Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Relationship Counselor (1)

Mu Tingfeng’s expression became slightly better as he watched Xia Zhetao leave the ward. But when he turned his head, he saw his mother scoffing at him with a faint smile.

“Tingfeng, what do you want to do by sending Secretary Xia out in a hurry? Youlin said that she is going to chat with her friends alone. What you did isn’t exactly good.”

When Mu Tingfeng heard the word alone, his handsome face became even darker. He said coldly, “It’s difficult to explain things if I let a man and woman chat alone without someone beside them.”

He was jealous, after all. Su Ruixin rolled her eyes helplessly as she felt helpless for her awkward son, who never once said what he meant. She turned her eyes slightly. Then, she seemed to have thought of something, so she purposely sighed and said, “Even if there is really something between them, Youlin is now unmarried and the man looks young, so he probably hasn’t married as well. Both of them are single, so you may not be able to do anything even if they do something.”

Su Ruixin’s words hit Mu Tingfeng’s nerves. The temperature in the ward dropped below zero in an instant, and Su Ruixin shivered because of the cold.

Just when Su Ruixin thought that her enigma might not respond to her, she heard Mu Tingfeng say very resolutely, “She can only be mine.”

“No, she used to belong to you, but she does not anymore.” Su Ruixin’s relentless words unsurprisingly attracted Mu Tingfeng’s stare.

Su Ruixin laughed. Since Mu Tingfeng joined the company at the age of eight and studies with his grandfather, it had been difficult for her to see such obvious emotional expression on the child’s face.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, she got to see such emotions on this face that was no longer young through being stared at by him.

Su Ruixin did not know whether she should cry or laugh when she saw Mu Tingfeng’s obvious discontent. She could not help but extend her hand to touch her son’s head. This was something that she wanted to do all these years, but she had never done it.

“Since you care about her so much, you should work harder to make her yours again.”

Mu Tingfeng’s eyes flickered because of Su Ruixin’s words, and the emotions in his eyes slowly settled down. He raised his head and looked at Su Ruixin with a little puzzlement. For a while, he ignored the hand which was making a mess on his head.

Facing Mu Tingfeng’s questioning gaze, Su Ruixin smiled, “I’m not trying to burst your bubble by mentioning this. I want to tell you that what has happened will still exist even if you deliberately ignore it. You shouldn’t avoid it, and you should face it. In this way, you can find the problems that exist between you two.”

After Su Ruixin spoke, a rare guilty conscience appeared on Mu Tingfeng’s stern face.

She was right. He had always ignored the fact that they had already divorced once and they had nothing to do with each other now.

From the beginning, he only wanted to reclaim the woman, but he never thought about whether she, who had lost confidence in him, still needed him, whether she was still willing to return to him, or whether she had already fallen in love with another person.

When Mu Tingfeng thought of this possibility, his heart seemed to be crushed by something severely, making it hard to breathe.

Now that he looked back, after Zhao Youlin divorced him, she first attracted the third young master of the Ye family, who always hung out in the upper society but never really got close to a socialite. Then, she was targeted by the useless young master of the Zhao family, who tried to assault her repeatedly. Now, she was called out by a man, whom he did not know the details of, for a chat.

When exactly did she know that man? He knew nothing at all.

Mu Tingfeng’s face darkened. He did not know what kind of relationship Zhao Youlin had with that man, and he did not know whether Zhao Youlin was interested in that man.

But he could be sure that the way that the man looked at Zhao Youlin just now showed that they were not just simple friends.

One must say that men’s sensitivity to love rivals was comparable to women’s sixth sense, so Mu Tingfeng was so anxious and had Xia Zhetao go out to watch.

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Mu Tingfeng could not bear it when he thought of letting Zhao Youlin be alone with a man who was after her.

But now, what else could he do besides enduring it? What should he do to regain her trust? What could he do to get her back to his side?

Su Ruixin watched Mu Tingfeng’s expression change several times. How could she not see through what he was thinking? She sighed. The hand touching his head turned down to hold his uninjured hand.

“I know what you’re thinking. You feel uncomfortable to see Youlin getting close with another man.”

Mu Tingfeng’s face was dark, and he did not speak. But Su Ruixin guessed the answer from his expression. She smiled and said, “I’m not against you doing this. I just think that since you really like her, and you really want her to return to your side, then you must learn one thing beforehand.”

“What?” Mu Tingfeng was startled. He raised his head and looked at Su Ruixin in surprise.


Mu Tingfeng frowned and repeated, “Respect?”

Su Ruixin nodded. “That’s right. It’s respect. I don’t care whether you’re giving her flowers, taking her for a movie, going shopping, watching flowers and the moon, or anything else. You should work hard to pursue her. As long as you succeed, I’ll be happy to see it. I just hope that you remember one thing. Youlin is a human as well. She has her own decisions and choices, and she has the right to express her thoughts. She and you are equal. You must respect her, and you can’t treat her like treating your subordinate by imposing your decisions, thoughts, and preferences on her. You pursue her and want her to return to your side because you want her to be your closest lover and family, instead of a passerby who could be found everywhere.”

Although she had only met Zhao Youlin twice, and the time she got along with her was only a short one or two hours, these one or two hours were enough to let her see the nature of a person.

Zhao Youlin was not as weak and deceptive as she thought back then, but she was assertive. She was brave but not reckless, smart but not arrogant, and fierce but not vicious.

Perhaps it was because she was such a woman, it made her son, who had been alone for a long time, fall in love with her.

But to pursue such a woman, if Mu Tingfeng, an inexperienced person, treated her like how he treated his subordinates or the businessman, whom he cooperated with, it was not only impossible to force her to yield, but it may also be counterproductive.

So, sometimes pursuing someone was also a very complex process.

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