I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239: When Did She Say That?

Sweetpea Pancake: “Pure passerby . It shows that she has no resistance to men who work seriously . After the appraisal, although we can’t see his face from this angle, he’s definitely handsome . And his figure is also very good . I think I see chest muscles . ”

Heizi naturally had to criticize everything he saw: “What’s so handsome about him? He doesn’t even dare to show his face and only knows how to be secretive . Even if he isn’t 1 . 65m, even if he isn’t an old man, he definitely isn’t good-looking . Have you guys never seen a man before, being smitten with a man whose face can’t be seen?”

In the past, Qiao Mianmian’s comment section was full of negative comments .

He was very successful .

But this time, the haters neglected something .

Women were usually harsh to women, but this didn’t mean that they were equally harsh to men .

On the contrary, women had always been very tolerant of men .

Hence, as soon as the haters appeared, they were attacked by Mo Yesi’s fans .

These fans were very powerful . They were hired by the haters .

Not long after, the haters were surrounded by a large group of fans and didn’t dare to appear anymore .

Even if they did, they were quickly dismissed by the fans .

The comment section was strangely peaceful for the first time .

Qiao Mianmian was in disbelief .

She slowly raised her head and looked at the man still flipping through the documents seriously . For the first time, she felt how powerful the so-called “male looks are . ”

She hadn’t even made Mo Yesi look good, and he already had so many female fans .

If he showed his face one day…

Qiao Mianmian suddenly felt a strong sense of danger .

No, she had to hide Mo Yesi!

She didn’t want those people to see what he looked like .

Perhaps the possessive look in her eyes was too strong . The man seemed to sense it and slowly looked up .

The moment their eyes met, Mo Yesi seemed a little stunned .

A few seconds later, he closed the document and the laptop on the table .

He then got up and walked towards her .

“I’m sorry, I neglected you for too long . ”

He obviously misunderstood Qiao Mianmian’s gaze . He walked to her side and pulled her up .

Before Qiao Mianmian could react, the man pinched her chin and kissed her .


Qiao Mianmian only struggled a little before closing her eyes .

Ten minutes later…

She leaned against his chest, panting .

The man’s breathing seemed more stable than hers .

But Qiao Mianmian could clearly hear his heartbeat . He wasn’t as calm as he looked .

“Mo Yesi, what are you doing? Are you done with your work?” Qiao Mianmian finally caught her breath .

The man’s fingers gently caressed her soft cheeks . “Didn’t you want me to kiss you?”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless .

When did she say that?

She suddenly recalled the way Mo Yesi looked at her…

Did he think she was asking for a kiss?

Qiao Mianmian thought about his performance and actions and felt that he must have misunderstood .

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