Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3632

“Senior Brother!” Stallion Silver Spear Zhang Yunzhi’s arrival made Zhang Changyu ecstatic . [1]

Changyu got himself another backer so he became bolder . After all, just Yan Jingxuan wasn’t enough .  

Zhang Yunzhi’s status at the academy and his clan’s influence in the holy ground were enough to deal with anyone . People would need to think twice before opposing him .

“Our Duality Academy has plenty of hidden dragons and crouching tigers . ” Zhang Yunzhi told Li Qiye: “Your words showed a lack of respect for Duality . ”

“I don’t see any true dragon and white tiger here, only a bunch of frightened idiots . Please don’t flatter yourselves as such but in the case that you actually believe it, then I’m afraid that you have a deep misunderstanding of what dragons and tigers are . ” Li Qiye started laughing .

His arrogant laughter made the crowd quite unhappy . They believed that just being a student here was a testament to their exceptionalism . Thus, Li Qiye’s assessment was viewed as a blatant provocation . Their wrathful eyes fixated on him said it all .

“You’re out of line . ” Zhang Yunzhi furrowed his brows and solemnly said .

“Is that so? The students here claim to be the heaven’s favorites yet they want to chase away a little girl over some rumors . How is this appropriate for members of the famous academy? Only a bunch of frightened children . ” Li Qiye replied .

Though many students didn’t outwardly state their concern, most wanted to banish Fan Bai out of the academy . It was better to be safe than sorry .

“She’s not a little girl, just the embodiment of bad luck!” Zhang Changyu coldly uttered: “Why should the school keep someone who is cursed by the heaven around?”

Fan Bai lowered her head again from the pain . This was not the first time she heard it and it still truly affected her each time .

“Oh? You’re not the heaven, how do you know she’s cursed?” Li Qiye snorted .

“Facts proved that she’s cursed . Anyone who helped her all died a terrible death . Even their sects and clans went down . That’s all the proof one needs . ” Yan Jingxuan said .

“Right, I personally know two sects that have been reduced to nothingness after being involved with her, that’s why she can’t stay here!” Huang Qibing shouted .

Fan Bai listened to the whole thing and became increasingly distressed . She tried her best to not cry behind Li Qiye .

The students agreed with this notion more . Earlier, they felt bad after listening to Li Qiye since Fan Bai was indeed just a young lady .

Alas, this so-called Foredoomed Star was followed by numerous calamities . No one would be at ease knowing that she was here in Duality .

“That’s right, we can’t let her stay here! Chase her out of Duality, this is for the greater good!” One student shouted .

“I support this decision, misfortunes will come to both the academy and us . ” Another friend yelled .

“We’re being nice enough by just asking her to leave . Do it or we’ll teach her a lesson . ” One more said furiously .

An overwhelming majority wanted Fan Bai to leave . The neutral party was fewer in number .

Fan Bai who had just gained some confidence quickly lost it . This feeling of helplessness was present every time people chased her away .

She didn’t dare to face the crowd while hiding behind Li Qiye . Meanwhile, Yang Ling was furious .

Unfortunately, she couldn’t say anything because too many others were yelling . The mass was against them .

“We shouldn’t let this source of disaster linger in this world . We should burn her to stop her from inflicting further destruction . ” Zhang Changyu shouted with a twisted and fierce expression .

“Bah, you’re not a man, you only pick on people weaker than you!” Yang Ling retorted .

“I’m only thinking for everyone else and the holy ground . She is nothing but trouble, burning her is the only way to get rid of the problem!” Zhang Changyu’s face turned red but he was emboldened by the supporting students .

Fan Bai trembled in horror and leaned closer to Li Qiye .

“All of you, come then, let’s see if your skills are as formidable as your mouths . ” Li Qiye smiled at them .

“You’re the one suggesting this . ” Zhang Changyu glared at Li Qiye in response .

“Yes, come and do your best now . ” Li Qiye gestured provocatively with his hand .

“So bold!” The other side was furious at this total contempt .  

“Junior Brother Changyu, teach him a lesson now . ” An upperclassman said .

“Senior Brother . ” Changyu stared at Zhang Yunzhi, waiting for instruction .

“A competition is fine, so that outsiders can’t say we’re afraid of a fight . ” Zhang Yunzhi smiled .

“Good!” Changyu became confident and shouted: “Li, I’m taking your dog head today!”

“You alone? Seems like a scar is not enough to forget about the pain . You didn’t learn the lesson from last time . ” Li Qiye taunted .

“And if I join?” Yan Jingxuan said: “Since you’re challenging all students from Duality, I can’t just stand and watch . ”

“Count me in too . ” Huang Qibing stood up, ready to avenge his divine bull .

The three of them walked forward and exchanged glances . All three clearly wanted to kill Li Qiye judging by the murderous glint in their eyes .

“Anyone else? Remember, this is to the death . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Hmph . ” Some students scowled in response . They also stared at Yunzhi, clearly waiting for his instruction .

Yunzhi gazed at Li Qiye and said: “Just our three friends here are enough . Fellow Daoist, go all out now, don’t blame them if you were to die from holding back . ”

“We’re more than enough to kill you . ” Huang Qibing said .

Though he has heard of various rumors about Li Qiye, he didn’t buy that a woodchopper at the conqueror level could be that strong . Moreover, there were three of them . This should be more than enough to kill him .

1 . I have to say, the titles of these five heroes aren’t very good