Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3633

Zhang Changyu, Yan Jingxuan, and Huang Qibing surrounded Li Qiye .

“Clank!” Zhang Changyu unsheathed his sword . Its glint erupted like a vast ocean . The sword seemed to be containing a torrential power .

Yan Jingxuan summoned a violet sledgehammer, seemingly made from lightning . It had currents surging along with the occasional thunderous explosions .

Huang Qibing chose dual-wielding short halberds made from high earth-level dao bones . It had runes depicting dragons and phoenixes . Thus, one halberd was draconic and the other of the phoenix affinity; it consisted of both offense and defense .

“Today is your last day! I will decapitate you!” Zhang Changyu gritted his teeth and threatened . Killing Li Qiye was the only way to wash away the previous humiliation .

The other students began commenting . One of them murmured: “There’s a clear difference in power, not to mention three on one . Senior Brother Jingxuan is far stronger too . The outcome is obvious to anyone . ”

“Not necessarily, their foe is Li Qiye, the son of miracles . His cultivation doesn’t prevent him from beating stronger people, don’t forget about the hammer . ” Another shook his head .

The students took a moment to think . In history, only dao lords and top sovereigns were able to lift the hammer off the anvil .

Generations of students in Duality have tried and failed . This was definitely a miracle .

“True, don’t use common sense to judge Li Qiye . ” One more added: “Teacher Du said that he is extremely devilish, no one else can match him in this regard . The impossible becomes possible with him around . ”

“You can attribute the hammer thing to luck, he might not be that strong . This is an actual fight, luck isn’t enough . Just losing one move can result in death . ” Someone else didn’t buy it .

“Senior Brother Yan, teach him a good lesson!” One spectator shouted .

“Let him know that the academy’s prestige isn’t to be trifled with!” His friends did the same .

The majority was annoyed by Li Qiye’s attitude so they hoped that the three would be able to take him down a notch . They became quite excited at the prospect .

“Li, since it’s three against one, you start first with whatever moves you want . ” Changyu pointed his sword at Li Qiye .

“Seems like there’s a misunderstanding . ” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “I won’t be the one fighting . She is . ” He slowly stepped back and revealed Fan Bai who was hiding behind him .

Fan Bai didn’t know what to do after hearing that she would be up to fight these three .

“I… I…” She stammered and stared at him: “Young Master…”

Just facing the crowd was an ordeal to her, let alone actually fighting . She trembled with fear .

“What?!” Yang Ling became startled and stopped Li Qiye: “No, she has only cultivated for a few days, how can you let her fight? She has no chance . ”

The rest didn’t expect Fan Bai to fight instead of Li Qiye either . The whole thing made little sense .

“Is this a joke? One finger is enough to crush someone of her cultivation . This isn’t a fight . ” One student loudly said .

“Is the brat crazy? Letting a new cultivator fight against those three? Ridiculous . ” Everyone stared at Li Qiye and Fan Bai .

“He must be trying to kill her . ” A student with a darker mindset speculated: “Hmph, maybe he knows that he can’t win, that’s why he’s letting her die instead . This coincidentally ends the whole debacle with him not doing anything . ”

“So despicable and shameless, he wants to use Zhang Changyu’s group to eliminate the Foredoomed Star . He’s selling her and betraying her trust . ” Some began looking down on Li Qiye .

“Scummy traitor . ” Another insulted him .

“Is this a joke?” Zhang Changyu didn’t expect this development either .

“No need to use a butcher blade to kill chickens, this young miss here will do . Just one move is enough . ” Li Qiye smiled and confirmed .

“What did he just say?” Both Yan Jingxuan and Huang Qibing couldn’t believe their own ears .

“She will kill us with one move? More like the opposite . ” Jingxuan stared at her and said .

“Hahaha, I’ve never heard something funnier than this!” Huang Qibing laughed and said: “A new cultivator wants to kill us with one move? You must be dreaming . ”

Other students certainly agreed with this statement .

“This Li guy is crazy, to even say something like this…” One student said .

Everyone could tell that Fan Bai had only started cultivating recently . Her cultivation was shallow and insignificant . Even the weakest student in Duality could beat her in one move .

“Young Master…” Fan Bai didn’t know how to deal with this and was about to cry .

“You can’t let her go to her death!” Yang Ling shouted .

Li Qiye ignored her and stared at Fan Bai: “If you can’t take the next step today, you will never be able to . You’ll always be branded as an unlucky star . Remember, your life is in your hand, no one else . You don’t need charity or pity from anyone . ”

Each word of his had a special rhythm striking deep into her mind . They kept on echoing inside - reaching her dao heart and ocean of consciousness . The words washed away her unnecessary emotions such as fear and self-abasement…

She became affected by his rhythm and began to calm down . This put her into a magical state .

“Go now . ” He ordered . These two words alone instilled endless courage into Fan Bai .

She had unconditional trust in him so she walked towards her three opponents . Her cute and frail appearance has disappeared; she became an entirely new person .

Negative emotions were nowhere to be found . She threw away the past in order to face this tribulation and welcome her new life . She wanted to use actions to prove it, that her fate was her own . She didn’t need pity and charity from anyone else .

She closed her eyes and relaxed, looking dignified . This wasn’t because she was afraid of looking at others . No, it was because she didn’t need to look at them anymore . She only needed to look at herself and truly reflect .

“Buddha Bowing . ” His voice echoed in her head: “All Buddhas shall bow before my supremacy…” 

The mantra began affecting her vitality .