Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Extra Chapter 2: I Saw Everything

Bo Chengcheng composed herself and endured the pain. “I know everything. Jiang Yeqing, you have another property in Yanzhou, right?”


However, Jiang Yeqing had moved Wenxin into the property right after he bought it.

Jiang Yeqing had never told Bo Chengcheng about this property.

Firstly, he didn’t think it was necessary.

Secondly, he did not want Bo Chengcheng to know about Wenxin’s existence.

He was grateful to his adoptive parents, but felt extremely humiliated by this so-called sister of his.

Wenxin not only represented herself, but also his past.

He had always wanted to break away from his tainted past.

Bo Chengcheng was too pure. She was as clean and clear as crystal. He could be a metal offering box that protected her perfectly, but this offering box must not rust.

When he heard Bo Chengcheng’s question, Jiang Yeqing opened his mouth to speak. As he searched for an explanation in his mind, Bo Chengcheng scoffed, “I went to Yanzhou for work the other day and saw your car. It was parked in front of a villa. That villa is huge. Its expensive, isn’t it?”

The villa was huge, but in the suburbs, it was not even as expensive as the apartment they were living in now.

However, it was indeed very big and beautiful.

Jiang Yeqing was stunned and felt a sense of guilt and panic after being exposed. “You…”

Bo Chengcheng saw the change in Jiang Yeqing’s expression and felt extremely disappointed. She smiled and said, “You’re quite suave, daring to do such things with your car parked right outside the villa in broad daylight. Have you been with that woman for a long time?”

Jiang Yeqing was stunned for a moment. He looked up at her face and realized that her eyes had turned red. She was smiling stiffly and her muscles were slightly twitching.

Bo Chengcheng’s nose started to sting and she couldn’t smile anymore. She stopped and turned around to push his hand away.

But Jiang Yeqing wouldn’t let her go. He immediately tightened his grip on her and asked, “What did you mean by that? Daring to do what things?”

Bo Chengcheng couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. She turned around and slapped him.


“You know what you’ve done.” Bo Chengcheng tried to push him away. “Get out of my way!”

Jiang Yeqing was hungover today and had a splitting headache. Given that she had exerted all the force she could, he almost got knocked over by her.

However, very quickly, he stabilized himself and suppressed the pain in his head. He gritted his teeth and said, “Tell me clearly what I did. I rarely go there, let alone do anything with anyone there. Bo Chengcheng, even if you want to dump me, you’d better come up with a good reason!”

“Let go!” Bo Chengcheng’s voice was sharp. “Jiang Yeqing, you don’t dare to admit what you did. Are you even a man!”

“You know best whether I’m a man or not!” Jiang Yeqing pinned her down tightly. “I know what I have and haven’t done. But you should be clear about it, what have I done?”

“You were freaking having sex in the car!” Bo Chengcheng almost shouted.

Jiang Yeqing paused for a moment and retorted, “Bullsh*t!”

“Haven’t you always wanted it?” Bo Chengcheng calmed down and smiled coldly. If her eyes weren’t so bloodshot, she would have looked downright cruel. “But I didn’t dare to, so you went to someone else. Why are you pretending now?”

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