Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2893

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Chapter 2893 The Unique Cauldron

“Don’t worry, sect lord. I will make the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect suffer an ugly defeat. If they wish to live, they must behave themselves and do as they are told.”

Chu Yunji was standing with arms folded. Even though it sounded arrogant and rude, Chu Fangzhi was satisfied that the Blood Tool Sect would be led by Chu Yunji in the future. Although he was the current sect lord, he would certainly become inferior to Chu Yunji in the future. If Chu Yunji grew stronger, the entire Heavenly Star Boundary would bow before him the moment he left for the Profound Connection Divine Palace a hundred years later.

Although Chu Yunji looked ambitious, Chu Fangzhi had already expected this. After entering the Profound Connection Divine Palace, Chu Yunji would become much more esteemed, gaining further recognition as a Master Blacksmith. That was his ultimate goal.

In the future, Chu Yunji would definitely become a remarkable and invincible figure in the Heavenly Star Boundary.

However, Ling Yanyu really prepared hard for a possible battle in the Nine Cauldron Mountain. As one of the ten great sects, how could it be possible for him to place himself at their mercy?

When Jiang Chen decided to strike out and battle it out with Chu Yunji, as the sect lord of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, Ling Yanyu would not allow someone to steal his thunder. Ten Divine King elders were ready for a battle. No matter how this contest turned out, Ling Yanyu must plan well ahead to confront any possible scenarios. Otherwise, their Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would be devoured utterly by the Blood Tool Sect sooner or later if he just stood still without doing any preparation.

Jiang Chen turned into a ray of light, surging toward the sky and his dark shadow fell on the Nine Cauldron Mountain. Ling Yun and the others were standing close behind him.

Jiang Chen looked cold and dignified. He gave a hasty glance at the sky arrogantly and stood on the peak of the Nine Cauldron Mountain.

“Jiang Chen is here.”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed through the void, it was ear-splitting and frightening. While the Blood Tool Sect, not to be outdone, had more than disciples waving their flags and cheering for Chu Yunji at the same time in order to boost morale.

“Great. I have never expected you to come and fight me. It seems like I have underestimated you.”

Chu Yunji stood with arms folded. Their cold eyes met intensely.

“I have never seen a loser act so arrogant like you. No one else in the Heavenly Star Boundary? Hahaha. Do you think you deserve to be called a Master Blacksmith by just refining those bad quality Origin Divine Tools? It seems like you will never learn a lesson if I didn’t teach you a lesson today.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were blazing a burning torches, he swept over a thousand miles and gazed at the Blood Tool Sect arrogantly. He was not afraid of the nine great sects at all.

“He’s being so arrogant.”

Ling Yanyu thought. However, Jiang Chen was a competent opponent to do so.

“How have you been, Sect Lord Ling? It will be a contest between our Blood Tool Sect and your Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. I wonder if the one from your Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect can show me what he’s really made of today. Humph.”

Chu Fangzhi soared into the sky and his eyes met Ling Yanyu’s. Both of them wore a faint smile, their smile was cold and sly.

“Well, it depends. He will show you what he’s made of.”

It seemed like Ling Yanyu was totally unconcerned and not interested in this contest. He got nothing to do with it after all. It made Chu Fangzhu feel confused and curious about what Ling Yanyu had up his sleeves. Why was Ling Yanyu so confident when he had already blanketed the entire Nine Cauldron Mountain with traps?

“Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”

Chu Fangzhu answered with a cold snort. The fight between two sect lords had started at that moment and Ling Yanyu bet everything on Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen could defeat Chu Yunji, he would be slightly relieved and Ling Yun could also escape from the clutches of the Blood Tool Sect.

Ling Yun and Yue Er were holding hands. Yue Er looked fine but Ling Yun’s eyes were filled with anxiety. Unfortunately, she was not good at communicating and expressing her feelings. But she did not hope Jiang Chen would suffer a serious defeat at the hands of Chu Yunji.

“Sister, wait and see. Big Brother will not let us down. A man tends to work hard in front of the one he loves. Haha.”

Yue Er folded both of her arms, acting like an adult. She swelled up with pride, like everything was under her control. She was totally calm and leisurely, even more at ease than Jiang Chen.

“How do you know about their real strength?”

Ling Yun thought. Yue Er was still young and naive after all.

“Alright. I will make you convinced today, Jiang Chen. Not only betting on the Origin Divine Tool, bet your life as well! Whoever lost today will become a prisoner. I’ll fight to the death!”

Chu Yunji gritted his teeth and fixed his stare at Jiang Chen. How dare Jiang Chen be so disrespectful on their Nine Cauldron Mountain. It seemed like he was getting tired of his life.

“Whatever, I’ll do what I’m supposed to do in this place. I wonder who will be the unlucky one.”

A bright smile spread across Jiang Chen’s face. Two tigers could hardly share one mountain. Especially so for invincible geniuses like Jiang Chen and Chu Yunji. Both of them were young Master Blacksmiths, Chu Yunji was unwilling to show his weakness. Even though he was once defeated by Jiang Chen, his refining skills were unbeatable. Even his master told him that he was a rare talented genius that he had ever met in the Northern Cold Divine Region over thousands of years. Otherwise, his master would not accept him as his disciple. Hence, he was not afraid of Jiang Chen at all.

“The Nine Cauldron Mountain is an active volcano and it erupts every ten thousand years. As a Master Blacksmith, I can endure the heat on the volcano without any problem. I am curious if you dare to have our contest on the lid of the volcano? I hope you will not let me down. The flame of the Nine Cauldron Mountain is known as a place with the highest temperature in the Heavenly Star Boundary, I hope you are not roasted by the heat.”

Once Chu Yunji finished his words, he soared into the sky and surged towards the Nine Cauldron Mountain.

The peak of the Nine Cauldron Mountain was blazing fiercely and the flame leapt up like a phoenix rising from the ashes and soared to the sky. It was hell in the fire, moans and howls were rising from all directions.

“The Nine Cauldron Mountain is like a melting pot. The back of the mountain is surrounded by nine cauldrons while heaven and earth supported the mountain. This guy is playing a long game.”

“You’re right. It seems like Chu Yunji will win this contest. This arrogant guy will never be able to divine the mystery of the Nine Cauldron Mountain.”

“Apparently, Chu Yunji is well-prepared for this. He already has the upper hand at the moment.”

The elders from the ten great sects nodded silently. They were impressed by Chu Yunji.

Setting the Nine Cauldrons on the top, Chu Yunji is standing in an invincible position now. It will be a competition without any doubts.

“Ling Yanyu, I will see how you fight me!”

Chu Fangzhi reached out his hands, he was full of confidence. The Nine Cauldron Mountain was the foundation of the Blood Tool Sect in refining tools. Moreover, those divine tools that were refined on the Nine Cauldron Mountain were formidable and mighty. There was a rumour that a Divine Emperor expert, who refined divine tools on this mountain, made a precious divine weapon eventually. The news frightened the entire Lone Dragon County! Unfortunately, no one knew about the mystery of the Nine Cauldron Mountain after millions of years.

“It is truly a unique cauldron.”

Jiang Chen sighed.

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