Chapter 1180: 1180

Chapter 1180: Nian Xi Jumped onto His Back

Even if there was no anti-burglar screen, they still wouldn’t be able to jump out the window . The lab was on the ninth floor . They would die for sure if they jumped .

Sadly, she turned to Jiang Yuning, who was next to her . The fire added a red glow to his beautiful face . He was such an outstanding guy—and one of the top scientists in the country . And he about to die in that small lab, because of her .

Had she known this would happen, she would never have become friends with him .

“I’m so sorry for dragging you into this,” Nian Xi said with a trembling voice, holding his hands tightly .

“Move!” Jiang Yuning pushed her away with a serious look, then took out a lighter-like thing from his pocket . With that small tool, he cut open the anti-burglar screen in a few seconds .

Then he unstrapped his belt, tied one end of it on the anti-burglar window and pulled out a very thin thread from the belt . He tied the thread on his waist, then turned and said to Nian Xi, “Lie on my back . We’ll go down slowly . ”

Nian Xi was astounded . “With, with this thread?”

“This is nanometer wire . ” Jiang Yuning wrapped the wire around himself and then said to her, “Button up your shirt . ”

Under that circumstance, Nian Xi had no choice but to follow every word the scientist said .

She found it interesting . Normally, he always followed her instructions, but when he gave his orders, she automatically listened to him .

While she was buttoning up her shirt, Jiang Yuning took out a bottle of liquid and sprayed it on his back . Then, he said to her anxiously, “Come on, get on my back . ”

Nian Xi had no time to think . She jumped onto his back and found herself sticking to him .

“What did you put on your back?”

“The superglue I invented . Not even a truck can separate us now,” Jiang Yuning said while crawling out the window .

Suddenly the curtain caught fire . Nian Xi was hanging outside the window . She had received all kinds of training when she was in school, but at the moment, there was no safety gear on her at all . She was even shaking with fear .

“Hurry… hurry up, your spider thread is on fire . ”

“It’s nanometer wire, not spider thread . ” Jiang Yuning corrected her seriously .

Nian Xi almost collapsed . “This isn’t the time to argue over that . Just get me down . ”

Jiang Yuning held the wire, stepped on the wall, moved slowly downward .

“The fire can’t break it . It’s fireproof and waterproof . ”

“I’m impressed . If I survive this, you’ve got to get me some of that thread . ” Nian Xi held his neck tightly .

Jiang Yuning’s face had reddened entirely . The wire wrapped on one of his hands . It was super thin and his hand started bleeding once he moved a slight distance downward .

“Your hand…” Nian Xi saw his blood . She clearly understood that the wire would certainly break his skin, as it needed to hold the weight of two adults .

His waist must be in severe pain too .

Suddenly, she figured out why he tied the wire on himself but used the superglue on her . He didn’t want her to get hurt .

She felt so complicated at that moment . She realized how shallow she was before . She always wanted a tall and strong boyfriend, and never liked the slim ones like Jiang Yuning . She admired him but didn’t want a boyfriend like him .

But now, she discovered that he was so much stronger than she thought .

He didn’t have strong muscles, yet he once defeated a sturdy guy in the police station very easily . And now he had saved her from the fire on the ninth floor .

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