Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Darling, You Seem A Little Too Angry

So, the Brother Zhan that Gu Yichen was talking about was actually Jun Zhan?

It didn’t seem that surprising. Jincheng: Gu, Jun, Pei, the three families were all in the same circle, so they were definitely not strangers.

“Brother Zhan, Brother Zhan, wait, give me a ride!”

Kala was starting the car and preparing to leave:

“Devil, I think someone is calling you?”

The person in the backseat naturally heard it:

“Wait for him.”

The car that was starting stopped:

“He, is there any problem?” Kala was still worried.

Jun Zhan shook his head slightly:

“He doesn’t need us to worry. Pay more attention to Gu Yueshu’s actions. Don’t let him disturb my plan.”


After Gu Yichen got into the car, Jun Zhan and Kala had already stopped their conversation.

On the other side, Jiang Tingxu and the others also got into the car and prepared to leave.

Gu Ranzhi’s car was still driven by the bodyguards. On the way back to the resort, Wen Jie’s mood was still somewhat affected. She was not in the mood to chat.

Wen Jie’s life was indeed quite rough.

She married an unworthy man in the early years who left her alone with a child.

After that, she met father Jiang again and lived a happy life that lasted for less than two or three years. Father Jiang unexpectedly passed away.

During these ten years, she spent almost all her energy on her career before she became the Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Department.

At this moment, even the little fellow was quiet and did not make a sound.

When they returned to the hotel, Wen Jie returned to her room to rest. She even rejected Jiang Tingxu’s company, saying that she needed to calm down alone.

The family of three then returned to the room next door. However, after the little guy entered the room, he was dragged to the side by his father to do his homework.

Regarding this aspect, as a father, Mo Boyuan was indeed not as loose and strict as Jiang Tingxu, his biological mother!

Who asked this little man to be the child of the Mo family in Yun City?

And up until now, the Mo family only had one child. Many things had already been placed on the little guy’s head the moment the child was born.

However, because he was still too young, his father and his second uncle temporarily held the fort.

“Mo Zhining, I hope that you can finish all these homework before your uncle comes back!”

“All… all of them?”

“Of course, can’t you do it?”

Although it was a questioning tone, the little one did not dare to really answer like that.

It was not like he had never experienced it before. The result would be very miserable!


Having a miserable experience was enough. He did not want to do it again.

Mo Boyuan coldly acknowledged:


The little one obediently picked up a pen and started writing. Mo Boyuan stood there and looked at it for a while before he turned around and went to his room.

When he came in, Jiang Tingxu was changing his clothes.

“Mo Boyuan, didn’t they teach you in school to knock when you enter?” He was very annoyed.

The man leaned against the door and ignored his wife’s question. He revealed a evil smiles on his face:

“What? Are you afraid that I’ll look at you? Is there anything on your body that I haven’t seen?”

When he heard this, Jiang Tingxu was so embarrassed that her legs went weak and she almost fell down.


“Mo Boyuan, shut up!”

A clothes hanger flew towards the man at the same time.

Did this shameless man think that everyone was as shameless as him?

Mo Boyuan’s dodged it nimbly. The clothes hanger hit the door and fell to the ground.

Compared to Jiang Tingxu, whose face was red with anger, Mo Boyuan was very calm:

“Honey, have you been a little too angry recently?”

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