Genius Detective - Chapter 656

The fire finally dissipated, but the air was still filled with a strong, pungent smell of the scorched remains . The trees that weren’t completely incinerated had become charcoal . Lin Qiupu called a big box of takeaway lunches and mineral water to reward the firefighters who put out the fire . The police also had some food . The fire had caused everyone to be overwhelmed .

You’ve all worked hard . This fire may be related to a case . We suspect that a murder suspect set the fire . Let us collect evidence and investigate the scene! Lin Qiupu said .

A fire chief said, That is all right, but you should be careful when you enter the fireground . There may be more fire under some ruins and haystacks .

Just in case, the fire brigade left a car and sent two firefighters to follow them, carrying foam fire extinguishers .

Everyone walked onto the scorched woods . The ashes under their feet made cracking noises . They could feel the warmth on the soles of their feet even through their shoes . Lin Dongxue looked around . Such a large forest was burned . The arsonist should be held criminally responsible, right?

It depends on whether they caused a death or not . Is this place considered public property? Lin Qiupu answered .

This forest is Dong Xiaos private property . If he burned it himself, he shouldnt have to go to jail . The accompanying reporter, Chen Gong, said lightly . The premise is whether he himself was burned to death or not .

After walking for ten minutes, the wreckage of a small western-style villa appeared in front of them . Looking at the tall wall, you could imagine how magnificent this Fengyi Court had been . It was actually built by Dong Xiao for his mistress Su Chan alone . It seems he really adored her .

The police searched around, mainly to look for corpses . Several charred corpses were found inside . It was already very difficult to identify them . Even if Dong Xiao himself was among the charred corpses, his body had been burned away and his skeleton was no different from an ordinary person’s .

Chen Shi opened the deceased’s mouth and examined it . There was soot in the deceased’s mouth and respiratory tract . It seemed like they were burned alive . Most of these corpses were in small rooms, such as toilets and laundry rooms . They may have hidden there to try and hide away from the fire before being burned alive .

There was a corpse lying in a large bathtub . Both the bathtub and the corpse were quite well preserved, but the color of the corpse was a bit strange . It turned out that this person was lying in a bathtub filled with water to avoid the fire, but was boiled to death .

Its truly miserable! Lin Dongxue frowned and sympathized . Who are these dead people?

Housekeeper, bodyguard, and nanny! Chen Gong guessed, It’s impossible to live alone in such a big house . Someone must maintain it .

Take all the corpses away! Lin Qiupu ordered .

The thirteen skeletal remains found in the ruins were sent back to the bureau . The identification work took three full days . During this period, Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu were investigating some of Dong Xiao’s information . As he was no longer here, the investigation was much more convenient . They could go to his office to conduct an open search, and Dong Xiaos secrets that weren’t known popped up one by one .

After some investigating, they found out that Dong Xiao wasn’t a simple man . He had actually colluded with the underworld, bought guns in private, and seemed to have committed kidnappings and murder . He had suddenly emerged from an ordinary communications company in the northwest and went southward . There was indeed blood in his history of coming to fortune .

Secretary Li had mild burns on him . The blood on his clothes was tested and found to be Lu Qis . He was completely crazed and they couldnt get anything out of questioning him . He had to be sent to a mental hospital for treatment .

Based on their findings, Lin Qiupu inferred that Dong Xiao knew that he was about to be arrested . Out of nowhere, he found out that the person who betrayed him was Lu Qi, so he ran to kill Lu Qi . However, Chen Shi raised an objection . At the time, why would Lu Qi have been in Fengyi Court?

It didn’t matter what the situation was . Lu Qi shouldnt have shown up in Fengyi Court – It was Dong Xiao’s palace for his treasure!

As the investigation progressed, the police found that Dong Xiao had watched surveillance footage on his computer before disappearing . This surveillance footage wasn’t from a camera in the company, but it was one that was installed in Fengyi Court . In the footage, a man and a woman were having sex with each other . The imagery was comparable to that of an adult video .

The man was Vice President Lu Qi and the woman was Su Chan .

This discovery shocked everyone . Su Chan actually had an affair with Lu Qi . According to the people in the company, Lu Qi often went out with Su Chan, but it was because he was ordered by Dong Xiao to take care of her . There had been rumors in the company saying that the two of them had a relationship .  

Chen Shi thought that Dong Xiao wasn’t careful enough . Su Chan was stunningly beautiful and Lu Qi was strong and handsome . He was a hundred times better than the old and ugly Dong Xiao . It was almost inevitable that these two young people would generate a spark with each other .

When investigating Lu Qi previously, Chen Shi took his driving records . When he read it again, he unexpectedly found that Lu Qi often didnt go home at night and drove the car to Chenggao Road, where he got into another car . It seemed that someone was picking him up . Sometimes the car didnt leave, and the body would sway regularly after stopping for half an hour . Then, Lu Qi would get out of the car with a tired look and drive home in his own car .

Judging from this, the adultery between the two had lasted for a long time, and Dong Xiao had been kept in the dark the whole time .

The police opened a locked drawer of Dong Xiao’s and found it was empty . The shape of the dust seemed to indicate a pistol . However, the gun was taken away .

Three days later, the autopsy results showed that Dong Xiao, Su Chan, and Lu Qi weren’t among the corpses brought back from the scene .

The events that happened on that day may have been simpler than what everyone had thought . Lu Qi learned that Dong Xiao was about to be arrested and couldn’t wait to celebrate with Su Chan . He didn’t expect Dong Xiao to see them through the surveillance camera . Dong Xiao was furious and took a gun with him to catch the adulterers . Lu Qi might have already been killed . Or perhaps Dong Xiao was too agitated, ultimately setting the entire Fengyi Court to fire .

Peng Sijue brought people back to the scene for a reexamination, but the fire had destroyed everything . Lu Qis DNA couldn’t be found and no clues could be found . The three of them seemed to have evaporated into thin air .

It doesn’t matter whether Lu Qi was the traitor who secretly provided them with information . The important thing was to find Dong Xiao . He was not only involved in Cao Man’s case, but also suspected of kidnapping, extortion, hiring hitmen, arms-dealing, and an extreme amount of economic crimes .

The police issued a huge reward . As long as they could provide information on Dong Xiao, the amount ranged from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan and the person who assisted in the capture of Dong Xiao would receive a bonus of 600,000 .

Chen Shi jokingly asked Lin Qiupu, I am also a citizen . If I catch Dong Xiao, will I get a share of that reward?

You’re already considered half a police officer as a consultant . We’ve never been short in giving you money for the cases you solve, but you’re wanting a reward . . . But do you have a lead? If you can come up with a lead, I can make an exception and consider it .

Chen Shi shook his head . There’s no lead . Would you like to listen to my deduction?

Let’s talk!

I think this fire was deliberately started and it wasn’t an accident! There were several possibilities at the scene . Dong Xiao was going there to catch the adulterers . He might have killed Lu Qi and Su Chan at the same time . This is the first possible scenario . Dong Xiao would have to have taken the two corpses and left . In the second scenario, Dong Xiao killed Lu Qi and took his corpse away with Su Chan . Su Chan had already been exposed to have had an affair and would definitely not cooperate-

She’s a woman and Dong Xiao has a gun . Would she dare not to cooperate? Lin Qiupu said .

Okay, what you said makes sense . In the third scenario, Dong Xiao killed Su Chan and took away the corpse and Lu Qi who’s alive . This one’s a bit funny . He killed his beloved woman, but walked away with the subordinate who betrayed him… In either case, Dong Xiao had to take two people with him, alive or dead . His size is obvious to all of us . Do you think he can move a corpse? Even if Su Chan’s corpse is 100 catties, can a big fat man like him carry 100 catties with him alone, and in the midst of a fire?

So, this fire is by no means an accident . Someone wants to cover up the truth . Dong Xiao was already anxious at this time . The police would arrest him at any moment . Was it necessary for him to burn his own house down to cover up the truth? So, I think Dong Xiao wasn’t the arsonist . In all likelihood, he’s already dead . It’s Lu Qi who wants to conceal the truth!