Dungeon Predator - Chapter 570.

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It had been 100 days since the end of the war between the Alliance and the Empire, as well as the Empire Guild's dissolution.

Kang Oh walked the path of a game tycoon. He had 50 soul dungeons in his possession.

He bought some of them, and also discovered some himself. Some of his acquisitions had come at the large guilds' expense. 

The value of the 'Kang Oh' brand was tremendous. Kang Oh was a superstar both in-game and in the real world!

Kang Oh had shot a few advertisements during the week, raking in a ton of money. Plus, he'd signed some contracts with huge corporations.

He had also opened a new shop called Kang Man with Man Bok. Their business, which focused on dragon materials and brokering soul dungeons, had expanded so much that it even threatened the Geum San Store's number 1 spot.

Of course, there was no way Kang Oh would be satisfied with the number 2 spot. Someday, he'd become the richest in the game too!

It wouldn't be easy though.

The Master of Gold, Wang Seo Rim.

Wang Seo Rim was a talented merchant. Their business acumen was legendary; so much so that they may prove to be a more difficult opponent than Dukeram.

Still, Kang Oh had Man Bok at his side. As long as he had him, he had a fair shot. 


'I'm a walking middle-sized company!'

However, Kang Oh hadn't just been winning over the last 100 days. He had been faced with some bitter memories too.

The Evil Dragon, Inarius!

Hoffman had given him a quest, which asked him to take revenge on the dragon. Accepting this quest had come along with a slew of benefits.

Kang Oh, Asu, Bart, Helena, Sephiro, etc. attempted the Inarius Raid.

However, they didn't make it that far. They couldn't beat Inarius's most powerful guardians. 

'I need around 25 Masters... or a Grandmaster,' Kang Oh concluded.

Procuring a Grandmaster would be faster than gathering 25 Masters.

'I can become a Grandmaster myself or heal Valan.'

It would be easier to heal Valan than become a Grandmaster.

Back to the present...

That's why Kang Oh was exploring Lalka's Ziggurat, which was considered the most dangerous area within the western grasslands.

* * *

Lalka's Ziggurat.

Kang Oh had come here in the past to save a man named Honadan. At the time, he was crucial to finding the path to Despia.

The Purifying Water, widely considered a panacea, was located somewhere within the confines of this ziggurat.

The 'Purifying' Water.

Doesn't that sound like something Valan, who was poisoned by the Evil God's power, needed?

Kang Oh came with two other people.

There was a beautiful, blonde-haired woman with a chick on her shoulder, as well as a young man with freckles on his face accompanying him.

The woman was the Phoenix Knight, Asu.

She had already surpassed level 400 and had become powerful in her own right. Moreover, she was far stronger than similarly leveled players due to her unique class.

However, the freckled young man, who wore gauntlets on both hands, seemed even more powerful. A single glance would tell you that he was strong.

Supernova Nile!

He had participated in the Ecle War, and had become well-known for his battle against the Black Lion, Raon.

At the time, he was compared to Bart in terms of talent. He had proven that he was indeed gifted.

Rank 8!

Not only was he a Master, but he was the fastest to reach that stage! He was called the 2nd Kang Oh.

One day...

"I want to fight you!" 

Nile came looking for Kang Oh and challenged him to a duel.

Kang Oh had no reason to refuse a duel with a Master. After all, he needed to fight countless strong opponents in order to become a Grandmaster.

Then, he defeated him with ease.

"I want to fight you again!"

Nile challenged him the next day, but the outcome wasn't any different.

One week later...

Seven matches, seven wins!

Kang Oh didn't lose. Nile couldn't even tie with him. However, Kang Oh was shocked by his talent and skill. He truly was incredible!

After losing seven consecutive times, Nile didn't challenge him anymore. Instead, he started following Kang Oh around.

"Why do you keep following me?" Kang Oh scowled and asked.

"I want to watch and learn from you," Nile smiled brightly and said.

Time passed.

Nile was alright. As time went on, Kang Oh started to treat him like his little brother and relaxed his speech around him. Is this what it would feel like to suddenly gain a little brother?

"Brother, over here. Don't touch that wall over there. There's a huge trap behind it!" Nile pointed at a hidden passageway.

He was talented in various fields, especially when it came to finding the right path or discovering traps. Nile was even better than Kang Oh when it came to them. 

Of course, that was only when Kang Oh's Hyper Intuition wasn't considered.

Lalka's Ziggurat was a huge, underground structure that possessed complex, maze-like roads. Moreover, the place was rife with traps. 

If not for Nile, then it would've taken a lot longer to get through the dungeon. The traps probably would've given him hell too.

"Let's go." Asu walked forward.

The further down you went, the stronger the monsters were. However, Nile and Asu were way too strong. There was no need for Kang Oh to get involved.

Asu's sword, the Fire's Heart, was an SS-rank, flame-shaped sword that was created by the Elven Blacksmith, Sunlei.

Sun Sword!

Her blade ignited with Rudy's flames.

Rudy's flames and the Fire's Heart had great synergy. The softest swing of her blade would create a massive amount of flames.


Five Devil Mongs, evil-looking monkeys with two pairs of wings, were burnt to a crisp instantaneously. 

"Haahp!" Nile extended his arm. He was a Master Fighter that used a secret martial arts technique known as 'Beast Style'.

Ferocious Tiger Strike!

His fist unleashed fierce energy, which coalesced into a tiger's face, and knocked over everything in the entire passageway.

This caused the passageway to shake, and pieces of the ceilings splintered off and fell to the ground.


The energy swept through the Devil Mongs.

"Don't step on that, that, or that. They're traps."


"Got it."

Kang Oh and Asu simultaneously replied.

The three quickly made their way through the ziggurat.

Sometime later...

They stood before a giant door made of thick rock.

There were three triangular grooves in the middle of the door. 

Nile pulled out a transparent, triangular stone from his inventory and slotted it into one of the grooves. It was a perfect fit.

"We need two more."

Kang Oh's party found this rock on their way here, laying atop a small altar.

In other words, there were two other altars within the ziggurat, and these two rocks were keys that would allow them to pass through the door.

"Any traps?" Kang Oh asked.

"I don't think the door has any set up."

"Really? Then move aside."

'I have a master key.'

Kang Oh gestured for him to move back, and Nile did as he was told. Then, Kang Oh stepped forward and pulled Sarahoff out of his inventory.

"Hoo." Kang Oh took a deep breath, and then swung his sword diagonally.

Divide the Sea!

This is what he meant by a 'master key'; the combination of Divide the Sea and his blade's Absolute Destruction ability! 


The thick door was split apart like a piece of tofu.

Kang Oh lost 80% of his Stamina at once. 

In the past 100 days, he had continuously refined the technique, reducing its cost by 10%. Not only that, but he had increased its range and its cutting power.

However, it was still impossible for him to use the technique repeatedly.

Then again, using it once was plenty in situations like this.


The door opened just like a clam that'd been pried apart.

* * *

There was a spring filled with clear water.

Was that the Purifying Water?

However, there was a Basilisk around the spring. Basilisks used their Petrifying Gaze and Petrifying Poison to turn their enemies into stone.

[You have discovered the Emperor Basilisk, Variderin]

[You are the first to discover it.]

It was definitely a formidable opponent. However, Kang Oh had plenty of experience slaughtering Basilisks that lived in the ??? Dungeon.

Although this particular Basilisk was larger and stronger than the norm, taking it out wouldn't be a problem for him.

"Be careful of its eyes and its poison," Kang Oh said curtly.

"It won't work on me." Asu grinned.

She was right. As she was protected by the Phoenix's flames, poison had no effect on her. The Basilisk's Petrifying Gaze would be just as useless.

"So I just need to make sure I don't get hit. I can just not look at it." Nile smiled.

Kang Oh nodded his head and stabbed Sarahoff, Blood, and Ubist into the ground side-by-side.

He picked Sarahoff and Blood, and then used Devil Trigger.

The Frostblood Demon had appeared!

Demon Sword Ubist transformed into a jet-black demonic beast.

The King of Demonic Beasts had appeared!


Ubist snarled, but it didn't charge at Kang Oh.

Sometime ago...

Kang Oh cleared his final trial and mastered Devil Trigger. This test was unlike any other; it was a ridiculously hard trial that required him to fight Ubist, Blood, and Saila all at once.

He had barely, just barely cleared it. 

By doing so, he mastered Devil Trigger and was able to use it as much as he pleased.

He had awakened much of Tasha and Sarahoff's latent abilities, and he was partially successful in taming Ubist.

Ubist didn't listen to all of Kang Oh's commands, but it almost never attacked Kang Oh anymore.

"It's time to eat," Kang Oh said.


Ubist brandished its fangs. Food sounded good right about now.


It leapt into the air. It was as if a black meteor was flying towards the Basilisk.

The battle had begun.

Kang Oh's party began to fight the Emperor Basilisk in earnest.

* * *

They successfully hunted the Basilisk, collected the Purifying Water, and then returned to Altein.

Of course, Kang Oh's appearance was completely concealed. If anyone saw his face, then he'd be in hot water.

'Man, it's a pain being a superstar!'

"I'll see you tomorrow, Brother." Nile waved his hand and left.

"Oppa, I'll get going too."

"I'll call you later."


Kang Oh headed for Eder's mansion.


"I brought the Purifying Water."

The Purifying Water sloshed around as he passed the ceramic pot to Eder.

[Purifying Water]

The Purifying Water, which can be procured from Lalka's Ziggurat, possesses the power to wash away any impurity. That is why it is called a panacea.

"Good work."

The Legendary Healer, Eder, began to work on increasing the Purifying Water's efficacy.

Funnily enough, there were gown-wearing skeletons that helped Eder with his tasks. They reminded him of research assistants.

It was a sight befitting a Dual Class (Necromancer and Healer).

"Nice. It's finished!"

Once Eder mixed a liquid, which smelt of alcohol, with the Purifying Water, it began to radiate a dim light.

"It's finished. Let's head over to Lord Valan now."

"Have a nice trip," a cute maid said. 

Then, Kang Oh and Eder headed for the Holiseum.

Sometime later...

Valan, Kang Oh, Eder, Burkan, and Darion were in Valan's room.

As always, there was a split open wound in the middle of Valan's chest. The Evil God's energy, which appeared like a mass of bacteria or insects, was still there too.

However, that energy hadn't spread any further. Valan was able to suppress the Evil God's energy with his own.

"Let's begin." Eder tilted the vial filled with the enhanced Purifying Water. The falling water doused Valan's wound.


"It's disappearing!"

As expected of the Purifying Water!

The Evil God's energy was washed away by the water, and new, reddish skin appeared in place of the open wound.


"It's done!"

Darion and Kang Oh yelled.

However, they had celebrated too early.

"Not yet!" Eder didn't pry his eyes off the wound. 

The Evil God's energy reappeared. Eder poured the Purifying Water on the wound again and again.


The final drop of Purifying Water fell onto the wound. However, the Evil God's energy persisted, and spread like a well.

Eder shook his head with a heavy expression. They had failed.

"Tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue. 'Damn Evil God's energy!'

Darion and Burkan both looked disappointed.

Valan, who'd looked the same throughout the procedure, didn't look affected by the failure.

"It's alright. I'll cut through this energy soon enough," Valan said confidently. 

He was fighting against it even now. Him versus the Evil God! Who would win? 

'Obviously I will.'

"I didn't think the Purifying Water would fail. I've used everything I could think of, but nothing's working."

"Then what?" Kang Oh asked.

"I'll pay Deathnely a visit."

The Mecca of Necromancy, Deathnely!

If he can't deal with it as a Healer, then he would find a way to heal Valan's wound using Necromancy.

"I'll go with you," Kang Oh said. He'd always wanted to go to Deathnely at least once. 


The next day...

"Let's go!"

Kang Oh, Eder, Asu, Nile, and Sephiro headed for Deathnely. 

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