with that structure, and every expert who had the chance to explored it had felt the same .
That feeling had only become more intense after he saw the narrow staircase . The torches were defending something that didn't involve resources . Something told him that he was resting in front of the answers to his doubts .
His curiosity and greed stirred his centers of power to heal more quickly . They were mere feelings produced by a tired mind, but his existence reacted to them and did its best to get Noah out of that weakened condition .
Complete clarity slowly returned to Noah's mind, and hunger soon replaced his other feelings . He had to refill the energy depleted to heal his injuries and disperse the stress . Luckily for him, he had a large stash of rank 7 magical beasts in his separate space .

Noah noticed that Snore, Night, and the Demonic Sword were in different corners of the room when he took out pieces of flesh from his separate space . His companions had come out during that period of weakness and had protected him in silence .
They didn't make a sound when he started to move again . Their connection with his mind made them understand that he still needed to recover, so they remained in their spots to inspect the perimeter .
Even if other explorers were to reach that room, they wouldn't be able to enter . No gaseous stage cultivator could defeat those dangerous creatures .
Noah ate quickly, but he didn't linger of the beautiful sensation caused by the energy that flowed back into his tissues . His eyes remained fixed on the staircase . He couldn't wait to explore the areas that even the powerful Balrow family didn't reach .
Once his body returned to its previous peak, Noah called back the Demonic Sword to cultivate and increase the amount of primary energy contained in his spherical rune .
After he completely recovered, Noah stood up and called back his other companions . He didn't waste time in useless thoughts and walked directly toward the staircase .
He had already spent entire months evaluating every hypothesis . It was time to find the answers to his doubts now .
The narrow staircase made sharp turns . Noah kept track of his movements and compared them with the map from the Balrow family . That path seemed to be inside the Pyramid's external walls and kept on climbing until it crossed a few superior layers .

Noah didn't know where he was going, but worry filled him when he sensed that he had crossed the third layer in terms of height . The staircase had followed the Pyramid's peripheral walls through a secret path that no one had ever found .
The staircase moved past the fourth and fifth layers . Noah felt worried that the secret path could lead toward defenses that even peak rank 8 cultivators couldn't defeat, but he didn't stop . He couldn't retreat without even knowing what he had uncovered .
Then, the staircase made him cross the sixth layer . Most cultivators would escape at that point, but Noah couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about that place . His instincts also reassured him, so he proceeded slowly .
The Demonic Sword flew in his hand when he saw a change in that dark-yellow environment . The narrow path led to a dark room that radiated white flashes on a constant rhythm .
The light was harmless, so Noah decided to approach the room . He crouched as he walked past the last steps of the staircase, and his eyes widened when he gazed at the scenery inside that secret area .
A swarm of fly-like puppets flew through the room while carrying minute materials . They amassed them in a pile at the back of the area, and a white light shone from its insides at a steady rhythm .
White lines lit up and went dark on that pile of black materials . It resembled a dune made of metallic sand that shone whenever it accumulated enough resources .

Noah didn't enter the room, but he continued to peek to studied the process . The puppets were building something, and shock filled his mind when he recognized some features among that pile of minute materials .
A flash of light filled the area, and a claw appeared on the pile's base . The room lit up again, and a second talon formed next to the previous one .
The light seemed to indicate the moments when the materials fused . The pile of grain-sized metals transformed as the flashes continued to fill the room .
A creature slowly took form . Noah's eyes remained glued to the process until he saw the swarm of minute puppets retreating and revealing a humanoid beast covered in metallic feathers .
The beast's head made him think about an eagle-like creature, but Noah could see that it wasn't an actual lifeform . The flies had created a tall puppet that radiated power in the middle tier .
The eagle-like humanoid puppet didn't move . Faint white light shone from inside it and illuminated the room, but it remained immobile as if waiting for something .
Noah sat on the staircase at that point . An idea had begun to form in his mind, and his hands itched to test it . He believed that the Pyramid had created that puppet for him .
'Is this a real inheritance then?' Noah wondered as he studied the puppet .

The flies didn't use rank 8 materials when they built it . They had created something slightly stronger than the torches' fire . Noah didn't believe that to be a case, but his doubts forced him to wait until he inspected the whole situation properly .
There was no one else in the room . Noah sat on the staircase and studied the immobile five meters tall puppet . His thoughts soon converged toward a single question . He wondered whether he could defeat that creature .
'I am the strongest type of existence,' Noah thought as his eyes remained glued on the creature . 'I stand above magical beasts, humans, and hybrids . I have a living weapon that features the same advantages by my side, an improved version of the deadliest creature, and a Snake capable of pure destruction . '
Noah had to admit that no gaseous stage cultivator could even come close to match his power . He had three divine creatures by his side and was an existence that regular labels couldn't describe .
The puppet resembled a magical beast in the middle tier made of precious materials . Its power was clearly above what gaseous stage cultivators could handle, but Noah knew that he had a chance to defeat it .
His ambition began to improve his centers of power before he could reach a conclusion, and he sighed as he straightened his position . His individuality had decided . His existence wanted to see if he could defeat the puppet .