Everlasting - Chapter 1365

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You want to take advantage of me? Not so fast. Chen Feng scoffed. At that very moment, the gap between the two sides was no longer that big. Thus, Chen Feng changed his actions. He stopped rushing forward to fight the Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane. Instead, he became the third party that only attacked using long-ranged attacks. 

“Little brother, hurry up and attack.” The Devourers grew somewhat anxious. 

“I’m a little exhausted now. Let me rest first,” Chen Feng said. 

“You have your subordinates!” one of the Divine Monarch level Devourers shouted. 

This time, Chen Feng ignored them. With the combat puppet and 200 unique creatures on his side, Chen Feng’s team could be considered as a highly formidable force.

Having thought of that, Chen Feng then grew concerned. He worried that both sides would stop fighting due to their wariness towards him. Quickly, though, he found that he had been overthinking it. 

While the Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane were indeed concerned that Chen Feng would try to get himself a bargain after their two sides were mutually wounded, the Devourers did not care about that. Instead, they continued to charge forward, desirous of ripping the Slaughterer Bug Empress into bits. 

Naturally, the Devourers were also feeling concerned, but they were not concerned about Chen Feng. Rather, they were concerned that the Slaughterer Bug Empress would successfully advance. That was the most dangerous issue here. Due to that, they wanted to kill it off while it was still in its weakened state. 

Sigh! This is not the way to go. Chen Feng shook his head. In the end, he decided to take action. 

Following Chen Feng’s command, the 200 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures attacked one of the Divine Monarchs. At the same time, the combat puppet swiftly rushed forward. When it returned, there was a corpse in its hand. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and the corpse was brought into the separate space holding the Divine Bugs. This was the corpse of a Divine Monarch, after all. The female Divine Bug would be able to use it to create some more Divine Bugs.

By then, the Devourer Bug Empress had also landed on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body, where it chomped, ripped and devoured non-stop. There were wounds on its body, but it ignored them, only growing more manic in its attacks. 

“Little brother, hurry up and attack!” the Devourer who made the deal with Chen Feng was already badly wounded. Even so, it continued to fight furiously against a Divine Monarch from the Immortal Plane. 

“Very well,” Chen Feng said, pulling the Longevity Bow to fire an arrow that tore off one of the arms of the Divine Monarch who was fighting the Devourer. 

Another two arrows flew forward to pierce the Divine Monarch’s body. Next, the Devourer killed him. 


The combat puppet also attacked.

The Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane kept falling. In the end, there were only three left. The three then utilized a secret technique to flee from the space. 

By then, there were only a few Devourers left. Even the Devourer Bug Empress’ body was badly damaged. Even so, it continued to fight with a mad-like fervour, its combat power not falling at all. On the contrary, it grew increasingly strong. 

As for the Slaughterer Bug Empress, its end had arrived. The power within its body was already badly exhausted. Its failure to advance aside, it would also lose its life here. 

Chen Feng knew that he could not simply stand by anymore. He rushed forward together with the combat puppet. Two Longevity Lances stabbed into the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body before furiously devouring its power. 

In the end, the 200 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures joined forces to fire a singular attack that resulted in a deep crack on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. 

The combat puppet then fired out a punch and the Slaughterer Bug Empress released a wail as its body split into two. Swiftly, the combat puppet charged inside before rushing out again. In its hand was a crystal core the size of a human head. The crystal core shone with a dazzling lustre, with traces of the grand dao and radiance of laws within it. It was none other than the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ crystal core.

“Let’s go!” Chen Feng shouted and the 200 unique creatures unleashed an overwhelming wave of power that swept the Devourers aside before Chen Feng collected them. The combat puppet then grabbed Chen Feng and punched open a spatial passageway. By the time the Devourers recovered from the attack, Chen Feng had already disappeared. 

“After him!”

The Devourer Bug Empress gave the command and several of the Devourers rapidly gave chase. As for the Devourer Bug Empress, it devoured the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ corpse. 

After breaking out from the separate space, Chen Feng found himself within a place filled with chaotic streams of energy. In but the blink of an eye, countless marks had appeared on the Longevity Combat Armour he wore. 

It really is a void storm. Why is it so strong? Is this a super large void storm? Chen Feng stretched his hand to grasp and he felt countless blades moving within his grasp. Immediately, he knew that the void storm here was strong enough to endanger even Gold Immortals. 

Staying here for a brief moment was not an issue. However, as time passed, the Longevity Combat Armour that he wore would be grinded to bits. 

“Hurry up and leave.”

He could already sense the Devourers coming after him. And so, he ordered the combat puppet to lead the way as they kept rushing forward. 

The size of the void storm exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations and it was unknown just how long he had to spend advancing before the pressure on him lightened as he finally broke out from it. 

Phew! This void storm is truly outrageous. Thankfully, I did not encounter any special unique creatures inside it, otherwise getting out would not be this easy. Chen Feng smiled. 

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, several attacks arrived before Chen Feng. The combat puppet protected him, sweeping all the attacks aside.

After that, Chen Feng felt his body sinking and he fell into a great killing array.

The Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane. They actually managed to divine out that I would appear here. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. 

However, these fellows truly do have a death wish. Do they think that this is all I have? Chen Feng waved his hand to finally release the other combat puppet. 

The appearance of the two combat puppets – refined from the corpses of two Paramount Gold Immortals – caused the great array around them to shake. 

“Oh, no! He has another combat puppet!”

“Hurry, run!”

“This is bad, we miscalculated.”

“It’s another combat puppet at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. It’s over!”

The Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane promptly fled. They did not even bother to observe what was happening there. Chen Feng, though, sneered. The two combat puppets attacked at the same time and a rumbling sound rang out. Energy streams surged and the great killing array was destroyed before it could even display its might.

Chen Feng could no longer see the Divine Monarchs, but the two combat puppets gave chase. It was then that two Devourers charged out from the void storm and they quickly found Chen Feng. 

“What a coincidence.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a spatial crack appeared. Next, 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures emerged. Joining forces, they unleashed a singular attack at the two Devourers. The two were already wounded to begin with. In the face of this attack, the two of them were reduced to bits. 

“With only this much, they actually came seeking death.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

Quickly enough, the two combat puppets returned, holding the corpses of the Divine Monarchs. 

Unexpectedly, I managed to deal a blow to the Immortal Plane again here. Chen Feng snickered. This was a great harvest. 

Devourers, Slaughterers, the crystal core of a Bug Empress and the corpses of Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane. 

The female Divine Bug in his sea of wisdom emanated notions of joy, but it only got to devour half of them. The rest were given to the 400 unique creatures. 

Feeling pleased, Chen Feng began roaming the starry space. However, he found himself facing an unfamiliar stretch of space. It was unknown just how far he was from the Slaughterers’ headquarters. Quickly, he realized that he was lost.  

That said, getting lost within the starry space, a place without any directions, was nothing to be embarrassed about. After covering a distance of billions of li, Chen Feng finally stopped on a massive asteroid. 

It was an asteroid belt. The reason he chose this asteroid was because it was constantly emitting strands of pure power of ice. Landing on the asteroid, Chen Feng found himself feeling refreshed. For Chen Feng, this was a very shocking thing. 

One month later, the Devourer who made the deal with Chen Feng arrived. 

“You really came. Are you not afraid that I would use this opportunity to kill you?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Afraid? Naturally, I am afraid. However, for the sake of obtaining freedom, I will have to risk it. Besides, I know that you also want the corpse of the Bug Empress,” the Devourer said. 

“Alright. Let’s trade now.” Chen Feng brought out the crystal core to show it for a moment before keeping it again. 

The Devourer grew somewhat excited, but it quickly recollected itself. “Follow me. The corpse of the Bug Empress is located there.”

“Lead the way,” Chen Feng said with a smile, seemingly unconcerned at all. 

The two of them practically said nothing to one another along the way. Instead, they rapidly advanced through the endless starry space. The Devourer was currently able to move about freely and it wanted to make good use of this opportunity. 

Chen Feng himself had his own matters to consider. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the two of them were flying as fast as they could, travelling through a distance of two lightyears before slowing down.  

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. The Devourer was actually not lost. Instead, he knew exactly where he was going. 

“The star region up ahead is filled with the power of chaos. I hid the Bug Empress’ corpse there,” the Devourer said. 

Chen Feng nodded, saying nothing as he followed the Devourer into the star region. 

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The energy streams there were truly very chaotic. Even Chen Feng was affected by them, his body swaying slightly. Then, the Devourer released a black hole and the surrounding space turned tranquil. 

Nodding, Chen Feng also created a black vortex. The devouring power from it absorbed the surrounding power of chaos, giving him an easier time. 

“Actually, I am sincere in my desire to trade with you,” the Devourer suddenly said. 

“I also sincerely want to trade with you.”

“Good.” The Devourer then went silent. 

Entering the star region, they then made their way across a very long distance before landing on a barren planet. It was a giant planet, even greater compared to some life-bearing great worlds. Unfortunately, there were no signs life on it. It was like a big ball of stone. 

“Is it here?” Chen Feng asked curiously. 

“Yes.” The Devourer nodded. Next, a black beam of light shot out and Chen Feng watched as the space before them rippled. After the ripples disappeared, a massive mountain of ice appeared before them. 

Sealed within the mountain of ice was a giant Devourer. The size of this Devourer was almost the same as the Slaughterer Bug Empress that they encountered earlier. Both were like planets. 

“This is the corpse of a Paramount Gold Immortal stage Devourer! Interesting. By obtaining this corpse, wouldn’t your Bug Empress be capable of advancing? There would have been no need to take the risk of going against the Slaughterers,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“If my Bug Empress obtains this corpse and advances, I can kiss my freedom goodbye. How about it? This corpse is very well preserved. The power of laws and life within it are still there. It is the best material for refining a clone.” The Devourer had calmed down. 

“Yes, but turning it into a clone will not be easy.” Chen Feng shook his head. At the same time, he was secretly communicating with the female Divine Bug. 

“Honestly, I am more curious about how you obtained this corpse,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“That’s a secret. Alright, let’s trade,” the Devourer said. 

Chen Feng nodded, moving forward to punch the mountain of ice. A high number of cracks then spread across the mountain of ice before it finally blew up. The ice filling up the sky were quick to disappear, revealing the Devourer Bug Empress inside. 

It looked lifelike.

Chen Feng was very satisfied. This Bug Empress’ body was well preserved. In his opinion, the value of this corpse was on par with the crystal core in his possession. 

Chen Feng then waved his hand and the crystal core of the Slaughterer Bug Empress flew towards the Devourer. At the same time, his other hand also moved to collect the massive corpse. 

After obtaining the crystal core, the Devourer grew somewhat excited, but a complicated look appeared in its eyes. 

Chen Feng also hesitated for a moment, the same complicated look in his eyes. In the end, the two of them simultaneously let out a laugh. 

“I’m making you a friend of mine, human. Perhaps we will meet again in the future,” the Devourer said before swiftly leaving the planet. 

Chen Feng smiled. In truth, the two of them had considered attacking one another earlier. However, due to some scruples, they had chosen not to do so in the end. 

The Devourer was wary of Chen Feng’s seemingly endless arsenal of cards while Chen Feng believed that this Devourer was not to be underestimated. It must have some other hidden moves. If they were to fight one another, Chen Feng felt that he would not be able to finish off the Devourer, not even with the help of the two combat puppets. 

Having reached this level, the Devourer would not have taken the risk to come trade with Chen Feng if it did not have some means to protect itself. 

Chen Feng himself had hesitated for some time before deciding against taking action. The harvest this time was big enough. He had obtained the body of a Devourer Bug Empress. By properly utilizing it, it would be the equivalent of him obtaining a Bug Empress. In the future, he would be able to create an army of Devourers. 

Initially, Chen Feng had considered letting the female Divine Bug devour this corpse. But after reconsidering the matter, he decided to first do some research on the corpse before making a decision. In the event that he was incapable of refining this corpse into a clone, or if the potential benefits of doing so was not good enough, he would let the female Divine Bug devour it. 

He had two options to choose. 

“Eh, that guy left so quickly. I forgot to ask it where we are,” Chen Feng mumbled before quickly leaving the planet. 

Chen Feng then spent the following time cultivating while roaming across the starry space. After tens of years, he finally found the former headquarters of the Slaughterers. Unfortunately, the Slaughterers there had already dispersed. With their Bug Empress dead, there was no way to know where the hundreds of billions of Slaughterers had gone off to. 

Chen Feng felt a twinge of regret. He would have been able to obtain some supplementary materials otherwise. 

And so, he began heading back. It was a peaceful trip with no notable incidents. Though, it would be more accurate to say that, in order to return faster, Chen Feng did not pay attention to anything else along the way. 

First, Chen Feng headed to the Dark Plane. The situation in the Dark Plane remained the same. Its forces were engaged in a continuous battle against the Slaughterers and both sides were losing their men to the battle. From afar, Chen Feng could sense the feelings of helplessness coming from the Dark Plane. 

Should this be allowed to continue, the Dark Plane would eventually be taken down by the unending swarm of Slaughterers. 

The number of Slaughterers is the highest. I wonder how many Slaughterer Bug Empresses came to this universe? Chen Feng shook his head before releasing the unique creatures who then charged forward. 

Their charge into the Dark Plane killed over one million Slaughterers, lightening the load on the Dark Plane somewhat. 

Chen Feng’s force was growing increasingly strong. He had also fought against the Slaughterer Bug Empress before. Due to that, he no longer thought highly of these regular Slaughterers. 

In his eyes, these Slaughterers were nothing more than a source of supplements. 

When did this change in mindset happen? Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. At the same time, he felt as though he was becoming more indifferent. 

After arriving at the Dark Plane, Chen Feng chatted with the Dark Kirin for some time before quickly leaving again. As he left, he killed another million Slaughterers.

His next target was the Immortal Plane. Speaking of which, it had been quite some time since he last went to the Immortal Plane. 

By then, another change had come over the Divine Bugs in his sea of wisdom. Their numbers were so high that even Chen Feng felt terrified. Although this army was still incapable of confronting the true army of Slaughterers, it could already play a crucial role in the battlefield. 

Before Chen Feng arrived at the Immortal Plane, however, he was able to – through some special channels – find out some information regarding the situation in the Immortal Plane. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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