Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 690

Chapter 690: 690

Chapter 690: Fatality List

The video was very complete . From the moment Li Beinian started arguing with the police, it had been secretly filmed .

The male reporter’s words and Li Beinian’s profanities were naturally exposed on the internet .

This news undoubtedly caused a huge storm online!

Li Beinian had been too popular recently . In addition to the “Legend Of The Dragon Pearl” being broadcast, she was involved in a lawsuit .

With Liu Wei’s publicity, Li Beinian’s young, pretty, and humble image had already taken root in people’s hearts .

After all, she was only 20 years old . Everyone had assumed that Li Beinian was single .

Such a headline undoubtedly caused many people to be devastated .

However, after watching the footage, the devastation became a thorn in their hearts . They all felt sorry for the girl .

[Li Beinian’s Fan Club (V)]: Oh my god! How did this happen? Goddess, don’t cry, things will be fine! [Crying out loud]

[Northern Pirate’s Sandwiches (V)]: [Hug] [hug] All will be fine for sure, my heart aches for Nian

[Cute Northern Pirate]: [Cry] My goddess is actually married, but it doesn’t matter, either way she’s my goddess [Cry] . My goddess’ husband will definitely be fine and will come home safely! [Pray] [Love] [Stroke head]

[Cold Night Misses You Like a River]: [Disdainful] How dare you say that public figures shouldn’t be ticking off others . Although I’m not a public figure, if someone curses my husband for being in a fatal accident, I’ll definitely send him to meet his ancestors . Yes, I’m just uncultured . Bite me!

“This reporter is uncultured!”

“Uncultured reporter+1, send him to meet his ancestors+1 . ”

“[Smile] Hehe, Nian Nian has a good temper . If it were me, he’d have been crippled!”

[Northern Dawn Misses You]: [Hug] Nian Nian, don’t cry, we will always be by your side!

[Because I’m Very Cute ~]: Am I the only one who noticed that Li Beinian’s husband is called Mu Xichen?

“+1, I noticed it too . This name is so familiar, like Mu Donglin! Could it be that the goddess likes this sort? ”

“+2 . Mu Xichen is Mu Donglin’s younger brother . He became a Major General at the age of 24 and is the youngest Major General in the history of Xia Nation . At the age of 25, he announced his withdrawal from the army . He has done many things and made many military achievements! Don’t ask me how I know this . I used to be a soldier and have been on the battlefield with him . He’s an awesome Chief! ”

“Damn! Li Beinian’s husband is so impressive?”

“Wait… ex-fiancé’s brother?”

There were all sorts of opinions on the internet . Li Beinian’s popularity, which had been maintained for some time, was now increased by two to three times and she was now in the top three ranks of hot search .

1: Li Beinian faints from crying over husband’s unfortunate accident [Top]

2: Li Beinian’s secret marriage exposed!

3: Li Beinian’s husband, Mu Xichen

After these, she was also in the 8th and 11th ranks .

8: Female Star Married Her Ex-boyfriend’s Brother

11: Inside Story on the Death of Li Beinian’s Husband

All of this happened too quickly . The news spread like wildfire and even the Chi, Mo, Li, and Mu families were swept along by the news .

At once, everyone knew that something had happened to Mu Xichen .

Li Beinian and Mu Xichen’s phones were on fire . Some time after Li Beinian had been knocked out, she woke up to find that it was already dark . She was lying in her own car at the scene of the accident .

She had no idea how long she had been unconscious . When she woke up, she felt a little light-headed .

The police had already sent a junior policeman to guard Li Beinian, in case she got harassed by the reporters . At the same time, he was also waiting for someone to come and pick her up .

She got up, opened the car door, and stumbled out .

Seeing that Li Beinian had woken up, the junior police officer stepped forward happily . “You’re awake . Don’t move, you might feel a little dizzy . Someone will come and pick you up later . ”

The girl was a little dazed . She looked around and asked with tearing eyes, “Where’s my husband?”

The young policeman looked troubled . “I don’t know either . I don’t think I saw Mu Xichen…”

“How is that possible? His car is right there!” Li Beinian was shocked and her face turned pale . She shouted, “What do you mean! You didn’t let me in and now you’re saying that there’s no such person . Are you guys crazy?”

The junior policeman lowered his voice after being shouted at by her . He thought for a moment and said, “I’ll tell you what the higher-ups told me . I only came to take over the shift…”

In other words, he wasn’t there in the afternoon .

All the more, he wouldn’t have known if there had been anyone in the Spyker!

The scene was still off-limits and the casualties had been dealt with . The crowd had thinned out as well .

Li Beinian felt dizzy and weak . She leaned limply against her car and asked in a hoarse voice, “Can you tell me the casualty list?”

The junior policeman also knew who Li Beinian was . Seeing how dejected she looked, he couldn’t bear it and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll ask the leader . ”

Li Beinian’s face was pale and her eyes were burning . She looked at him and said sincerely, “Thank you . ”

“You’re welcome!”

The junior policeman quickly disappeared . When he returned, he had a solemn expression on his face . At the same time, he felt sympathy for her .

Seeing this, Li Beinian felt her chest tighten . She looked at him, suddenly afraid to know the truth .

Her back was against the icy body of the car . The winter night wind easily penetrated her red sweater, seeping into her skin and every pore of her body, making her feel cold .

“It’s so cold,” Li Beinian suddenly said .

Then, she turned around to open the car door, then limply slipped onto the seat . Then she shut the door .

The moment she got into the driver’s seat, tears fell .

Seeing this, the young policeman hurriedly went up to knock on her window and shouted, “Leader Mu isn’t on the fatality list . Stop crying!”

Li Beinian paused and rolled down the window . “What did you just say?”

The junior policeman repeated his words and seemed to be a little flustered as he said, “Leader Mu was a hero . After being chased, he was shot by a gunman…”

Li Beinian tensed up and the words kept echoing in her mind: He was shot, he was shot…

The junior policeman saw that her expression wasn’t right and said apologetically, “When the police arrived, Leader Mu had already subdued the gunman, but he was bleeding a little…”

The junior policeman stammered and looked like he couldn’t continue . “By…”

“Where is he then?”

“Qin Hao!” With a loud shout, a middle-aged policeman came forward . “Come back!”

Qin Hao immediately stood up, looked at Li Beinian apologetically, and turned to run off .

Li Beinian immediately grabbed him and shouted, “Where is he? What happened to him?”

The junior policeman looked nervously at the senior policeman behind him . “Captain Wu…”