I Have A Super USB Drive - Chapter 444

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2024 went by as fast as it came, immediately ushering in the New Year . The harsh winter subsided to give way to the gentle spring where everything slowly recovered to regular form .
Global warming had become a very serious issue these days . The overall global temperature had risen by an estimate of one to two degrees compared with previous years . Not only in the southern region but even the central part of the Mainland, Handu, had not been graced with snowfall for some time now .
However, things would be different this year . Following the dawn of the New Year, there were faint traces of snowflakes falling from the skies above .
These specks of snowflakes were mixed with chilly rainfall that melted as soon as they touched the ground . It was as if the world had been abandoned by the spirits themselves . Even the falling snowflakes refused to linger for long .
Meanwhile, Chen Chen had everything arranged for his parents and grandparents . His family members were going to take a flight to Namibia to receive the appropriate anti-aging treatments .
For this occasion, Chen Chen had specifically reserved a plane to transport his family members .
The members of the familiar crowd gathered at the airport included Chen Chen’s father, brothers, and sisters . There were also Chen Chen’s extended families which were his mother’s siblings as well as their children . Of course, there were his grandparents on both sides of his family as well . Even Chen Shan and Zhang Heng who he recently met were here .
The corner of Chen Chen’s lips twitched involuntarily when he caught sight of Zhang Heng . He immediately recalled the saying that went something like this:
“It only takes one person to succeed for all his cronies to be elevated to the same position as him . ”
“Cousin, cousin!”
Zhang Heng had his right hand over the cast on his other arm, there was a flash of fear in his eyes when he saw Chen Chen . He quickly composed himself and ran over to Chen Chen with a wide smile on his face as he produced a cigarette . “Cousin, smoke! Let’s smoke!”
“This is an airport, go to the smoking area if you want to smoke . ”
Chen Chen turned down the offer, completely uninterested . He turned to the others . “Is everyone here?”
“Cousin Chen Zheng isn’t here yet . ”
Chen Shan ran over to inform Chen Chen .
Although it had been some time since they last met, Chen Shan did not treat Chen Chen like a stranger . She affectionately pulled Chen Chen by his arm and said smiling, “Cousin Chen Zheng wanted me to tell you that he needed to take care of his company and that he won’t need the treatment just yet since he’s still young . ”
“Yes, Cousin Chen Zheng won’t be able to make it . ”
Zhang Heng chimed in .
“Get out of here, move aside . What makes you think you can join in on a conversation between me and cousin?”
The repulsed Chen Shan frowned and pushed Zhang Heng away .
After Zhang Heng had walked away, she turned back to Chen Chen . “It’s been so long, cousin!”
Chen Chen responded with a brief nod, his mind full of reminiscence of memories of his cousin, Chen Shan . He noticed that her appearance hardly changed . The only thing different about her was what used to be a brash youthfulness she had about her had been replaced with a more mature, almost motherly grace .
“I can’t believe you’d stoop to a point where you can barely pay your rent . ”
Chen Chen went on a rant . “You’re almost like a sister to me, even if you don’t want to let me know about this, you could at least reach out to my dad . You don’t have to worry about what my family may think of you . My dad is a righteous person and he won’t just sit by idly and watch his relatives suffer . ”
Chen Shan responded meekly before extending her gratitude again . “Cousin, I’m not sure what you did but I still have to thank you for bringing Zhang Heng back to my side . It’s not that I had high hopes for him in the first place, but still…”
Chen Shan rubbed her pregnant belly, a faint ray of light appearing in her eyes as she said, “I can’t let the child in my belly be without a father . ”
Was it worth it?
Chen Chen shook his head and decided he was better off not adding any further comments so he changed the topic . “We’re running late, get ready to board the plane . ”
Chen Shan nodded firmly and returned to the group by herself . Zhang Heng tried to walk beside her but was promptly pushed to the side .
“Little Chen, are you not coming with us?”
Chen Chen’s mother approached him and asked again .
“I’m afraid not, there’s something I need to take care of here . ”
Chen Chen answered, “When you guys arrive there, someone else will take care of you . You already know that person . It’s Qian Wenhuan you met last time in Namibia . ”
“Oh, so it’s that little fellow, that’s great!”
Chen Chen’s father was immediately comforted by this news . “He’s a good bloke, very attentive and always knows what to say . Don’t forget to give him a raise he deserves!”
“Alright . ”
Chen Chen did not know whether he should laugh at that notion . He watched silently as the security forces escorted his family through the customs .
The smile on Chen Chen’s face melted away as soon as everyone had boarded the plane . He had returned to his usual sinister temperament, the man with the world in his hands .
“I think it’s about time to establish separate sanatorium branches across the world . ”
Chen Chen rubbed his chin and reflected when he saw the plane slowly taking off .
If not for anyone else, he could at least do it for their parents . The Medpod3000 he let his parents use for their treatment was not effective if only used once a year .
This was why Chen Chen may need to set up a sanatorium right here in Handu . This way, he could relocate one of his Medpod3000 to this place for his parents to receive monthly treatment conveniently .
With that, the effects of the Medpod3000 would greatly surpass what the age-reversal treatment was capable of .
“I could do it in conjunction with the upcoming branch office establishment project . ”
After some brief consideration, Chen Chen made up his mind . It was then when he heard the steady click of leather boots slapping against concrete coming from behind him .
Chen Chen did not turn around . He waited for the rhythmic click to come closer until it stopped right behind him . It was immediately followed up by a cold, harsh voice . “Mr . Chen Chen, we’re agents of the Mainland FBI . We’d like you to come with us . ”
“I was just talking about how you guys are known for being patient . What is this, you couldn’t wait any longer after seeing my family leave?”
Chen Chen turned around to be greeted by the sight of a group of large men in suits, each with a clean buzz cut . Though they were not from the Handu branch, their accent was the distinctive accent of the Mainland region .
Just like a summon from the Public Security Bureau, the arrival of these people could only mean that whoever wanted to meet Chen Chen was not any regular individual .
They hardly reacted to Chen Chen’s subtle jab at them, a clear indication of their strenuous training and discipline . The man leading the charge continued staring at Chen Chen and made a silent inviting gesture .
With that, Chen Chen proceeded to walk out of the airport with this group of men in suits walking by his side . The grand display had attracted the attention of many people passing them in the airport .
There was already a Hongqi (TN: Chinese luxury car model) parked outside the airport waiting for them . One of the men with a buzz cut stepped forward to open the door for Chen Chen and proceeded to enter from the other side after ensuring Chen Chen had entered the vehicle . After everyone had entered their respective rides, they headed for the city center .
It did not take long before they arrived at the Handu FBI branch . Chen Chen stepped out of the vehicle candidly and went to a conference room under the lead of his escorts .
There was already a spectacular gathering at the conference room by the time Chen Chen arrived . When he stepped inside, he saw dozens of men of high position, each with a cloud of heavy air lingering around them . Even the youngest among them were in their forties while the eldest was close to his sixties . Chen Chen recognized one of them as the branch director he met only a few days ago .
The one seated at the head of the table was a dignified elderly man with a crown of white hair . Chen Chen knew that he saw this man on at least one occasion in the past . He was the commissioner who regularly appeared on the news .
The moment Chen Chen pushed open the door, everyone instinctively glanced in his direction . There was a dazzling glow in the dignified elderly man’s eyes especially as he looked at Chen Chen like he had seen a gold mine .
“Mr . Chen, allow me to introduce you . ”
The branch director immediately stood up when he noted Chen Chen’s arrival . “This here is our…”
“No need for introductions!”
The elderly man suddenly signaled for his subordinate to stop as he pulled himself up from his seat ceremoniously . He extended his hands to Chen Chen on his own accord for a firm handshake before reflecting with amusement . “Comrade Little Chen, it took a lot of work to finally meet a one-of-a-kind prodigy such as yourself!”
Chen Chen returned the compliment with a kind smile . Since this person was not confronting him with the usual bureaucracy-minded approach, there was no reason for him to respond with any form of aggression . He answered gratuitously and humbly, “You’re too kind, Secretary Wu . I’m no prodigy, only a regular businessman, not a one-of-a-kind type especially . ”
Chen Chen’s response made the elderly man burst out in joyous laughter . He pointed at Chen Chen and turned to face the others . “Everyone, look! Look! Which one of you was it who told me that Comrade Little Chen was vigorous and arrogant?”
“Secretary Wu is right!”
The others laughed bitterly in unison and agreed with their superior .
The elderly man turned back to Chen Chen, still not intending to release Chen Chen from his firm handshake as he expressed with mild surprise, “Comrade Little Chen, you know who an old guy like me is?”
“Secretary Wu appears on the news all the time . Of course, a Mainlander like myself would recognize you . ”
Chen Chen smiled . “Just like you, I pay close attention to the ongoings in our continent . ”
“Excellent, excellent!”
The elderly man smiled, completely satisfied . “Come, sit . If you don’t mind, we old folks would like to have a good conversation with you today!”
With that, he took Chen Chen to a seat right next to him .
Several FBI agents in uniform immediately stepped forward and poured Chen Chen a cup of tea in a disposable cup .
In the beginning, the elderly man started with several inconsequential, easy questions, which Chen Chen answered each one of them politely . The elderly man would chuckle and laugh heartily at his young guest’s responses .
After around ten minutes had passed, when Chen Chen saw the timing was right, he asked his first question, “So, I wonder why you all invited me here today? I doubt it’s just for making small talk?”
As soon as Chen Chen shifted the topic of their conversation, a dull gloom immediately took over what was once a merry atmosphere in the conference room .
“It’s very simple . ”
The elderly man stopped the small talk immediately and started, “I’m sure Little Chen is aware of the cluster of passionate rumors circulating online as well . Many people claim that the reason the company Blacklight Biotechnology which you founded was able to achieve strings of insurmountable success was that you came from the future .
“There are also some that speculated that you obtained alien technology or the blueprint to some…”
The elderly man could not help but chuckle as he arrived at this mention . “To tell the truth, it’s not just these people online, even our superior finds this subject curious as well . Just where did you obtain these technologies of yours?”
A desolate silence came upon the conference room when the elderly man pointed this question at Chen Chen . They held their breaths collectively and stared at the man himself .
Chen Chen raised an eyebrow and did not falter at the question because he knew that this was only a bait . If they wanted to investigate him, they would not have let so many unrelated personnel in here .
Chen Chen answered the question in a straight-to-the-point manner, “It’s simple, everything was the result of me and my research team’s findings, just like how it is with any other research . ”
“I knew it, what did I tell you, there are no such things as aliens or time travel in this world!”
The old man chuckled, seemingly not paying mind to Chen Chen’s answer as he followed up . “I’ve gone through the files from back when you were studying in Jiao Tong University, it says that you’ve already displayed elite scientific proficiency way back then . To tell you the truth, we greatly value talented individuals such as yourself . It’s a great shame we didn’t recruit you into the academy back then . ”
The elderly man said with a tinge of eagerness in his voice, “Little Chen, what do you say if we tell you that the academy wants to recruit you now?”
“That’s impossible . ”
Chen Chen waved off the suggestion and answered calmly, “My primary motivation isn’t scientific research . Strictly speaking, it’s only a device as far as I’m concerned . My primary motivation is to accelerate the progress of mankind and elevate us to greater heights . ”
Chen Chen suddenly smiled and directed a question back at the elderly man . “Secretary Wu, which one do you think is more significant . My achievements as an individual researcher or the contributions I’ve made to the advancement of mankind as a whole?”
The elderly man was enlightened upon hearing this . He reflected thoughtfully . “I see, what you said reminds me of someone else, some who once said that ‘medicine alone cannot save the Chinese nation’…”
“I wouldn’t dare to compare myself to Mr . Lu Xun . ”
Chen Chen rejected the comparison immediately, not allowing himself to appear arrogant . “As it is, I’m just a businessman, I wouldn’t compare myself to someone the likes of Mr . Lu Xun . If Secretary Wu has something to say, please let me hear it right away . ”
“In that case, I’ll jump straight to the point . ”
Upon noting Chen Chen’s perseverance, the elderly man decided to stop beating around the bush as he announced solemnly, “Didn’t you send a certain list to each continent of the Earth Federation a short while ago? We went through the list and saw certain weapons and technology that we find very promising . It’s just the price…”
“May I know what weapons have caught your side’s interest?”
Chen Chen thought for a moment before informing, “I don’t know the particulars yet, but I guarantee that I can give the Mainland government the best discount I can offer . ”
“Excellent, that’s great!”
The elderly man was overjoyed upon hearing this . “I’ll tell you this, Little Chen . I had to come all the way here to Handu today because of my superior’s instruction . Now that you’ve provided me this guarantee, I have a proper assurance that my work here is done . ”
The elderly man turned to the person who previously escorted Chen Chen to this place and gave a brief signal . That person promptly left the conference room and returned no more than half a minute later, carrying a safe with him .
The safe opened with a satisfying click . There was a sheet of checklist inside the safe which was handed over to the elderly man .
After that, the elderly man handed it to Chen Chen .
Chen Chen flicked an eyebrow upon reading through the long list of items on the checklist . He finally understood why these people had received him so graciously today .
These people wanted the source code for the XTN-003 robot .