Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1378 My Law allows me to Play House…

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Chapter 1378 My Law allows me to Play Housea?|

1378 My Law allows me to Play House...

"How are you all doing this?"

Faustina couldn't help but question with a curious look on her face.

In front of her, stood 12 women who had all decided to return since it had been a long time since they met their husband. Yes, by Faustina's orders, they couldn't do 'things' with their husband, however, that didn't mean that even meeting him was restricted, now did it?

Anyways, as the women heard the Progenitor's words, all of them turned towards her and even though she knew what the woman was talking about, Allura flashed a smile and, "What do you mean, Lady Faustina?"

Faustina observed the woman for a while, then, she pointed at a certain pink haired tanned woman who was currently coiled around her husband, hogging him all to herself, and, "These Laws that you people are forming one after another. I held back before, but the more I see it, the stranger it gets.

How are you people forming these Laws so easily?

300 years did pass, but that is only true for Nux, for her, only 3 years have passed. How did she form a Law in just 3 years? Not just her, you, you, you, you and you,"

The Progenitor pointed at Lane, Riona, Thyra, Allura and, Ember,

"The Sword Girl, I understand, she was taught by Vyriana and was directed to form her own Path from the very start.

The Devoured and the Elf went through the Trial before forming their Laws and comprehending Laws while taking trial is quite a normal practice, so I somewhat understand that as well.

But what about you lot?

You only learned about the existence of Laws a few years ago, how are you people forming your Laws left and right as if it was nothing?"

The Human Progenitor questioned with a deep frown on her face.

One had to know, even in Ancestral Order, beings who had formed their Laws were few, most of them relied on their Law of Self and all the beings recruited in the Order were geniuses in their own right, that was the reason they were recruited in the first place.

So Nux's wives, who were forming their Laws like it was nothing, Faustina, was having a hard time digesting that fact.

One of two, she understood.

They were women with potential, so something like that could be expected from them. Even in the Ancestral Order, there were few Prodigies who were able to form their Laws in a matter of a few years, but... all of them?

She was silent this whole time because all the women who had formed their Laws had something special that made them different from the rest of the world.

Nothing needed to be said about the Devourer and Sword Girl. Thyra and Riona were top-class assassins who had trained their entire lives, Ember was the Leader of an army, her life was anything but easy, Allura was a Primordial Demon who found an easier way out, the elf was one of the purest women she had seen, people with such a pure heart always had an easier time forming their Laws because of their strong believes. Lane literally had another 'being' living inside her, she was special in her own regard, the more 'unique' the individual, the easier it is to form their Law.

But now this...?


For as long as Faustina has been observing this group, Edda was...

The woman was one of the most 'normal' beings in terms of potential. Other than her monstrous cultivation speed that was similar to the rest of the group, the woman was... nothing special.

Faustina knew many beings whose potential was higher than Edda's but needed 100s of years to form their Laws. Heck, even the other Succubus in this group and the Vampire are much more talented than her, Then how...

How was this woman able to form her Law so easily?

The Progenitor couldn't understand.

"Because we are talented?"

While Faustina was lost in her thoughts, unable to comprehend everything that was happening in front of her, Allura answered her question with a simple smile on her face.

Faustina stared at the woman with a deadpan look on her face. Allura however, just chuckled as she stared at Amaya, who was observing the entire situation in silence. The rest of the women seemed to be staring at Amaya as well. Nux on the other hand, just had a smile on his face.

Honestly, Faustina wasn't the first one who asked this question.

It was Amaya.

Amaya noticed this anomaly much faster than anyone else because unlike Faustina, who, maybe for her son's sake, or just because she was lazy, didn't bother investigating them and looking into their background, Amaya knew everything.

Sure, some of their sisters were incredibly talented before meeting Nux, however, were their talents so high that it set them apart from all the people in Yrniel and even placed them at the top of the Ancestral Order?

Amaya highly doubted that. Even Astaria, the woman with the highest natural potential out of all of them, in Amaya's eyes, wasn't talented enough to even be compared to the Seven Heroes of Yrniel, let alone the monsters residing in the Ancestral Order. After all, she knew that even their Cultivation Stage, the biggest reason they were all considered 'Monsters', was given to them by Nux.

Other than their Bloodline level, nothing else had changed from before and that could be seen with how, even though they were cultivating in Waranal where time flew 25 times faster than normal and had spent decades there, none of them were able to break through and become Divine.

However, with how quickly everyone around them was forming their Laws... it was unnatural.

Amaya noticed that and pointed it out when Nux and everyone were together before, however, since no one could come up with a satisfactory, they decided to drop the topic. Not to mention with Nux looking at them with a big smile on his face and constantly saying 'You all are my wives, of course you are special. It is only obvious that the universe understands that as well,' made them drop the topic even faster.

After all, spending time together with Nux was much more important than talking about something that they had no clue about.

And in the end, it was a good thing, wasn't it? After all, the faster they formed their Laws, the better it was for them and for Nux since they could share their experience with Nux and help him form his Law as well.

"Talented huh..."

Faustina commented as she glanced at the group of women in front of her.

Vyriana stared at the group as well, she had a lot of questions, however, she decided to stay silent.

No, she decided to change the topic,

"What Law did you comprehend?" She questioned as she glanced at Edda, who seemed busy snuggling with Nux.

Seeing that she was being called, Edda glanced at Vyriana, then, noticing that she had become the centre of attention since everybody seemed curious about the Law she formed, a big smile appeared on her face and, "Law of Illusionary Monarchy."

The women frowned, unlike other Laws, where the powers of the Laws were clear through its name, this one was... "It is the Law that allows me to rule over the world I create."

"The world you create...?"

Vyriana stared at the woman in front of her with a dumbfounded look on her face. After all... creating an entire world... Faustina on the other hand was quick to connect the dots,

"An Illusionary World."

"That is correct." Edda nodded.

Vyriana stared at the woman with a deadpan look on her face,

"So your Law allows you to play house?"

Edda couldn't help but laugh out loud as she heard those words.

"Play House huh..."

She didn't seem offended by the Dragon's words. After all, she was the last person in the world to care about such things. The only thing she cared about was her husband and her Law... "My Law indeed allows me to Play House... together with my Husband."

Edda spoke with a big smile on her face, then, her smile turned perverted as she stared at Nux and,

"In a world where I can do whatever I want, create and destroy anything I want, I can spend as much time with my husband as I want and... play house with him."

"Are you saying you wish to spend time with Nux in an illusionary world?" Amaya narrowed her eyes.

"Yes." Edda nodded and this time, all the women had similar expressions as Amaya. free

"Are you saying you are going to spend time with an Illusionary Nux?" Aisha questioned with a disgusted look on her face.

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about?" a similar disgusted look appeared on Edda's face, soon however, her smile turned perverted and, "Of course, I can pull others into my world.

And Nux will be a permanent netizen of my world."

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