Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384: 1384

Chapter 1384: The Most Important Three Words

Moreover, everyone had seen it!

However, Feng Wu didn’t seem to regret what she had done . She didn’t even bat an eyelash .

“Chief Qiao, I’ve passed the Year 2 entrance exam, right?” Feng Wu spoke very fast in a cold voice .

Everyone was watching, so what choice did Chief Qiao have?

Could he avenge a personal wrong in the name of public interest, or deliberately create difficulties for Feng Wu?

After seeing her amazing performance, Chief Qiao didn’t have any excuses now .

Rubbing his chin, he hesitated .

Feng Wu felt anxious .

She didn’t have time to waste . There were only less than 30 seconds left!

She still had to make him say those words, and she still couldn’t think of a way to do it!

The look in her eyes turned fierce at that thought .

She glared at Chief Qiao and prompted him . “Chief Qiao, did I pass the Year 2 entrance exam or not?!”

Everyone looked at Chief Qiao in bewilderment .

With everyone watching, Chief Qiao wouldn’t try to give Feng Wu a hard time, would he?

With the talent Feng Wu had just demonstrated, she had proven herself as capable as the 7th best student in the year, which was enough to qualify her as a Year 2 student .

Chief Qiao looked up to see the strange looks the students were giving him, and was instantly overwhelmed with rage .

He wasn’t just outraged because of Feng Wu’s disobedience, he was also angry at himself because there was nothing he could do to stop her, which was so frustrating!

Feng Wu was about to ask a third time, when Chief Qiao finally answered .

“Yes, you have, but…”

Chief Qiao was about to lecture Feng Wu . However, Feng Wu turned to leave before he could even start . She didn’t even look back .

Chief Qiao was speechless .

So were the students .

Qiao Yi thought she was going to explode, and she screamed at Feng Wu . “Feng Wu! Stop right there! Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you disrespect my father!”

However, no matter how loudly Qiao Yi screamed, Feng Wu ignored her completely .

“You have 10 seconds left . ” The fairy was on the verge of crying . She thought her heart was going to jump out of her mouth, and she almost forgot to breathe .

Feng Wu’s fourth trial was to enter Year 2, become a top 10 student to impress Jun Linyuan, and make him call her his little fool…

How would someone as aloof as Jun Linyuan call a girl “my little fool,” let alone in front of so many people?

The crown prince valued his dignity above anything else, and the fairy was full of despair…

“9, 8, 7…” The fairy counted down in a hopeless voice .

Feng Wu rushed over to Jun Linyuan and gasped for breath as she held his long and strong arm and stared at him with an urgent look in her eyes .

She racked her brain to search for a way to make Jun Linyuan say those words . She thought she was going to lose her mind!

Seeing the way Feng Wu was glaring at Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun tried to intervene . “Xiao Wu —”

The calmer Feng Wu was, the more worried she became .

There had to be a way… Suddenly, Feng Wu remembered the wordplay games she used to play in her previous life, and her eyes flickered . She then yelled at Jun Linyuan .

“What’s the opposite of ‘your big genius’?”

She placed all her hopes in that question .

Jun Linyuan had to understand what she was asking, and say those three words .