God and Devil World - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Chapter 35: A Sense of Crisis

Finished speaking, came over to Yue and asked: “Big brother Yue, what stats should I increase?”

Yue quickly said: “Spirit! You should increase Spirit . You are mainly responsible for the rear support, while I will be responsible for the front . ”

Lu Wen is not suitable for combat, Yue decided to have her train as a priest class or a healer . The only girl that Yue saw that dare to fight the zombies was Ji Qing Wu .

A healer is crucial in this post apocalyptic world . Doctors are scarce, medicines are scarce, at this time, a healer will make the team survival much better .

“Okay!” Lu Wen quickly chose to assign to Spirit . She also didn’t want to fight those nasty zombies, that’s the riskiest thing .

Yue said, “You’re tired! Go rest! Give the sword to Wang Shuang, and tell him to come out . ”

“Got it!” Lu Wen quickly ran to the school bus .

“Did you level up?” As Lu Wen got on the bus, Wang Fang came up and hastily asked .

Lu Wen said proudly: “Yep!”

Zhang Xuan, Cai Xiao, Wang Shuang, and Wang Fang had hint of envy in their eyes . They also want to level up and grow stronger . Without leveling up, they felt inferior .

Chen Yao, fortunately was able to learn the skill Small Fireball, which equivalent to an ability . It can also be considered having level up .

“Wang Shuang, Yue said to go out . ” Lu Wen handed the Imitation Tang Sword to Wang Shuang and said .

Wang Shuang face lit up, accepted the sword and then got off the bus . He also wanted to level up and grow as strong as Yue .

Wang Fang looking at Lu Wen wearing the protective garment revealed a hint of desire burning in her eyes: “Lu Wen, we should have a talk . Can you lend me that protective garment for a moment?”

Wang Fang is very smart, she saw that Yue has been wearing the protective garment, followed by Chi Yang, and now Lu Wen is wearing it . Obviously this protective garment is a great piece of equipment .

Lu Wen hesitated for a moment, took off off the protective garment and gave it to Wang Fang .

“This is amazing! It can fend off zombie’s attacks twice, this is the equivalent of two lives . This Lu Wen really is important to Yue . Who is she to Yue?” Wang Fang wearing the protective garment immediately felt different, her body was light by bit . Her thoughts was full of jealousy .

“Let me and Zhang Xuan try it!” Cai Xiao stared, and said to Wang Fang .

Wang Fang see Cai Xiao and Zhang Xuan, and remembered the escape scene, with a guilty conscience, took off the protective clothing and handed it to Cai Xiao .

“This is amazing . Seems like Yue really value this Lu Wen . ” Cai Xiao and Zhang Xuan wore the protective garment and thought .

Killing those limbless zombies is not a difficult thing; the psychological pressure compared to killing a normal zombie was completely different . With the help of Yue, Wang Shuang killing 12 zombies soon also level up .

Wang Shuang after leveling up, immediately asked Yue: “Yue, what stats should I choose?”

Yue said: “Agility! You should put all your stats point into agility, when your agility is more than 13 points, put it into power and strength . When fighting zombies, reaction time is most critical . As long as you are not hit, they are no match for us . ”

Wang Shuang is also one of the fighting force that Yue is developing . Yue’s team fighting force is currently only Yue, Chi Yang, and Ji Qing Wu . This fight force is just too weak .

“Okay!” Wang Shuang did not hesitate to immediately assigned the stats points .

Wang Shuang stamina was much more than Lu Wen . Yue help Wang Shuang to kill the zombies until Wang Shuang was promoted to level 3 before they stopped hunting .

Beheading zombies was hard labor . Especially Wang Shuang with the help of Yue, had to kill a lot more in order to advance to level 3 . Afterwards, Wang Shuang was too tired and headed back to the school bus .

Zhang Xuan, Cai Xiao, and Wang Fang with Yue’s help advance to level 2 . Yue also urged them to assigns the points to Agility and Stamina .

Chen Yao also advanced to level 2 . Following Yue’s advice, she assigns her points to Spirit . Chen Yao was also a focus of Yue to train .

After everyone had level up, it was getting dark . Yue did not dare to fight the zombies in the dark, and quickly returned home .

“You are back! Come and eat!” Back home, Yuan Ying and Zhang Le greeted with a smile on their face, while looking at Yue and said .

A girl immediately went into the kitchen and brought out a tray of dishes .

Dinner is stir fried vegetables, white rice, beef cooked with potatoes, stir fried ham with tomatoes and eggs . The group of people sat around the table and began to eat .

The girl’s appetite was small and the meal was not lavish . But each of the girls ate three bowls of rice, before putting down their chopsticks . Especially for Zhang Li and Yuan Ying who was trap in the dorm room for a couple days . It has only been a couple days since the world ended, but for them, it was so long .

After the meal, Zhang Li immediately started clearing the dishes .

Yuan Ying and Lin Qi hesitated for a moment but also started helping .

The rest of the girls then woke up, rushing to gathered up the dishes . [Translator Note: Woke up as in from their relaxation not from sleep]

Ji Qing Wu looked at the girls and lightly said: “Take turns to do it, first is Zhang Li, Yuan Ying, and Lin Qi, then substitute . ”

Hearing Ji Qing Wu say that, the other girls immediately stopped and circle around Lu Wen and Wang Fang . Then started asking them about the leveling up process .

Sitting on the couch, Chi Yang holding a bottle of sport drinks, asked Yue: “Are you going to go out in the dark?”

Yue know that Chi Yang understand Yue very well . Know that in moment of crisis, Yue would never waste a minute of time .

Yue Zhong with his fingers overlapping, hesitated for a moment before slowly said: “It is too dangerous out there at night . I do not know what have happen to the world . In the darkness, if you are suddenly attacked, something bad may happen . ”

Yue Zhong’s stamina through constant leveling have already more than double an ordinary person . Compared with the first day, he was not as tired . In the dark streets, it was extremely dangerous, if he encountered some S1 zombie that attacked, he might be injured .

Chi Yang said: “We taking the initiative is indeed dangerous, but let them take the initiative to come to die . Would that not minimize the risk?” [Translator Note: What he is saying is that instead of attacking the zombies, lured them to a place where you can fight them easily . ]

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