Hello Mr. King - Chapter 567

“Maybe Ling Shifan really has some issues, which is why Nan Zi reacted so strongly,” Yun Xiangxiang thought about it and kindly reminded her .
She didn’t think that Fang Nanyuan was a person who would shamelessly slander his love rival .
Some people had a good character, but there might be something wrong with their personality . It was hard to find out in a short period of time, especially in a relationship, where the shortcomings would be infinitely narrowed because of the sweetness of love .
After they got married, they would think that this kind of personality could not be adjusted . This was also why some people got divorced because of their personalities . Yun Xiangxiang still hoped that Wei Shanshan could face this problem before she stepped into the marriage hall .
Yun Xiangxiang’s position in Wei Shanshan’s heart was different . From the moment they met until now, Yun Xiangxiang was a person who did not easily talk about right and wrong . Although people tended to be biased, Yun Xiangxiang must have her reasons . After all, Fang Nanyuan might also be acting out for various reasons .
Perhaps Yun Xiangxiang did not want the conflict between her and Fang Nanyuan to escalate day by day, which was why she tried to persuade her . No matter what, Wei Shanshan took her words seriously . “I will seriously think about it . ”
“Then you should rest early . I will give Nan Zi a call and ask him not to interfere in your matters in the future,” Yun Xiangxiang said .
Wei Shanshan’s tone was a little happy . “Thank you, Xiangxiang . ”
Yun Xiangxiang was the youngest, but she had the highest status now . They had been giving in to her and taking care of her as the youngest sister, but unknowingly, they began to change from taking care of her to listening to her . Yun Xiangxiang was the backbone of the four of them .
If she appeared, Fang Nanyuan would definitely wake up . Wei Shanshan herself did not really want to break up with her friends just for personal feelings . Friendship and love, she was a little greedy and did not want to lose either side .
This matter concerned the friendship of the four of them . In addition, there was a dispute between Wei Shanshan and Fang Nanyuan . Someone had to step forward to mediate . Yi Yan still did not know about Wei Shanshan’s love affair, so it could only be her .
After hanging up with Wei Shanshan, Yun Xiangxiang immediately called Fang Nanyuan .
Not long after, Fang Nanyuan picked up the phone and said in a low voice, “Xiangxiang . ”
“Nan Zi, tell me the truth, do you like Shanshan?” Yun Xiangxiang directly broke this layer of paper .
Fang Nanyuan was silent .
Yun Xiangxiang sighed softly, “Nan Zi, you can’t force matters of love . Shanshan is now in love with someone else . If you insist on getting involved, you will end up harming her and yourself . It’s more likely that you will lose us, your friends, because of this . ”
Once Wei Shanshan and Fang Nanyuan broke off their relationship, Yun Xiangxiang and Yi Yan would be in an awkward spot . How would they face these two people in the future? The friendship between the four of them would no longer exist .
“I know . I have no intention of getting involved in her relationship . However, Ling Shifan really won’t be with her for long . ” Fang Nanyuan’s tone was a little irritated .
Yun Xiangxiang could understand his current mood, so she said softly, “Nan Zi, this is just your guess . You have no evidence, and it didn’t happen . How can Shanshan believe you? If it were anyone else, she would feel uncomfortable if you slandered the other half she cared about .
“Shanshan has the right to love freely . Since she is in love with Ling Shifan, it doesn’t matter if your guess is true or not . It hasn’t reached that stage yet, everything is just empty talk .
“For example, if I say without any evidence that you can’t survive in the entertainment industry in the future, will you quit the industry because of that?”
The answer was, of course, impossible . How could he give up a possible bright future just because of a groundless speculation?
Then it was the same reason as Wei Shanshan’s matter, so she wouldn’t listen to Fang Nanyuan’s words .
Fang Nanyuan was given time to think and digest . Yun Xiangxiang thought for a moment before continuing, “Nan Zi, I’ve asked Brother Wei to investigate Ling Shifan . He’s a decent person and has a sense of responsibility . He doesn’t go with the flow . We don’t even know if he and Shanshan can have a proper relationship, but we don’t have the right to interfere . Some things are a step too late, just a step too late .
“There are plenty of fish in the sea . Since fate doesn’t allow it, then let it go . ”
Fang Nanyuan sat on the carpet in front of the sofa in his house, his back leaning against the sofa . He closed his eyes in pain .
His voice was hoarse as he said, “I’ve known her since university . I’ve always taken special care of her . When I met her, she already had a boyfriend . At that time, I just wanted to forget about it . .
“Later, she broke up with her boyfriend . When Director Zhou was casting for Caring Love, the teacher recommended me as a male lead for another big production . I rejected it and auditioned for Caring Love instead . I was very happy to be selected with her…
“I know that she was hurt at that time . I always tried to probe her and ask her about her feelings . She always said that she only wanted to focus on her career now . I just wanted to wait until her career was stable and we were both stable . After she had gone through her pain, I would confess to her…”
Fang Nanyuan spoke intermittently . It was only now did Yun Xiangxiang learn that he had liked Wei Shanshan for a long time, starting from university .
It could only be said that Fang Nanyuan kept missing out . Yun Xiangxiang asked tentatively, “You… didn’t hint at it?”
“Why wouldn’t I?” Fang Nanyuan smiled bitterly . “There were too many hints, but she didn’t seem to take it seriously . Now that I think about it, maybe this is her way of telling me she’s not interested . ”
He originally had his eyes on Huan Yu Century Entertainment, but Wei Shanshan couldn’t go to Huan Yu Century Entertainment . He was worried that she would be bullied when she went to the new company, so he signed with Brilliant Entertainment .
Wei Shanshan probably didn’t know that even if her grades had plummeted during those two years, she could still get the female lead’s script . At that time, she could even get ‘Overseer of the Heavenly Destiny . ’ What she didn’t know what that it was because of Fang Nanyuan’s performance and the compromise he had made with the company .
The disadvantage of both of them being part of the same company was that the new company did not allow them to fall in love at this time in order to expand outward .
Fang Nanyuan did not care about this . At most, he would just need to wait . He had told Wei Shanshan that he didn’t look for a girlfriend because of her .
Wei Shanshan’s first reaction after hearing that was to assume that he was joking . Fang Nanyuan then assumed that she was not mentally prepared .
Who knew that in the blink of an eye, she had made a TV series and created a relationship .
To think that he had painstakingly plotted and spent a lot of effort, as well as promised a large amount of investment, to make the company decide to let the two of them take the lead in producing a five-year-old anniversary drama… He really wanted to fight for another chance after more than half a year of being together day and night .
When the drama was released, if it received good reviews and the audience approved of them, the company would have no choice but to announce their relationship .
Rather than shelving them, it was better to directly grant them their wish and use their momentum to make profits for the company .
It could be said that Fang Nanyuan had put in a lot of effort to be with Wei Shanshan so that he could be above board and not mistreat her .
It was no wonder that he was in so much pain and sadness .