Demon's Virtue - Chapter 309

The two Ghosts stood in front of Eiro, one filled with anger, and one filled with compassion, but both of them were ready to forgive the Demon due to his honest emotions. They had briefly gained a form just now to speak to him, but it seemed like something was weird with them. Usually, Ghosts were beings that were unable to control their emotions properly, mostly being filled with a single strong emotions to the very end.
Maybe it was because they were together, balancing each other out with good or positive emotions, but it seemed like they were able to thinking normally, as if they were still alive. For example, the Vengeful Spirit that tried to kill Eiro just a few moments prior was now not that bothered anymore.
And due to the fact that they didnt have extremely strong emotions, their forms that were barely held together in the first place were slowly falling apart now.
I thank you. Eiro said quietly, and then looked back at their faces, Now that we have this chance to speak... If you still wish to exist after this, then I have an idea that I would like to explain to you.
The two Ghosts slowly looked at each other for a moment and then turned back to Eiro silently, but with expressions that showed their interest, I can not bring you back to life, at least not yet, but I can try and turn you two into Undead that can retain their ego properly. And once I have the ability to revive you, then I will immediately do so.
It seemed like the two Ghosts were rather surprised to hear such an offer. They turned toward each other again and spoke to each other for a moment, although Eiro was unable to hear what exactly it was that they were saying. But soon, they looked back at Eiro and spoke to him as well.
We still have unfinished business... The boy pointed out, and the girl next to him nodded her head, So if you can... We would like to not disappear just yet.
Immediately, Eiro nodded his head, and immediately got to work. Instead of focusing it on his throat, and with that his voice, he now moved it over to his right hand. Since it was practically a staff, it was obviously strengthened a bit more, and the Demon was able to hopefully control this Death Magic properly.
He slowly grabbed the hands of the two disappearing Ghosts, and made sure to place his other hand on top of them to see to it that he was tightly grasping both of them. And after that, Eiro proceeded to push as much Death Magic into them as possible. What happened now was that their forms became stable for the next little while, which was enough for Eiro to do what he had to do.
Since it was possible to use Magic Stones to cast spells that you didnt have the skill for to an extent, since they gave you access to that specific elemental magic, Eiro was also able to fill the Grimoire with a few possible Necromantic spells after letting the Death Magic flow through his body and then into the special book. And with as much effort as possible, and a few forbidden books about necromancy that Solomon managed to get for Eiro, the Demon managed to compose a spell that would make it possible to turn a spirit into permanent undead despite not having the Death Magic skill.

The Demon opened the book on the right page and then started to rapidly move his hands around, first in front of the boy, and then in front of the girl. Actually drawing the spell took a bit longer than Eiro would have hoped, despite the fact that the Grimoire was speeding everything up considerably. They were still complex magic circles, so obviously they would take quite some time to create.
It seemed like the boy, who was a mage when he still lived, realized that Eiro was creating something like this at such an incredible speed, however, and was just watching it in awe, suppressing his anger for a few moments.
And then, finally, Eiro managed to finish the spells up, and simultaneously activated them, although there was still something that he had to warn the two Ghosts about.
...Oh, and even though what you will turn into might seem a bit embarrassing, please bear with me. I will explain the reason to you soon enough. Eiro pointed out, and although the two Ghosts seemed a bit hesitant all of a sudden, Eiro quickly activated the spell before they could think about it.
The death magic inside of the Demons body flowed into the spells and then into the temporary forms of the Ghosts. And in a manner that might seem a little bit gruesome to others, the bodies of the Ghosts shrunk down and compressed into two fist-sized, smooth glass orbs, one white and one black, that soon fell to the ground.
Of course, Eiro immediately caught them, since the two of them were most likely unable to really control these new bodies of theirs, but that was fine for now. Eiro didnt expect anything else. But for now, Eiro got rid of the Death Magic that he was infusing his own body with, since it would start damaging him soon otherwise.
But the moment that he did so, James looked at Eiro with a wry smile on his face, Y-You... You didnt trick them or something, right? What did you do with them?
Hm? Eiro asked as he turned toward the confused and conflicted Light Elf, Oh, I turned them into Will-O-Wisps.
Will-O-Wisps..? But isnt that like the weakest sort of Undead there is..? James asked, and the Demon next to him immediately nodded his head, Of course, what did you expect? I dont even have the skill yet, I did the best I could. Also, theyre Variant Will-O-Wisps, so theyre a lot str- Suddenly, Eiro was interrupted by a surge of electricity that flowed into his arm from the Black Orb he was holding.
Could you at least let me finish..? As you can see, theyre not normal Will-O-Wisps. Those would be more mist-like. But in this case, theyre solid. That will allow them to retain their ego while heavily strengthening them compared to what a usual Will-O-Wisp would be like. And on top of that, like this, it will be easier to give them their temporary bodies until I can revive them. Eiro explained as the surge of electricity into his right arm continued, although he was able to ignore it pretty well for now.
How do you plan on giving them a temporary body? James asked, since he didnt really understand the Demons plan, and he immediately turned toward the two urns, Im going to fuse their ashes into some seeds to grow strong trees, and have these two assist it with their mana. Basically, its the same thing as Im having you and Charles do. But instead of replacing a limb or two... Im going to create two new bodies for them, and will try to set these two into the center of those bodies. Will-O-Wisps can possess objects, so Im pretty sure it would work out pretty well if I do it right and improve on my Necromancy until then.
James stared back at Eiro with his eyes ripped open, You want to give them bodies completely made of wood? Wouldnt that be more torturous than now?
Why would it be? With those bodies, at some point, they will be able to sense things again properly. They will be able to see, hear, touch, smell, and maybe even taste. They will be able to feel the cold air on them again. And you know just as well as I do that I can make realistic carvings... Dont worry, the whole goal of the arts I was taught by Jura is to practically create life. I can do this, I can make it up to them. And then, at some point, I will give them bodies that can truly live and breathe.
Do you really think thats fine..? James asked with a slight sigh, slowly glancing at the two orbs that Eiro was still holding in his hands, before one of the two started slightly glowing all of a sudden.
I think it sounds like a pretty good idea! The girl in the white orb exclaimed, and a few moments afterward, the boy in the black orb also spoke up, As long as I can kick this Demons ass soon, I dont give a shit. 
Hm, sure, Ill give you a few free kicks if you want. Eiro replied bluntly.
...That was supposed to be a joke, you know? The boy pointed out, But honestly, embarrassing was an understatement, wasnt it? Were just... glass orbs that can do nothing but float... 
Well, thats not right, you can do a lot more than that. Lets test it out later. But for now, I just want to say, Im glad that everything worked well. Speech doesnt seem to be an issue with you two, but can you see around you alright? Also, try to float a little bit once you can, Ill catch you if anything goes wrong.
The white orb seemed to try and think about the question for a few moments, and the girl soon replied, Its weird... I cant see anything, but its like Im aware of everything thats just a couple steps away from me... I guess? She explained, and Eiro slowly nodded his head, I see, thats good to know.
Wait up... How exactly are those two able to speak already? And why are you just... okay with what happened to you? This is the guy that killed you, you know? James pointed out with a wry smile on his face, and the boy in the black orb scoffed in response, Oh, I know that. Im not saying that I like this form, but its better than being fully dead, yknow? And I hate this assholes guts, but he apologized, so I dont feel as angry anymore.
...This is very weird. James pointed out, and Eiro slowly turned his head over toward him, You think so?
James bluntly nodded his head in response. Eiro kept looking at him for a few more moments, since there was something else that these two had to talk about as well. James seemed to realize what it was, and he slowly looked back at the two orbs who were currently speaking to each other in their new, weird, echoey voices.
Fine, I guess Im staying in the party, then.
I thought so. Thank you.

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