Hello Mr. King - Chapter 569

Yun Xiangxiang did not even have many films that she personally promoted, let alone a derivative of a film .
When the 20 figurines were delivered to Yun Xiangxiang, she fell in love with Madam Xi’s figurines at a glance .
Not only were they the most similar to her, but the color was really beautiful .
Yun Xiangxiang kept this and planned to give it to Song Mian . She signed the rest, picked one for Yang Qi who was studying hard, and wrapped them all by herself . Then, she handed it to He Wei . “Brother Wei, I met Zong Qirui at the film festival and promised to give him a figurine . Help me find someone to send it over . ”
At that time, Yun Xiangxiang thought that it was impossible for her to ask for the address of a six-year-old child . However, they were all in the same circle, so it was easy for He Wei to find out .
Then, she found a place with a beautiful background, took photos of the 18 figurines, and posted them on Weibo .
[Actress Yun Xiangxiang: Fan benefits, 18 people will be given these figurines . ]
[Oh, oh, oh! So beautiful, what should I do? I want all of them!]
[Can anyone tell me where I can collect the complete set and then summon Yun Xiangxiang!]
[I have nine . I thought I had collected all of them, but I didn’t know there were so many of them…]
[I didn’t win any of the Goddess’ lottery draws, but I still insist on lowering the winning rate!]
Weibo was lively for the whole day . When they went home at night, Yun Xiangxiang accompanied Yun Lin and chatted for a while, asking about his homework .
“Sister, I found out that Little Fairy has become wild,” Yun Lin complained unhappily .
“What’s wrong?” Yun Xiangxiang looked at Little Fairy who was lying lazily on Yun Lin’s lap .
“I just want to run outside . ” Yun Lin was a little depressed . Little Fairy didn’t want to go out at all .
“Maybe it’s because I’m too lonely and lack playmates?” Yun Xiangxiang remembered Lu Jin had two cats at home .
“Then let’s buy another cat?” Yun Lin suggested .
“Can you take care of the two cats?” Yun Xiangxiang smiled and pinched his little face .
“Meow, meow, meow!” The originally lazy Little Fairy suddenly became excited and began to lick Yun Lin’s fingers .
“Are you afraid? Do you know how to be afraid?” Yun Lin pulled a long face and lectured it .
“Meow~~~” Little Fairy began to act coquettishly . Her expression was like, “I’m very obedient, you can’t have another meow . ”
Then, Yun Lin began to act proud . Little Fairy really circled around him . Yun Xiangxiang watched them play for a while and then went to take a shower .
She called Song Mian at the appointed time . Song Mian immediately picked up . Yun Xiangxiang looked at the window behind him and saw that it was actually a sand dune .
“Have you found the person you’re searching for?” Yun Xiangxiang asked with concern .
“I’ve locked onto their location, but he hid in a special tribe . The people in this tribe are quite strong and are protected by the relevant departments . It’s impossible to break in and capture them,” Song Mian said to Yun Xiangxiang .
“Then what do you plan to do?” Yun Xiangxiang asked .
“It’s difficult for others, but it’s easy for me . We need doctors everywhere . ” Song Mian smiled gently . “I’ve asked Song Yao to contact the local department . I’ll bring the medical team in to serve them . ”
Yun Xiangxiang could only give him a thumbs-up, but she was still a little worried . “You guys went in . Since he was able to escape, he must be protected by the local people . You can’t force them to let him go . ”
“What if he contracted an infectious disease?” Song Mian asked with a smile .
Yun Xiangxiang cupped her fists . “I’m impressed . ”
As long as Song Mian could get in successfully, he could make his people use drugs to give this person a symptom of an infectious disease . Who would risk their lives to save an outsider if they were not related?
Moreover, the infection was not just affecting an outsider, but the entire tribe . The people of the tribe would be anxious to hand him over to Song Mian and the others .
Song Mian would be able to receive the tribe’s gratitude after catching the person .
“I don’t plan to catch him so soon, so I will delay a little longer,” Song Mian suddenly said .
“Why?” Yun Xiangxiang did not understand .
“When I entered the tribe, the one who should be anxious is not me, but the Gus family . “Song Mian’s deep black-purple eyes flashed with a bright light . “What do you think will happen to the Gus Family?”
“They will send someone to snatch the person away from you . ” Was there even a need to think about it? If the person fell into Song Mian’s hands, the Gus family would have a huge enemy .
Since the Gus family wanted to cooperate with the person who had kidnapped their illegitimate child, it seemed that the other party’s family was also a huge force .
Without evidence, no matter how much suspicion they had, they would not dare to have a falling out . However, with evidence, things would be different .
Those who were in the wrong would have to give an explanation unless they had a powerful force that could sweep everything away without fear .
Song Mian nodded with a smile . “Who do you think Old Gus will send?”
Yun Xiangxiang’s eyes lit up . “Lucifer!”
Old Gus had never treated this son of his own . However, Lucifer had done his best and Old Gus would use him to get the best benefits . This was a thankless task that was obviously very dangerous . Old Gus would definitely send Lucifer .
“When he comes, I will let him have a taste of what it’s like to steal a chicken but end up losing the rice . ” Song Mian lowered his eyes slightly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes .
Song Mian could use the medical services to let the relevant departments bring them into the tribe openly, but Lucifer could not .
He might need to sneak in . When that time came, Song Mian would not need to waste a single soldier . He could directly use the people of the tribe to trap Lucifer to death . As for Lucifer, if he failed, it was unknown how his father would deal with him .
He revealed Ai Li’s whereabouts to Yun Xiangxiang because he wanted to use Song Mian to deal with his father . The situation was not under his control now .
“My boyfriend is the wisest,” Yun Xiangxiang could not help but praise him .
“Don’t worry now . Go to bed early . Leave this to me,” Song Mian softly said good night .
Yun Xiangxiang knew that he was pressed for time, so she did not say anything more . She also said good night before hanging up .
The only worry in her heart was swept away . Yun Xiangxiang reviewed her homework for another half an hour before going to bed .
For the next two days, Yun Xiangxiang worked hard on filming . Finally, she finished filming on the 19th . The film had been shot for more than 100 days .
She had finished filming, but Xue Yu hadn’t finished yet . Xue Yu still had a few days left .
On the second day after she finished filming, Yun Xiangxiang started school . She didn’t have a day to rest at all . Everyone’s grades were basically known as soon as school started . This was because before school started, they could check on themselves and compare themselves to others . The rankings were immediately out .
“Xiangxiang, tell me how you did it!” Yun Xiangxiang was finally not the third in the entire department, but the second in the entire department!
“The power of love . ” Yun Xiangxiang smiled like a spring breeze . “Who is the first?”
“The first is also the power of love…” It was none other than Yang Qi!