MTL - Rebirth God of War Lu BuChapter 6576 : The Jin army will be stronger

With a square halberd in the palm, and a red rabbit and horse under him, nowhere can the world go! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Great Tang: God-level Bear ChildChapter 1814 : Officially dispatch troops, carefully work out clues

Li Chengfeng, a scientific research genius of the 21st century, traveled through the Tang Dynasty and turned into Li Shimin’s six-year-old son?  In the god-given god-level bear boy system, Li Chengfeng grabbed Li Shimin’s beard and started mad at Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui, but there was nothing they could do about it.  Li Chengfeng used his genius scientific knowledge to solve natural disasters by diverting water from the south to the north, and the hybrid rice developed by him can produce 2,000 catties per mu.After destroying the Turks and subduing Goguryeo, Li Chengfeng was conferred the title of God King of the Tang Dynasty at the age of six.It can be said that Mo Chou has no confidant in the future, who in the world does not know the king? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Military Technologyv2 Chapter 1985 If you want, take the money!

Military technology is an important criterion for measuring the strength of a country’s national defense.Powerful weapons and equipment can kill thousands of troops, kill thousands of miles away, and redefine war.Powerful weapons and equipment can defend the territory, resist foreign enemies, protect Guotai and Min’an, and protect the prosperity of the world.I am willing to forge a sword for the rejuvenation of this great country, and I am willing to forge the Great Wall for the peace of this country.Holding on to my sword, I will smash the thorns and defeat the enemy.If you guard my Great Wall, you will be able to defeat the enemy and make good news.Let’s see how a young man creates an era of military domination 2.0. - Description from Qidian

MTL - Red MoscowChapter 2138

Reborn as Red Army Misha! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Reborn in Brazil As a PlutocratChapter 467 Hermann Oberth

This is the story of a modern sailor who was accidentally reborn as a soldier of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, and finally became the largest plutocratic family in Brazil by virtue of his foresight. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Special Forces: Starting With a Full-level Gun TechniqueChapter 348 Ye Cunxin admits his mistake!
MilitaryUrban Life

Journey through the combined world of the Special Forces series and become the acknowledged bad soldier of the Iron Fist?Don’t panic! The “Strongest Individual Soldier System” is here to help. Every time you upgrade a level, not only will your body be strengthened, but you can also acquire super skills. At the beginning, you will activate the S-level shooting skills, which will amaze the audience and overwhelm everyone! Thus, a vanguard that made the heads of state tremble was born…He Chenguang: “Did you practice martial arts from the womb?”High school team: “He is the scariest individual soldier I have ever seen, bar none!”Lei Zhan: “It’s unlucky. In his hands, I’m like a three-year-old child. I can’t beat it! I can’t beat it!”He Zhijun: “Xiao Lin, the future of Langya is in your hands, I will retire early!” - Description from novelbuddy

MTL - First Prince of Ming DynastyChapter 812 separate

Reincarnated as the eldest son of Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang, the biological father of Emperor Jianwen, and the elder brother of Ming Chengzu Zhu Di.See how Yiwen Prince Zhu Biao, who was fleeting like a meteor in history, survived the turbulent Hongwu years and built a new Ming Dynasty!(No system, no plug-ins, no IQ crushing, no cross-age technology tree) - Description from novelbuddy

MTL - The War of ResistanceChapter 1210 aggressive method

Lao Zhe’s Realistic Style Anti-Japanese War New Book“We will definitely come back!” A military officer said to thousands of officers and soldiers under his command.But since they left the customs, the invaders are strong, the country is still in danger, how is the family safe? The battle line goes all the way to the south, fighting countless Guanshan Mountains, but losing countless Guanshan Mountains, until the top of Cangshan Mountain and the bank of Erhai Lake!Looking back, there is endless smoke and mountains, how many officers and soldiers are buried in other places? A war of resistance has been fought for fourteen years, how many people can return to their hometown? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Warship of Great PowerChapter 793 Progress of Balance Beam Early Warning Aircraft

Qin Tao, the famous ship chief engineer, went back thirty years ago to the Mingzhou Shipyard that he had abandoned. Everything will start all over again!The factory manager and the cashier ran away with the money? Qin Tao made a move to get a bucket of gold. Speedboat not fast enough? Then hang more engines! Can’t the wings of Hongqi 61 be folded? Qin Tao will solve it!Dredgers, LNG ships, catamaran missile boats, stealth frigates, Aegis air defense ships… Let’s see how Qin Tao casts a warship of a great power step by step! - Description from novelbuddy

MTL - Number of PeopleChapter 2686 Guizijuan prisoner's dilemma, how to break the situation

Ruigen’s late Ming Dynasty + the semi-overhead history and officialdom of the Red House are absolutely delicious!The second year of Yonglong of the Great Zhou Dynasty. The hidden worries of the prosperous age.The four kings and eight princes are blooming with brocade flowers, and civil servants and military generals are cooking oil with fire.There are civil and military parties in the north and south endlessly fighting each other, and outside there are captives and tigers on the nine borders of the sea.This is the best of times and the worst of times.The key lies in how you grasp it when you are in it.Be brave and diligent, volunteer tirelessly, let’s see how I can fix the wind and turn the sky!Historic officialdom has cultivated literature, brothers please support more.Ruigan’s hardcore book friend group: 581470234 - Description from novelbuddy

MTL - Bourne: Command and ConquerChapter 903 , fight tiger

Xiao Mengxin accidentally entered the Lixingshe Secret Service.The only ability is to accurately identify who is the hidden Japanese.I don’t understand anything else…As a result, I seemed to be walking astray while walking? - Description from novelbuddy

MTL - My Spy YearsChapter 1073v3 Letter of appointment (seeking monthly ticket)

When Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: What is my identity today (which vest should I wear)?This book is also known as “Ace Agent: My Vests Are Countless”.The red ‘flame’ hidden deep inside the enemy, the agile and outstanding member of the red team ‘Chen Zhou’, the favorite general of the military commander Dai Chunfeng, the blue bird… and so on.However, he knew that he was Cheng Qianfan, a staunch red warrior!“In the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn of dawn; in the tiger’s den, you bear the burden of humiliation and wait for the time; in the battle, you rise quietly, killing the enemy invisible; no one knows your name , your feats will be immortal…”His story begins in the early spring of 1936… - Description from novelbuddy