I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts - Chapter 100

“Yes, yes, yes, I know! I know!” Locke nodded with a serious expression .

After Locke turned around and left, he couldn’t help but let out a long breath .

But in his mind, that sword still remained in his head .

At the same time, he was puzzled . “His sword technique . With such tyrannical power, why is he called Grandmaster Thunderblade?”

Over here .

Although Johnson was barefooted, he didn’t care at all .

They were all martial artists . It was common for them to break their shoes .

The grandmaster who was familiar with Locke wanted to get closer to Andrew . He smiled and said, “Master Thunderblade, congratulations . You entered the rank seven grandmaster ranking at the age of eighteen . You are the youngest grandmaster on this grandmaster ranking . ”

As soon as he said this, Andrew’s face obviously darkened .

Johnson looked at him as if he was looking at a fool .

Are You f*cking stupid?

Andrew had such strength, but he was ranked second from the bottom on the list . Although there were some reasons why .

He specifically told him to keep a low profile, but who would be happy with this thing?

He quickly changed the topic . “Andrew, let’s go back to the city . There’s a restaurant in Houston that’s very good .

“I’ll take you there to eat!”

Andrew looked at his phone .

14:40 pm .

“That’s good too . I booked the train ticket for 4 pm . I should be able to catch the train after eating… Oh right, Chief Johnson, do you know which department’s big shot made the ranking list?”

Johnson hesitated for a moment .

He had a good understanding of Andrew . From this sentence, he could sense that…

Andrew was probably going to cause trouble .

Cough . Cough!

Johnson coughed twice .

Suddenly, he was shocked .

He thought of something .

He quickly took out his phone and sent a message to Charles .

“Charles, you said that Chris was coming to Boston City? Andrew is asking who made the master list…”


Charles quivered and jumped up from his chair .

This kid was really going to stir up trouble .

Charles thought that Andrew had asked him to investigate the information about “Locke . ”

He appeared in Houston in the afternoon .

Because Johnson was in Houston .

Andrew was going to Houston to stir up trouble .

Then, Charles thought again, Andrew asked who made the master list?

That list was made by Chris, the deputy director of the martial arts administration .

Could it be that this kid was looking for trouble with Chris?

When he thought of Andrew being ranked second from the bottom on the seventh-grade ranking, he became anxious .

After thinking for a while, he quickly took out his phone and sent a message to Johnson . “Saint Johnson, Deputy Director Chris will be in Boston City at about six o’clock . Andrew… try to stall him!”

Andrew’s personality…

Charles knew it very well .

No, he didn’t know anything .

This bastard, whatever he did depended on his mood . No one could guess what Andrew would do next .

His way of thinking couldn’t be seen from the perspective of a normal person . It was precisely because of this that Charles was worried about Andrew causing trouble .

Now, he could only stall Andrew in Houston .

He could not call Deputy Director Chris and tell him not to come to Boston yet, as someone was looking for trouble with him!

Chris was famous for his hot temper .

He could be said to be a legend .

Now, the spiritual energy had been restored for twenty years .

Most of the other ninth grade had some fortuitous encounters, such as absorbing the spiritual energy at the beginning of the restoration, the energy mass that gushed out from the divine realm, or the power of flesh and blood…

But Chris was different .

During peacetime, he was the type of person who would juggle on the streets .

In fact, he was very popular on the internet .

He was known as the “Twin Stick King . ”

After the spiritual energy recovered, Chris stepped into martial arts cultivation . He practically fought all the way from first grade to ninth grade . His title of Twin Stick King was also retained .

His temper was well-known in the martial arts world .

If he knew that Andrew was going to cause trouble, no one would be able to stop him .

In the Houston Hotel, Andrew had nothing to do and didn’t have much to talk about . He asked, “All of you are grandmaster experts . You must know more about the Great Dong Mountain .

“Tell me about the situation in the Great Dong Mountain!”

Andrew thought that there were so many demon beasts in the Great Dong Mountain . If it was possible, he would go to the Great Dong Mountain and get a wave of strengthening points .


Johnson, who had just taken a sip of coffee, spat it out .

He had just received a call from Charles and knew that Andrew liked to cause trouble .

He had thought of how to make Andrew settle down and delay for a period .

But when Andrew opened his mouth, he revealed a strong intention to cause trouble .

“What is it, Chief Johnson?”

Andrew frowned and asked in surprise .

“Nothing! Nothing!”

Johnson choked on his coffee and coughed a few times . Then, he said seriously, “Andrew… Actually, we have known about the Great Dong Mountain for a long time .

“However, the Great Dong Mountain has given birth to top-notch demon beasts, and they have an agreement with the humans . If the demon beasts of the Great Dong Mountain don’t come out of the mountain, the human powerhouses can not kill the demon beasts in the Great Dong Mountain, either .

“Of course…

“The human warriors are training near the Great Dong Mountain . As long as they do not enter the Great Dong Mountain, the demon beasts of the Great Dong Mountain would not be able to take the initiative to attack the humans unless a beast tide is activated!”

Andrew’s gaze moved, and he said, “Wouldn’t the humans be at a disadvantage with such a disadvantaged condition?”

“It can’t be considered to be at a disadvantage!

“At the beginning of the spiritual energy recovery, most of the world’s entrances were in the wilderness, so the demon beasts had more experts, and their evolution speed was faster . As for the humans, they were at a disadvantage, so they could only compromise when faced with some things . ”

Johnson felt a little helpless .

This was the current situation of the human race .

In the wilderness, there were countless demon beasts .

The number of powerful demon beasts was more than twice that of humans .

If it wasn’t for the fact that humans had mastered technology and the rockets and nuclear bomb had a great deterrent effect, it was likely that these cities would be difficult to defend .

At this point, the grandmasters who were eating together became serious .


Andrew slammed the table and gritted his teeth, “This is an unequal treaty . Why should we humans abide by it?”

“Johnson, as long as you agree, I will charge into Dong Mountain tonight and kill all the high-level demon beasts in Dong Mountain . ”

Johnson opened his mouth .

He wanted to give himself a slap in the face .

Why did the topic change to Dong Mountain again?

It was better to let Andrew go back and look for Chris to cause trouble .

Helpless, he could only bite the bullet and say, “Andrew, no… There isn’t only one Black Panther King in the Great Dong Mountain . According to my guess, there should be a world entrance in the depths of the Great Dong Mountain .

“Otherwise, it would be impossible to give birth to an Ultimate realm like the Sirius Demon Emperor in such a short period after the spiritual energy recovery .

“Once there are many ninth-grade demon beasts, and there are even ninth-grade demon beasts that have comprehended the power of concept… you will be in great danger . ”

“Power of concept?”

Andrew took a deep breath . As expected…